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Grade 6

Facing Fear BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

What Is Cliff Diving?: Brand X Pictures / Getty Images
“We got you:” How four teen surfers rescued drowning swimmers from a rip current: ©Real Deal Photo/Shutterstock
Scientists Think They Know What Causes Trypophobia: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Facing Your Fear: ©Daisy Daisy/Shutterstock
Phobias and Irrational Fears: ©sebra/Shutterstock
The Marvelous, Misunderstood Life of Common Spiders: ©nico99/Shutterstock
Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection: ©leolintang/Shutterstock
Is Fear Contagious: ©nobeastsofierce/Shutterstock
Teens are Protesting In-Class Presentations: ©Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock
Peer-pressure fears make teens dance to same tune: ©sturti/ Images
The Real Reason That Going to the Doctor Gives You Anxiety: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Here’s the Science Behind the World’s Rarest and Weirdest Phobias: ©g-stockstudio/Shutterstock
‘I Was a Little Scared’: Inside America’s Reopening Schools: ©ti-ja/E+/Getty Images
Dr. Maya Angelou on Overcoming Fear: ©Dennis MacDonald/Alamy
How your worst fears stack up against reality: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The science of choking under pressure—and how to avoid it: ©Corbis
Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors: ©Orhan Cam/Shutterstock
The Power of Expressing Yourself: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Mountains out of Molehills: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Lightning: Artville/Getty Images

Animal Intelligence ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

Yes, Animals Think and Feel. Here’s How We Know: ©Ermolaev Alexandr/Adobe Stock
Elephants Have a Special Alarm Sound: ‘Humans! Run!’: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Bees ‘get’ addition and subtraction, new study suggests: ©Dmytro Khlystun/Shutterstock
Goats can distinguish emotions from each other’s calls—study: ©Dovgaya/iStock/Getty Images
Study: Treats Might Mask Animal Intelligence: Creatas / Getty Images
Meow Hear This: Study Says Cats React to Sound of Their Name: ©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock
Why the zebra got its stripes: to deter flies from landing on it: Comstock/Getty Images
It’s so hot in Australia that snakes are seeking refuge in people’s toilets: ©fivespots/Shutterstock
Dolphins often seem to want to befriend us — do they know something we don’t?: ©Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock
Is Your Dog Manipulating You?: ©Nature Art/Shutterstock
Just how smart is an octopus?: ©photonimo/
Animals Take Over Cities During Self-Isolation: ©by AJ Brustein/Moment Open/Getty
Guard Dogs 101: What You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog for Protection: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
What Do Cats Think About Us? You May Be Surprised: Comstock/Getty Images
Smart vultures never, ever cross the Spain-Portugal border. Why?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Animal Intelligence: Stockbyte/Getty Images
How Animal Camouflage Works: ©Jim Keir/Alamy
Are Pigs as Smart as Dogs, and Does It Really Matter?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
An IQ test for animals?: Creatas / Getty Images
Man’s Best Friend: The Science Behind the Dog and Human Relationship: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Dealing with Disaster ©Corbis

A decade into the Katrina diaspora: ©Jerry Sharp/Shutterstock
How rural areas like Florida’s Panhandle can become more hurricane-ready: ©Blend Images - REB Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Thousands Left Homeless in Bangladeshi Capital after Fire Burns Hundreds of Shanties: ©nielsdesign/iStock/Getty Images
Several Quakes of 3.5 Magnitude or Greater Shook California This Week: ©irin717/iStock/Getty Images
Massive Fire Engulfs Beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris: ©Corbis
In Eastern Alabama, communities reel from tornado’s “annihilation”: ©D. Falconer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Even kids can have a role in helping after natural disasters: ©Blend Images - KidStock/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
How frigid polar vortex blasts are connected to global warming: ©Dreef/iStock/Getty Images
FEMA 101 — How It All Works: ©Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Extreme Events: ©Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Giant plastic-cleaning system headed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: ©Rich Carey/Shutterstock
The oceans are taking a beating under climate change, U.N. report warns: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Storm After the Storm: Disaster’s Mental Toll: Thinkstock / Getty Images
What Is Drought?: ©Evgeny Dubinchuk/Fotolia
How a Nuclear Meltdown Works: ©H. Wiesenhofer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Ready: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
How a Fallout Shelter Ended up at the American History Museum: ©Victoria Smith/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Natural disasters — statistics & facts: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Dramatic Video Shows Deadly Tsunami Hitting Greenland: ©oversnap/
What Would Happen If Yellowstone’s Supervolcano Erupted?: ©Idamini/Alamy

Making Your Voice Heard ©Alvaro Ortiz/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Marjory Stoneman Douglas, “Mother of the Everglades”: ©John Anderson/Fotolia
Alaska Native Girl Leads Animated Kids TV Show in US First: ©eyeCatchLight/Fotolia
Detroit woman wants to play in the NFL. Here’s why you shouldn’t doubt her: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
In this California classroom, students teach each other their home languages— and learn acceptance: ©John & Lisa Merrill/Photodisc/Getty Images
From Activist to Author: How 12-Year-Old Marley Dias Is Changing the Face of Children’s Literature: ©connel/Shutterstock
Behold, the power of a good idea!: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Art + Technology = New Art Forms, Not Just New Art: ©Helder Almeida/Fotolia
Students explore fashion, promote self expression through clothing: DreamPictures/Blend Images/Corbis
How To Fight—and How Not To: ©John Langford/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
A 12-year-old app developer: Bananastock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Power of Journaling: ©BlueSkyImage/Shutterstock
Video Games are a ‘great equalizer’ for people with disabilities: ©belushi/Shutterstock
This ASL interpreter steals the show at rap concerts: Rubberball/Getty Images
Not Up for Debate—Southside student is national champion: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Art Therapy: Self-Expression Reduces Stress: ©Rana Faure/Fancy/Corbis
Spoken Without Words: Poetry with ASL SLAM: ©B&Y Photography/Alamy
Rowlett teen makes run for city council seat: ©Mike Flippo/Shutterstock
A New Wrinkle on School Uniforms: ©Age Fotostock
How improv comedy helped a teen with autism: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Breaking the Silence: ©Big Cheese Photo LLC/Alamy

Decisions That Matter ©Radius Images/Alamy

Last stop — graduation: Utah refugee’s nearly 5-hour commute pays off: ©Syda Productions/Shutterstock
Montgomery elected its first black mayor in 200 years. This is why it matters: ©Blend Images - Hill Street Studios/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Meet the suburban teen born without arms who will be competing in this weekend’s Chicago Triathlon: ©slovegrove/
From pacifist to spy: WWII’s surprising secret agent: ©vetala/Shutterstock
Walking in Their Shoes: A Venezuelan Expat’s Humanitarian Feat: ©ballabeyla/Fotolia
This school cafeteria manager has gone bananas. The kids love it.: Comstock/Getty Images
WordPress: Hilde Lysiak: ©Ricky Goshen/Dreamstime
Biography: Malala Yousafzai: ©ESB Professional/Shutterstock
Linda Brown obituary: ©Douglas Toombs/Shutterstock
Thurgood Marshall: ©Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock
A war of independence that divided American colonies: ©Ivy Close Images/Alamy
How one journalist risked her life to hold murderers accountable: ©Hi-Story/Alamy
YA Memoirs to Read ASAP: ©Juanmonino/
How a paramedic’s split-second decision may have saved a Parkland student’s life: ©Corbis
News and America’s Kids: ©Hiya Images/Corbis
An Act of Courage: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Brain Confidence: How Our Neurons Make Decisions: ©gecko753/Getty Images/
What If: Britain and France Had Not Appeased Hitler in 1938?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Marie Curie: ©moodboard/Age Fotostock
Cuban Missile Crisis: ©D. Falconer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images

