Strategies for Understanding Authentic Content

Use these strategies to get the most out of the links on this site.

Using Online Resources

Online dictionaries are useful to look up words that you don’t know and to check the meaning of words. Many online dictionaries have an audio pronunciation guide.

French and Spanish

French Only

Spanish Only

Government sites have information about the workings of the government in each country and region. Many of these sites also have historical material, information from experts, and accurate records and statistics.

Many towns, cities, or regions have websites that provide useful information.

Museums and art galleries are useful when you are researching historical events and cultural products.

Wikis are sites developed by a community of users, all of whom have the ability to add or edit content. Wikis provide a vast amount of information, but since anyone can post, you should always verify information by checking the references at the end of the article and by consulting other sources.

TV and radio stations have websites that provide information in text, audio, and video formats. Note, some of the content on TV and radio stations may be available only in the country or region of origin.