What Tales Tell The Palma Collection/Getty Images

Rainsticks and Folklore: ©Dani Simmonds/Shutterstock
The Real Story of Hua Mulan Is More Impressive Than Any Disney Version: ©Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy
Japan university awards first-ever ninja studies degree: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
What really happened during the Salem Witch Trials: ©North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy
Quiz: What YA mythological tale should you read next?: ©connel/Shutterstock
How we showed Homer’s Odyssey is not pure fiction, with a little help from Facebook: ©DeiMosz/Shutterstock
Fairy Tales Are Over 6,000 Years Old: ©SongSpeckels/
Loch Ness monster could be a giant eel, say scientists: ©Colin Paterson/Photodisc/Getty Images
Types of Ancient Greek Medicine: ©wynnter/E+/Getty Images
Greek Myths Have Scary Ideas About Robots and A.I.: ©Ociacia/Shutterstock
Secrets of the Dead: The Real Trojan Horse: ©Anibal Trejo/Fotolia
The Curse of King Tut: Facts & Fable: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
How teachers are debunking some of the myths of Thanksgiving: ©Everett HistoricalShutterstock
J.K. Rowling wrote a new fairy tale: ©Kaylie_Kell/Shutterstock
The Importance of Scaring Children: ©Edward Lara/Shutterstock
How fairy tales have stood the test of time: ©Sean Prior/Alamy
16 January 1549 – Thomas Seymour tries to kidnap Edward VI: Images
The real-life diseases that spread the vampire myth: ©Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock
The Chilling True Story Behind the Pied Piper of Hamelin: ©Guy Jarvis/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
A Fairy Tale Influence: ©Federico Caputo/Alamy

Grade 7

Bold Actions

Teen Completes Record-Breaking 76-Day Flight Around the World: ©mountainpix/Shutterstock
What the Future of Adventure Travel Looks Like: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
The Man of 1,000 Insect Stings: ©feathercollector/iStock/Getty Images
Malala Yousafzai: Youngest Winner of Nobel Peace Prize: ©JStone/Shutterstock
Extreme photo of the week: ©PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock
Mountain Biking in the North Pole: ©Corbis
Why does Amelia Earhart still fascinate us?: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
20 unmissable extreme sports (and where to try them): ©German-skydiver/iStock/Getty
Historic Photos Celebrate Pioneering Black Explorer: ©Kris Grabiec/Shutterstock
The Revolutionary Cyclist: ©Westend61/Getty Images
Bessie Coleman, The First Female African American Pilot: ©Alexandr Shevchenko/Shutterstock
Meet National Geographic’s 2019 Adventurers of the Year: ©Greg Epperson/Shutterstock
Moderna struggles to find 3,000 adolescent volunteers needed for COVID-19 vaccine trial: ©BSIP SA/Alamy
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland’s yacht found intact 8 years after her rescue: ©mbbirdy/E+/Getty Images
Sky Racing: Competitive Paragliding With the World’s Best: jennyt/Shutterstock
Brazilian Big-Wave Surfer Sets a Record: ©Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock
These Women Stepped In to Fill a WWII Pilot Shortage: U.S. Air Force photo
Everest is becoming a conveyor belt of hikers who pay $25,000 to do the climb — these images reveal what the trek really looks like: ©kapulya/iStock/Getty Images
Six Female Explorers Who Took Adventure Into Their Own Hands: ©Henn Photography/cultura/Corbis
50 Years After Sparking a Revolution, an Icon Runs Boston Again: ©Comstock/Getty Images

Perception and Reality

See what U.S. bills would look like with all women on them: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Makeup Artist Transforms Her Face Into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions: ©Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock
How to Think Like an Optimist and Stay Positive: ©Image Source/Getty Images
Dual Axis Illusion named the Best Illusion of 2019: ©Oleksiy Fedorov/Kalium/Age Fotostock
An “invisibility cloak” prototype material by Hyperstealth Biotechnology: ©Aaron Amat/Shutterstock
What color is Tuesday? Exploring synesthesia: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
People With Negative Self-Image Experience Setbacks More Frequently: ©Fuse/Corbis/Getty Images
Five tricks of the senses: Girl eating ice cream cone
15 Magic Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do: ©Trevor Williams/Photodisc/Getty Images
Ebos Landing: ©Jacob_09/Shutterstock
You Can’t See This (Mind Tricks): Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
AR app lets kids with cancer escape into an imaginary world: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Why do people fall for misinformation?: ©Gabe Palmer/Alamy
Event Horizon: How Space Changes Your Perspective On Life: ©Juergen Faelchle/Shutterstock
How your supermarket could manipulate you for your own good: ©IMG_191 LLC/Shutterstock
What Is Sonic Seasoning? Listening To Music Can Actually Change How Your Coffee Tastes: Photodisc/Getty Images
Japanese tour firm offers virtual reality holidays – with a first-class seat: Getty Images Royalty Free
How your eyes trick your mind: ©Mark Grenier/Shutterstock
Truth vs. Perception vs. Reality: ©Duncan Smith/Photodisc/Getty Images
What is a Mental Map?: ©Getty Images

Nature at Work

Can You Find The Mimics In America’s Largest Insect Collection?: ©Christopher Grimmer/Shutterstock
The allure of fluorescence in the ocean: ©Hannu Viitanen/Hemera/Getty Images
Dogs are working to save the world’s endangered species: ©Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock
How Two Big Earthquakes Triggered 16,000 More in Southern California: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer With Nearly 97% Accuracy, Says Study: Comstock/Getty Images
The Deadliest Known Natural Disasters By Type: ©Photo by cuellar/Getty Images
Inventor Inspired By Childhood Memories Of Fungus: ©Ogis/Fotolia
Taking on Turtle Egg Poaching With Hollywood Decoys: ©mattwicks/iStock/Getty Images
Bees May Understand Zero, a Concept That Took Humans Millennia to Grasp: ©Kuzmin Andrey/Shutterstock
Why Ravens and Crows Are Earth’s Smartest Birds: ©D. Longenbaugh/Shutterstock
In 100 Years, This Forest Will Be Turned Into Secret Books By Your Favorite Writers: ©AVTG/
The Wood Wide Web: How trees secretly talk to and share with each other: ©Zu Sanchez Photography/Flickr RF/Getty Images
Calculate Your Dog’s Age With This New, Improved Formula: ©Michael Pettigrew/Shutterstock
Explore the Ocean in 24 Hours: ©Krzysztof Odziomek/Shutterstock
36 random animal facts that may surprise you: ©Sascha Burkard/Shutterstock
Connemara’s 435m-year-old fossil starfish confirmed as new species: ©Getty Images
15 striking photos from the best wildlife photographers of the year: ©Shutterstock
A Chinese perspective on Autumn: ©Photolibrary
15 Examples of the Most Epic Metamorphoses from Youth to Adult: ROM/imagebroker/Alamy
Awesome Animals: The Piglet Squid: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

Risk and Exploration

The New Arecibo Message: ©Phototreat/iStock/Getty Images
Mount Everest: South Route: ©Andrii Vergeles/Adobe Stock
The majestic Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts orbiting above: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Here are 7 creative ways you can still explore the world: ©Alexandru Nika/Shutterstock
He went where no human had gone before. Our trash had already beaten him there.: ©Kip Evans/Alamy
The Most Mind-Blowing Space Stories of the 2010s: ©zhengzaishuru/Shutterstock
Oceanic Trouble? Summon These Aquanauts!: Stephen Frink/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Five Kitchen Objects Inspired by Nasa: ©adpePhoto/Shutterstock
Apollo 11 tribute features stunning projections onto Washington Monument: ©Comstock Images/Getty Images
The five: underwater discoveries: ©Helmut Corneli/Alamy Stock Photo
Looking for Life Beyond Earth: Martian Discoveries: NASA
Indian teen builds world’s ‘lightest satellite’: ©Nastco/iStock/Getty Images
What makes a hero?: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
They were on a quest to visit every country. Then coronavirus happened.: ©Comstock Images/Getty Images
How Much Would It Cost To Live On Mars?: ©peepo/E+/Getty Images
Explore the Largest Known Volcanoes: ©Elena Kalistratova/Vetta/Getty Images
The Kepler Space Telescope is About to Run Out of Fuel: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images
Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas: ©Iryna Rasko/Shutterstock
7 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Ocean Exploration: ©Corbis
Final frontiers: rainforests: ©Edmond Van Hoorick/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Stuff of Consumer Culture

How to Spend Money Wisely – A Guide for Teens : ©SW Productions/Stockbyte/Getty Images
The Mask Barons of Etsy: ©Nenad Aksic/Shutterstock
What Is Fast Fashion — and Why Is It a Problem?: ©Anastasiya Tsiasemnikava/Shutterstock
Big Food Is Boosted by All Our Pandemic Snacking: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money: ©August_0802/Shutterstock
This is why everyone is hoarding toilet paper: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Matty Benedetto is the master of unnecessary inventions: ©Stokkete/Shutterstock
The Rise of the Zombie Mall: ©pryzmat/Shutterstock
Consumers want a climate label for food, research shows: ©Spauln/E+/Getty Images
Here’s How Streaming Music is Killing the Planet: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
When Not Reading The Fine Print Can Cost Your Soul: ©LesByerley/iStock/Getty Images
Poll Shows Americans Shun Physical Robots But Welcome Smart Home Assistants: ©Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock
The Invisible Way That Marketers Set the Menu for Your Thanksgiving Feast: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Food Deserts in America (Infographic): ©Katrina Wittkamp/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Impossible foods: how startups are changing what we eat – in pictures: ©Jaimie Duplass/Fotolia
Get ready for a future in which your favorite products act like helicopter parents: ©laurent/
Why People With Disabilities Want Bans On Plastic Straws To Be More Flexible: MNPhoto/Alamy
People Are Paying Insane Amounts of Real Money for “Virtual Real Estate”: ©karamysh/Shutterstock
Edible Cutlery: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world: ©Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

Guided by a Cause

How Misty Copeland is empowering at-risk youth through dance: ©demidoff/Shutterstock
Meet the Hero: Ralph Lazo: ©Everett Collection Historical/Alamy
This Game Allows You to Plant Trees Around the World Simply By Answering Trivia Questions Correctly: ©Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images
The Teenager Schooling World Leaders on Climate Change: ©MmeEmil/E+/Getty Images
Craig Kielburger: How young people can help to end child labor: ©Hero Images/Getty Images
Fighting Food Waste in Los Angeles: ©Baloncici/Shutterstock
Students ‘strike for climate’ across the United States: ©Alexander/Fotolia
This 12-year-old girl built a robot that can find microplastics in the ocean: ©Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock
This Tech Nonprofit Is Trying to Help Homeless People Get IDs: ©Kai_Wong/iStock/Getty Images
Gitanjali Rao: Finding solutions to real problems: ©RBFried/
Map of the Freedom Riders Route: ©kickstand/E+/Getty Images
The people helping strangers during the coronavirus pandemic: Joshua Ets-Hokin / PhotoDisc / Getty Images
Biblioburro: The amazing donkey libraries of Colombia: Purestock/Getty Images
The Student Walkout Against Gun Violence, in Photos: ©Zoe/Fotolia
A Timeline of 1968: The Year That Shattered America: ©Comstock Images/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Speeches of Barack Obama: ©Getty Images
Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams: ©Getty Images
The Healing Power of Animals: ©Fotolia
In Puerto Rico, a foundation changes course to rebuild after Maria: Mick Roessler/Corbis
‘Cajun Navy’ heads to Texas to aid Harvey rescues: ©Radius Images/Getty Images

Grade 8

Culture and Belonging ©

No, Where Are You Really From?: ©Jamie Grill/Tetra images/Getty
Stuck Between Two Cultures: ©
A beautiful voice and cultural bridge: Photodisc/Getty Images
Cross-cultural bonding leads to higher creativity: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images
Ground-breaking support system creates a win-win for medically-trained immigrants, Minnesota: ©wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock
Immigrants and Refugees Are Among America’s 2017 Nobel Prize Winners: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Origins and Destinations of the World’s Migrants, 1990-2017: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Undocumented journalist describes immigrant experience, American dream: Comstock/Getty Images
My Identity as Haitian-American Is an Asset, Not a Deficit: ©Corbis
UChicago research finds location plays critical role in assimilation of U.S. immigrants: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Hispanic Identity Fades Across Generations as Immigrant Connections Fall Away:  ©jeff Metzger/Shutterstock
A Young Immigrant’s Inspiring Story of Survival Moves the Internet to Take Action: ©Juanmonino/E+/Getty Images
African immigrant population in U.S. steadily climbs: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Immigration, Migration, Identity at Center Stage in 2017 Smithsonian Folklife Festival: ©Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock
Am I rootless, or am I free? ‘Third culture kids’ like me make it up as we go along: ©fergregory/Fotolia
I am Indian American, and it’s 2017. But I still get asked ‘What are you?’: ©TheFinalMiracle/Shutterstock
Nationality, identity and the pledge of allegiance: ©S. Meltzer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
How African Immigrants Are Creating a New Identity for Themselves in Houston: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
From Germany to Mexico: How America’s source of immigrants has changed over a century: Library of Congress
Through August: Exploring hidden cost of Grand Coulee Dam: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Thrill of Horror Rubberball/Getty Images

What horror movies do to your brain: ©Lapina/Shutterstock
Trypophobia Is a Fear of Holes:
How the Hidden Sounds of Horror Movie Soundtracks Freak You Out: ©Christina Czybik/mauritius images GmbH/Alamy
Why Godzilla is the perfect monster for our age of environmental destruction: ©Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock
Can Fear Actually Be Healthy? 5 Health Effects of Halloween Horrors: ©Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock
The Krampus and Fear in the Holidays: ©Sumikophoto/Shutterstock
Movies may cause special effects on the body: ©Crazytang/Getty Images/
Why do we like being scared?: ©sebra/Shutterstock
Why do we like to be scared?: ©MANDY GODBEHEAR/Shutterstock
8 books that wouldn’t exist without Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’: ©Skylines/Shutterstock
How to write a horror story: 6 terrific tips: ©StaceStock/Shutterstock
Why ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ Is Still the Scariest Story of All Time: ©schankz/Shutterstock
What happens when the brain feels fear?: Rubberball/Getty Images
5 Reasons Horror in Children’s Literature Is a Good Thing: Dynamic Graphics/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Oscars’ Biggest Win? Acknowledging the Power of Genre Movies: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Getting to the Roots of “Plant Horror”: ©blickwinkel/Hecker/Alamy
Social Lessons from Our Favorite Horror Movies: ©Bornfree/Shutterstock
What Makes Horror Movies Scary? “We do,” Says Baylor Film Expert: ©Kris Leov/Shutterstock
Researchers Examine the Fun of Fear: Rubberball/Getty Images
7 Nightmarish Reads: ©Trueboy/Shutterstock

The Move Toward Freedom Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images

A Close, Intimate Look at Walt Whitman: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Buffalo Soldiers: ©Dynamic Graphics/Getty Images
Crispus Attucks, Martyr for Freedom and Champion of Liberty: ©Science History Images/Alamy
St. Landry Parish Catholic School Reflecting on Role in Slavery: ©Kim Kozlowski Photography, LLC/Flickr/Getty Images
Robert Smalls: A Daring Escape: ©Goodshoot/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Did Black Rebellion Win the Civil War?:  ©Corbis
6 Southern Unionist Strongholds During the Civil War: ©chapin31/iStock/Getty Images
Stop making second American Civil War clickbait: ©Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images
Children of the Civil War: On the Home Front: ©DenGuy/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images
Walt Whitman and the Civil War: ©Corbis
Harriet the Spy: How Tubman Helped the Union Army: © Images
Louisa May Alcott: Abolitionist, Suffragette, and Mercenary: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Most “Realistic” Civil War Novel Was Written Three Decades After It Ended: ©steve estvanik/Shutterstock
Baltimore rededicates ex-Confederate site to Harriet Tubman: ©Folio/Alamy
Born-Into-Slavery Narratives Discovered in Newspaper: ©Library of Congress
African American Spirituals: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Frederick Douglass On How Slave Owners Used Food As A Weapon Of Control: ©stockelements/Shutterstock
Harriet Tubman: American Hero: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
English professor digitizes historic slave manuscript in Library of Congress: ©Tetra Images/Tetra Images/Getty Images
‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’ Frederick Douglass, Revisited: ©Alexey Stiop/Alamy

Approaching Adulthood Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Impulsive “Teen Brain” Isn’t Based in Science:  ©Corbis
Does Your Mother Still Do Your Laundry?: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
The distracted teenage brain: ©slobo/E+/Getty Images
Teens struggle to combat conformity: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Psychology says you need to achieve these 3 goals to become an adult: ©RubberBall/Age Fotostock
U.S. Drivers Are Distracted More Than Half the Time They’re Behind the Wheel: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Do children and teenagers have constitutional rights?: ©webking/
Why many teens don’t want to get a driver’s license: ©Digital Vision Ltd./SuperStock
Teens post online content to appear interesting, popular and attractive, UCI study finds: ©Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images
The Promise of Self-Compassion for Stressed-Out Teens: ©Peter Van Steen/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Researchers Study Effects Of Social Media On Young Minds: ©martiapunts/iStock/Getty Images
Should the Voting Age be 16?:
How puberty prepares adolescents for adulthood through changing face perceptions: Purestock/Getty Images
Most Millennials Are Finding It Hard to Transition Into Adulthood: Report: ©Luna Vandoorne/Fotolia
10 Things Teens Should Know About Money: Marcus Clackson/Photodisc/Getty Images
Today’s young adults are different, but not for the reasons you might think: Photodisc/Getty Images
Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake, Stanford Study Finds: ©Kent Knudson/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
6 takeaways about teen friendships in the digital age: ©ra2studio/Shutterstock
Teen Night Owls Struggle To Learn And Control Emotions At School: ©Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress: ©godfer/Fotolia

Anne Frank’s Legacy ©Shutterstock

Holocaust and memory: An alarming new study shows growing ignorance: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Public Understanding of the Holocaust, from WWII to Today: ©EdBockStock/Shutterstock
This is what Anne Frank’s Arrest Looked Like: ©feije/iStock/Getty Images
Who Betrayed Anne Frank?:
How Anne Frank’s Diary Changed the World: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Here’s Why Teens Keep Diaries: ©Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Anne Frank’s Message is Still Important Today: ©Tim Hall/Cultura/Getty Images
Does “Never again!” mean anything if we do nothing about China’s concentration camps?: ©paul prescott/Shutterstock
The Holocaust Memorial Museum Digitizes Over 200 Diaries: ©John Lamb/Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Diary of Anne Frank Introduction: ©Kaylie_Kell/Shutterstock
Instagram Story Aims to Engage New Generation With Holocaust: ©PhotoAlto/Alamy
Anne Frank’s Stepsister Meets Teenagers from Swastika Photo: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Holocaust Train That Led Jews to Freedom Instead of Death: ©jgorzynik/Shutterstock
Nearly two-thirds of U.S. young adults unaware that 6m Jews were killed in the Holocaust: ©Sabphoto/Adobe Stock
Fear in Chemnitz: ©Thomas Perkins/Fotolia
How can we stop the Holocaust from happening again?: ©SkunkChunk/Shutterstock
How Hans and Sophie Scholl’s White Rose Movement Fought Back Against the Nazis: ©Andrew Ward/Life File/Photodisc/Getty Images
This POW kept a secret diary that showed daily life in a concentration camp: ©Sunil Singh/Fotolia
Poland’s president says he will sign controversial Holocaust bill: ©INSADCO Photography/Alamy
A Holocaust Survivor’s Digital Doppelgänger: Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Value of Work ©Shutterstock

In 2019, Blue-Collar Workers Disappearing And In Hot Demand: Comstock/Getty Images
Sometimes, Advanced Classes Can Slow a Child’s Progress: ©Fuse/Corbis/Getty Images
Kizzmekia Corbett, an African American woman, is praised as key scientist behind COVID-19 vaccine: ©jarun011/iStock/Getty Images
John Legend: Success Through Effort: ©Scott Chernis/Alamy
Why we need to praise kids’ teachability, not just their ability.: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images
Hard workers are more inspiring than geniuses: ©Andy Christiansen/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
COVID-19’s essential workers deserve hazard pay: ©RonTech2000/E+/Getty Images
After coronavirus subsides, we must pay teachers more: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Best Careers for the Future: 51 Jobs for 2020 and Way Beyond!: ©vchal/Shutterstock
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The Hidden Benefits of Hard Work: Dynamic Graphics/Getty Images
Testing Proves Its Worth with Successful Mars Parachute Deployment: ©Stocktrek Images/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
In the Home, a Woman’s Work Is Never Done, Never Honored, and Never Paid For: ©Corbis
50 Business Ideas for Teens: ©Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images
High score, low pay: why the gig economy loves gamification: ©aastock/Shutterstock
It took a century to create the weekend—and only a decade to undo it: ©Hero Images/Getty Images
8 Job Skills You Should Have: ©Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images
Professional Students: Benefits and Risks of Working While in High School: ©Steve Debenport/iStock/Getty Images
Migrant Farm Workers: Our Nation’s Invisible Population: ©Corbis

Grade 9

Finding Common Ground Stockbyte/Getty Images

Why Getting to Know Your Neighbors Is More Important Than You Realize: ©Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images
9/11 Memorial: Nathan Blaney/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Orchestra Playing for Peace: ©Ferenc Szelepcsenyi/Alamy
Apartheid: ©Corbis
The Full Nelson: Photodisc/Getty Images
In polarized political climate, study finds common ground: ©Doug Menuez/Photodisc/Getty Images
America’s Tipping Point: Most of U.S. Now Multicultural, Says Group: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Our choices may be making us more individualistic: ©Eisenhans/Fotolia
In Search of America: One Nation, Indivisible: Joseph De Sciose/Pixtal/Age Fotostock
Doris Kearns Goodwin On Lincoln And His “Team Of Rivals”: ©Tim Mainiero/Shutterstock
In ‘The New Face Of America,’ Journalist Alex Wagner Saw Herself: ©Michael Matisse/Photodisc/Getty Images
Can Architecture Help Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute?: ©Paul Fisher/Fotolia
South African Town Accused of Keeping Apartheid Alive: ©Corbis
We Don’t Have to Choose Between Fossil Fuels and Green Energy: ©Getty Images
Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong: ©Corbis
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Commonality Vs. Common Ground—What’s the Difference?: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
Participatory Theater: ©bojorgensen/Fotolia
6 Things You May Not Know About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: ©Joseph Sohm-Visions of America/Digital Vision/Getty Images
A Better Way to Talk About Faith: ©Creatas RF/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Struggle for Freedom ©Shutterstock

Apartheid’s roots: The Natives Lands Act: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Few Artifacts of the Transatlantic Slave Trade Still Exist. These Iron Blocks Help Tell That Gut-Wrenching Story: © Images
Dying for Freedom: ©Corbis
Japanese-American Relocation: ©Corbis
The Backstory: Civil rights lessons. Why we need to learn about 1961 to better understand 2021.: ©Everett Collection Historical/Alamy
Text of Ex-Slave’s Letter to His Former Master: Library of Congress
How Did Ex-Slave’s Letter to Master Come to Be?: ©U.S. National Park Service
An Oral History of the March on Washington: National Archives
The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela review – one man’s otherworldly patience: ©Alessia Pierdomenico/Shutterstock
The U.S. Constitution Needs You: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Manal al-Sharif: A Saudi Woman Who Dared to Drive: ©RCH/Fotolia
Slavery’s Last Stronghold: ©Lagui/Shutterstock
The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela: William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Solomon Northup: ©Cyrille Gibot/Alamy
What Democracy Means To Us Today: ©Blend Images - Hill Street Studios/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
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The Legacy of Medgar Evers: ©sgreer721/Fotolia
Remembering Nina Simone as a Siren and Powerful Civil Rights Activist: Image Source/Getty Images

The Bonds Between Us Photodisc/Getty Images

The 13 Essential Traits of Good Friends: ©Corbis
Melissa Malzkuhn on the power of connecting through language: ©Creativa Images/Shutterstock
Building Social Bonds: connections that promote well-being: ©JohnnyGreig/E+/Getty Images
“It’s strangely powerful” – step inside the Empathy Museum: ©Monkey Business Images Ltd/Getty Images
Smartphones may serve as digital security blankets: ©View Apart/Shutterstock
You Share Everything With Your Bestie. Even Brain Waves.: ©Image Source/Getty Images
Puppy-Dog Eyes May Have Evolved in Stages: ©Nature Art/Shutterstock
Virtual reality can help make people more compassionate compared to other media, new Stanford study finds: ©LightField Studios/Shutterstock
Bromances may be good for men’s health: ©Echo/Juice Images/Getty Images
How Jhumpa Lahiri Learned to Write Again: Thomas Marchessault/Cutcaster
Your Gloomy Friends Don’t Want Cheering Up: ©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock
1.3 million students are homeless. Here’s how we can help them: ©Steve Debenport/
Why you need acquaintances, not just BFFs: ©PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images
Oxytocin: Facts About the “Cuddle Hormone”: Photodisc/Getty Images
Like Humans, Chimps Reward Cooperation and Punish Freeloaders: ©DLILLC/Corbis
Watch a Rescued Baby Wombat Bond with his Caretaker: ©covenant/Shutterstock
Loneliest Human: ©Corbis
Thanks, Robot! Humans Are Showing Kindness with Their AI Helpers: ©LindaMarieB/
Temple of 1,000 bells: ©Corbis
Rural schools often the heart of small E. Washington towns: ©Mark Karrass/Corbis

Sweet Sorrow Photodisc/Getty Images

Retelling Romeo and Juliet at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage: ©Nella/Shutterstock
A Rocket Scientist’s Love Algorithm Adds Up During Covid-19: ©blackie/Getty Images/
Romeo and Juliet in the age of Covid-19: ©Robert Adrian Hillman/Shutterstock
Romeo + Juliet: Integrating American Sign Language: ©Sergieiev/Shutterstock
‘Sweet Sorrow: A Zombie Ballet’ Returns to the Stage for the Halloween Season: ©amygdala_imagery/E+/Getty Images
Why Do We Fall in Love?: ©Mike Kemp/Rubberball Productions/Getty Images
A Visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships:
People banded together to find the world’s loneliest frog true love: ©MarkMirror/iStock/Getty Images
He’s Supposed to Marry a Japanese Princess. Just Don’t Call Him Her Fiancé.: ©Pigprox/Shutterstock
Is love losing its soul in the digital age?: ©gawrav/E+/Getty Image
WWII love letters tell of romance and tragedy: ©Izzzy71/Dreamstime
Kate Tempest: a winning wielder of words: ©AndreyTTL/E+/Getty Images
With Utah’s concerns about youth suicide, should students study ‘Romeo and Juliet’?: ©monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images
First Collection of Shakespeare’s Plays Sells for Almost $10 Million: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How to Recover from Romantic Heartbreak: ©DimaBerlin/Shutterstock
A better way to talk about love: ©Corbis
4 Bloody Family Feuds in American History: ©Corbis
Cupid under the microscope: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
If Romeo and Juliet had cellphones . . .: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Juliet’s Wall Graffiti: ©Corbis

A Matter of Life or Death National Archives and Records Administration

Seat Belts: Get the Facts: ©leolintang/Shutterstock
Irish Potato Famine: ©Uwe Umstaetter/Cultura/Getty Images
WHO declares Ebola outbreak in Congo a global health emergency:
Sri Lankan Catholics mark 1 week since Easter Sunday attacks: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Woman describes what it was like to be the only survivor of a flight obliterated by a thunderstorm: ©REAL TIME IT02794870960/Shutterstock
The Taliban Couldn’t Quash This Pakistani Squash Champ: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Holocaust jacket found at tag sale leads to a life story: ©Jonathan Noden-Wilkinson/Shutterstock
The Next Mass Extinction Might Be About Survival of the Laziest: ©Robert Matton AB/Alamy
A moment on ‘Oprah’ made her a human rights symbol. She wants to be more than that.: ©Jake Lyell/Alamy
How to Survive a Natural Disaster: ©Blend Images - REB Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Fire Escapes Are Evocative, But Mostly Useless: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How weaponizing the body’s immune system can deliver a cure for cancer: ©Ashok Tholpady/Alamy
A Decade Later, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Has Left an Abyssal Wasteland: ©curraheeshutter/Shutterstock
How the flu turns deadly: ©Pears2295/Getty Images/
Who lives longest? CIA’s top 20 nations for life expectancy: ©Corbis
Anne Frank, and America’s dangerously shallow understanding of the Holocaust: ©Corbis
Between Boredom and Terror: One U.S. Soldier’s Letters from Afghanistan: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Health insurance can make a life or death difference, study says: ©megaflopp/Shutterstock
A psychologist explains the limits of human compassion: ©Valter Dias/Shutterstock
Cancer Drug Proves to Be Effective Against Multiple Tumors: ©Corbis

Heroes and Quests ©Corbis

From Nazi Germany to Australia: The Incredible True Story of History’s Longest Kayak Journey: ©Karl Weatherly/Photodisc/Getty Images
What is the future for travel and migration in age of COVID-19?: ©muratart/Shutterstock
How we showed Homer’s Odyssey is not pure fiction, with a little help from Facebook: ©DeiMosz/Shutterstock
This kite could harness more of the world’s wind energy:  102151240.jpg
Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on climate crisis – video: ©Daniele Cossu/Alamy
7 Characteristics of Heroism: ©fergregory/Fotolia
This classic formula can show you how to live more heroically:
MIT ‘hackers’ turn Great Dome into Captain America’s shield: ©Diego Grandi/Dreamstime
Girl Scouts Take on Cyber Security: ©whiteMocca/Shutterstock
What makes a hero?: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
Are you monomythic? Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey: ©Photodisc/Alamy
The Road to Resilience: ©Premysl/Shutterstock
NASA’s on target to send humans to Mars within the next 2 decades — but here’s why the moon should come first: ©Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
She became the first female mechanic in this country: ©monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images
Superheroes and the Hero Monomyth: Part I: ©RichVintage/E+/Getty Images
Journey to Mars: ©Stocktrek Images, Inc./Alamy
The female code-breakers who were left out of history books: Chad Baker and Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images
How to survive inside one of Earth’s deadliest volcanoes: Michael T. Sedam/Corbis
Jade Hameister Responds to Internet Trolls by Making a Sandwich at the South Pole: ©Juanmonino/E+/Getty Images
Shackleton’s Ad – Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey: ©The Studio Dog/Photodisc/Getty Images

Grade 10

Ourselves and Others Image Source/Getty Images

Ursula K. Le Guin Was a Creator of Worlds: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The surprising downsides of empathy: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Emotional Intelligence: ©pathdoc/Shutterstock
Revisiting Ursula K. Le Guin’s Novella About Interplanetary Racism: ©Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock
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Accept The Awkwardness: How To Make Friends (And Keep Them): ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Racist words and acts, like the El Paso shooting, harm children’s health: ©Monkey Business Images Ltd/Getty Images
What Is a Stereotype?: ©Jim Arbogast/Photodisc/Getty Images
This Georgetown sophomore wants to change how we view and talk about disabilities: ©Jack Hollingsworth/Getty Images
The Question We Must Keep Asking: ©Shumadinac/Shutterstock
Shirley Jackson: the US queen of gothic horror claims her literary crown: ©jean schweitzer/Shutterstock
Many Black and Asian Americans Say They Have Experienced Discrimination Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak: ©Ivelin Radkov/Fotolia
Here’s what’s really going on in your brain when you experience ‘FOMO’ — the fear of missing out: ©HBRH/Shutterstock
Growing up black in America: here’s my story of everyday racism: ©Dan Kosmayer/Shutterstock
A History in Which We Can All See Ourselves: ©
Having A Best Friend In Your Teenage Years Could Benefit You For Life: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
‘Seven Good Years’ Between The Birth Of A Son, Death Of A Father: ©Don Farrall/Photodisc/Getty Images
You’re Wrong! I’m Right!: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Stuck in an awkwardness vortex? Here’s how to embrace the cringe: ©Dennis Fagan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Natural World Carson Ganci/Design Pics Inc/Alamy

‘Pirate spiders’ make a living by preying on other spiders: ©JONATHAN PLANT/Alamy
Scientists work out way to make Mars surface fit for farming: ©Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Coral reefs provide flood protection worth $1.8 billion every year— it’s time to protect them: ©Rafael Ben-Ari/Fotolia
Finding connections to nature in cities is key to healthy urban living: ©Corbis
Our laws make slaves of nature. It’s not just humans who need rights: ©Olga Danylenko/Shutterstock
The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn’t a Technology: ©Corbis
The Best Places to See the Arizona Deserts in Bloom: ©John Wang/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Perks of a Play-in-the-Mud Educational Philosophy: ©Hero Images/Getty Images
Nature’s calling — for more human diversity: ©jiawangkun/Shutterstock
Destruction of nature as dangerous as climate change, scientists warn: ©MsLightBox/
Invasive Species: ©Vitalii Hulai/ Images
Oh Dear: Photos Show What Humans Have Done To The Planet: ©luoman/E+/Getty Images
Aquatic Habitats: ©David Parsons/
Don Cheadle: ‘Plastic Is a Problem’: ©ead72/Adobe Stock
Your home is a jungle inhabited by 100 different species: ©Comstock/Getty Images
12 Surprising Facts About Starfish: ©Tony Sweet/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Signs of Life: ©T. O'Keefe/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
How Green Buildings Could Save Our Cities: ©Alison Hancock/Shutterstock
Why You Should ‘Rewild’ Your Diet to Help Your Microbiome: ©Berit Kessler/Shutterstock
Family Farmers Fighting Climate Change: ©Corbis

Responses to Change ©Fotolia

9/11 to today: Ways we have changed: ©rabbit75_ist/iStock/Getty Images
They’ve Contained the Coronavirus. Here’s How: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
“Everything is changing”: Farmers seek solutions, not slogans, on climate change: Harald Sund/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
The World 9/11 Took From Us: ©Jahanzaib Naiyyer/Fotolia
The “Dangers” of Artificial Intelligence: ©Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock
The Ice Stupas: Artificial glaciers at the edge of the Himalayas: ©pablo_hernan/Fotolia
Climate Change Is A Public Health Emergency, Doctor Says. Here’s How To Respond: ©Corbis Premium RF/Alamy
11 dramatic ways the world has changed in the last 20 years alone: ©iQoncept/Fotolia
5 Tips to Help You Respond Effectively to Change: ©SW Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Shareable quotes from experts about the impact of digital life: ©eclipse_images/iStock/Getty Images
With Climate Change No Longer in the Future, Adaptation Speeds Up: ©Linda Bucklin/Shutterstock
Who Gets to Claim Kafka?: ©Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock
Washington’s NFL team drops ‘Redskins’ name after 87 years: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Guerilla Gardener Sparks Food Revolution in South Central LA: ©Getty Images
With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, there’s a likely culprit: ©Image Source/Getty Images
The Marvel of Marfa: ©Kevin Taylor/Alamy
Polar ice reveals secrets of carbon-climate feedbacks: ©Pauline S Mills/
California’s wildfires are not “natural” — humans made them worse at every step: ©Corbis
Effects of the Black Death: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Green Energy Will Overtake Fossil Fuels by 2020, Morgan Stanley Analyst States: ©IKO/Fotolia

How We See Things ©Corbis

Artists Who Lose Their Vision, Then See Clearly: ©C Jones/Shutterstock
Stay-at-home order protesters represent a minority view: ©MmeEmil/E+/Getty Images
The Other Problematic Outbreak: ©micromonkey/Fotolia
Molly Shannon’s Emily Dickinson Is No Reclusive Spinster: ©marekuliasz/
MIT’s new robot can identify things by sight and by touch: ©Dino Fracchia/Alamy
An 11-year-old’s response to the El Paso shooting: One act of kindness for each victim: ©JNP/Shutterstock
Why We Want to Squeeze Cute, Little Things: Comstock/Getty Images
How did 16 photographs change the way we see the world?: ©YsaL/
The eyes have it: Seven tips for maintaining vision: ©Timofeyev Alexander/Shutterstock
Gabriel García Márquez remembers his dearest friend, Julio Cortázar: ©Grant Faint/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Sense of sight is the most important for humans, right? Your hierarchy of senses is not objective: ©DrAfter123/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images
How does the way food looks or its smell influence taste?: ©Lesterman/Shutterstock
America’s digital divide: Why Internet access should be a basic human right: ©alexmillos/Shutterstock
The Amazing Ways Your Brain Determines What You See: Thinkstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How To View Art: However You Want To: ©Sean Justice/Corbis
Selfie face distortion is driving people to get nose jobs: ©Maridav/Shutterstock
What Is Schizophrenia?: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Evolution of the Human Eye: ©Nick Koudis/Photodisc/Getty Images
How 3-D Glasses Work: Photodisc/Getty Images
Widely set eyes give hammerhead sharks exceptional binocular vision: ©Westend61/SuperStock

Absolute Power Photodisc/Getty Images

Is taming your ambition the key to a better life?: Images
‘Out damned spot’: the Lady Macbeth hand-washing scene that became a Coronavirus meme: ©MarkUK97/Shutterstock
Kent State Shootings: A Timeline of the Tragedy: ©emyerson/E+/Getty Images
What America Doesn’t Get About Dictatorships: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Review: Girls Just Wanna Play ‘Mac Beth’: Images
Majority of men in Middle East survey believe a woman’s place is in the home: ©Zurijeta/Shutterstock
Asia’s Five Worst Dictators: Photodisc/Getty Images
A Dictatorship Is Rising in My Country, Again: ©Globe Turner, LLC/Getty Images
More than 12 years after Hurricane Katrina, scientists are learning what makes some survivors more resilient than others: ©briannolan/
Eight Current Dictators as of 2018: ©JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock
How Power Corrupts Us: ©Keith Brofsky/Eyewire/Getty Images
The myth of the modernizing dictator: ©alfrag/Fotolia
Shakespeare Wrote His Best Works During a Plague: ©Victoria Smith/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Toil and trouble: How ‘Macbeth’ could teach computers to think: ©SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/Science Photo Library/Getty Images
Toil and Trouble: A Troubling Turn on Shakespeare’s Macbeth: Photodisc/Getty Images
Top 5 Worst Dictators:
The Crucial Difference Between a Good Person and a Good Leader: ©Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images
The “Scottish” Play: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Macbeth’s encounter with the witches: ©Corbis
Manga ‘Macbeth’, graphic novel ‘Romeo’, it’s Shakespeare for 21st century readers: ©Danomyte/Shutterstock

Hard-Won Liberty National Archives and Records Administration

Martin Luther King was no prophet of unity. He was a radical: ©Uncle Leo/Shutterstock
I’ve been fighting for freedom for years; now, I do it as an American citizen: ©Paul Hennessy/Alamy Live News
How to Protect Civil Liberties in a Pandemic: ©Chris Aubrey/Alamy
John Lewis, lion of civil rights and Congress, dies at 80: ©Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection/Alamy
Freedom and privacy in the time of coronavirus: ©Stockbroker/MBI/Alamy
Colson Whitehead’s ‘Underground Railroad’ Is a Literal Train to Freedom: ©World History Archive/Alamy
The Speech That Brought India to the Brink of Independence: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The historic women’s suffrage march on Washington: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Protests in Hong Kong Continue, Remain Peaceful Throughout the Weekend: Photodisc/Getty Images
Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained: Stockbyte/Getty Images
After 39 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment, Ricky Jackson Is Finally Free: ©C Squared Studios/Photodisc/Getty Images
AI is sending people to jail—and getting it wrong: ©oneword/iStock/Getty Images
Without the Right to Protest, America Is Doomed to Fail: ©Bastiaan Slabbers/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images
Gandhi statue removed from African university over claims of racism: ©popovaphoto/
Uganda’s Bobi Wine: ‘Tortured’ pop star MP returns home: Hemera Technologies/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Freedom Writer: Hemera Technologies/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Lady Liberty’s Radical History: ©etraveler/Shutterstock
Spring Awakening: How an Egyptian Revolution Began on Facebook: ©DeiMosz/Shutterstock
Quiz: What’s Your Freedom Type?: ©Gary/Fotolia
Plessy and Ferguson: Descendants of a divisive Supreme Court decision unite: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Grade 11

Coming to America ©Visions of America, LLC/Alamy

CONQUISTADORS: ©Constance McGuire/ Images
First Encounters in the Americas: ©Constance McGuire/ Images
For a radical new perspective on immigration, picture the US as an ancient tree: ©Comstock/Getty Images
How America Thought About Refugees 70 Years Ago: ©Mitrija/Shutterstock
Land O’ Lakes replaces Native American woman logo, touts farmer-owned credentials instead: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Pow Wow in the Club: A New Spin on First Nations Music: ©deebrowning/iStock Editorial/Getty Images
Rare Aztec Map Reveals a Glimpse of Life in 1500s Mexico: ©f9photos/iStock/Getty Images
Calling People Names: An Expression of Colonial Power: ©MEB-Photography/Alamy
History of the Plymouth Colony: © Images
Europeans killed millions of Native Americans — and changed Earth’s climate, study says: ©F_N/Shutterstock
Tribal Map of America Shows Whose Land You’re Actually Living On: ©Andrew Howe/E+/Getty Images
Montana House Approves Replacing Columbus Day With ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’: ©bpperry/iStock/Getty Images
Should America Take Down Monuments That Romanticize Conquistadors?: ©Neil Beer/Photodisc/Getty Images
What Thanksgiving means for Native Americans: ©soo hee kim/Shutterstock
BORDERLINE: ©stellalevi/iStock/Getty Images
Augmented Reality Recreates A New York City Not Seen for Centuries: ©Scenics of America/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Race to Save the World’s Disappearing Languages: ©Corbis
Bringing Traditional Themes Into Contemporary Writing: Photodisc/Getty Images
I say Hispanic. You say Latino. How did the whole thing start?: ©Roxana Gonzalez/Dreamstime
John Smith Biography: S. Solum/PhotoLink/Getty Images

Building a Democracy ©Karl Kost/Alamy

When Slavery Is Erased From Plantations: ©Kevin Burke/Corbis
Five Myths About the U.S. Postal Service: ©VStock/Alamy
Hamilton Cast Reflect on Backlash and Criticism of Musical: ©John Parrot/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
American Descendents: ©Universal Images Group North America LLC/Alamy
The Founding Fathers Weren’t Concerned with Inequality: ©North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy
Why are U.S. Supreme Court justices appointed for life?: ©Diego Grandi/Shutterstock
Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father … and Fireman: ©Wim Wiskerke/Alamy
21 Things You May Not Know About the U.S. Constitution: ©larry1235/Shutterstock
‘The Biggest Fireworks Show’ Means More Air Pollution This Fourth Of July: ©Tomwang112/iStock/Getty Images
13 Fascinating Facts About Abigail Adams: ©Billion Photos/Shutterstock
Learn About America’s First Spies, the Culper Ring: ©D-Keine/iStock/Getty Images
6 Unsung Heroes of the American Revolution: ©VisionsofAmerica/Joe Soehm/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Welcome to the Museum of the American Revolution’s Virtual Tour: ©North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy
This Engraved Infographic of the Revolutionary War Is From 1871: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Life of John Jay, Founding Father and Supreme Court Chief Justice: ©aristotoo/iStock/Getty Images
How do US Supreme Court justices get appointed?: ©Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/Shutterstock
Revolutionary Moments in Law Enforcement: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Phillis Wheatley Biography: © Iimages
Patrick Henry Smells a Rat: ©Craig Brewer/Photodisc/Getty Images
On this day, the Boston Massacre lights the fuse of revolution: ©Denis Tangney Jr/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Individual and Society Photodisc/Getty Images

A Dual Mission: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
A Conversation With Native Americans on Race: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Bitter Sweets: joSon/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Walden Pond State Reservation: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Emily Dickinson Collection: ©Galushko Sergey/Shutterstock
Our choices may be making us more individualistic: ©Eisenhans/Fotolia
America’s First Me Generation: ©Lana Isabella/Flickr Open/Getty Images
Black Walden: ©Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images
10 Things You May Not Know About Nathaniel Hawthorne: ©Scenics of America/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Creativity in the Wild: ©Tetastock/Fotolia
Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and the War That Changed Poetry, Forever: ©Joseph Becker/Fotolia
A Poet Who Pushed (and Recycled) the Envelope: ©Valentin Agapov/Shutterstock
Lowell Mill Women Create the First Union of Working Women: Library of Congress
The issues behind Jefferson and Hamilton’s rivalry are still alive two centuries later: ©Karl Kost/Alamy
Legacy Of Forced March Still Haunts Navajo Nation: ©welcomia/
College move-in day: What would Henry David Thoreau say?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
In The Adventures of Henry Thoreau, Michael Sims follows along the path of self-discovery that led to Walden Pond: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Aziz Ansari Goes to India: ©Aivar Mikko/Alamy
The Lesson of the Power Loom: Images
Can a Video Game Capture the Magic of Walden?: ©Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images

A New Birth of Freedom ©Corbis

The Hopeful, Heartbreaking Ads Placed by Formerly Enslaved People in Search of Lost Family: ©sutham/Shutterstock
Land and the roots of African-American poverty: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Colson Whitehead’s ‘Underground Railroad’ Is a Literal Train to Freedom: ©World History Archive/Alamy
With slave ship Clotilda found, the work of healing a community begins: ©Andrew Jalbert/Dreamstime
In 1870, Henrietta Wood Sued for Reparations—and Won: ©Billion Photos/Shutterstock
Did Quilts Hold Codes to the Underground Railroad?: ©Eric Camden/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The First Pride Marches, In Photos: ©NiklasEmmoth/iStock/Getty Images
Why celebrating Juneteenth is more important now than ever: ©hartcreations/iStock/Getty Images
The Bold Accomplishments of Women of Color Need to Be a Bigger Part of Suffrage History: ©Daniel Sofer/ Images
The Underground Railroad: ©Library of Congress
National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Can these descendents of enslaved Africans save their unique culture?: ©Subir Basak/Flickr/Getty Images
How Urban Design Can Make or Break Protests: ©Jonathan Rashad/Flickr/Getty Images
The Tragic Roots of America’s Favorite Cherry: ©Alex Morgunov/EyeEm/Getty Images
The breathtaking courage of Harriet Tubman: © Images
How technology and capitalism shaped America after the civil war: ©Corbis
Did the Civil War Achieve Equality? Stephen Kantrowitz’s ‘More Than Freedom’: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Blacks, Baseball, and the Civil War: ©Comstock/Getty Images
In His Own Words: Remembering Poet Robert Hayden: ©Marvin Dembinsky Photo Associates/Alamy
In New Bedford, Frederick Douglass Finds Refuge as a Fugitive Slave: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock

An Age of Realism ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Jack London’s mark on literature: ©Corbis
Are We Living in the Gilded Age 2.0 ?: ©gmutlu/E+/Getty Images
Raising Money for the Hungry With Empty Bowls: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
America’s homelessness crisis: ©Victoria Smith/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Ten Days in a Madhouse: The Woman Who Got Herself Committed: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Jacob Riis: Library of Congress
Tenements: ©kenny1/Shutterstock
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In the Gilded Age, Americans loved and feared the railroad companies — and it can teach Big Tech a valuable lesson: ©FotograFFF/Shutterstock
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Another Obama Decision Reversed? Now It’s About Food Safety.: ©Kent Knudson/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
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What America’s Gilded Age tells us about the Trump era: ©Scott T. Baxter/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Modern World Photodisc/Getty Images

‘It makes me cry:’ Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam War wounds will never heal: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
A Lost Work by Langston Hughes Examines the Harsh Life on the Chain Gang: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
How to colonize Venus, and why it’s a better plan than Mars: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images
Mind-reading robots are no longer science fiction: ©metamorworks/Shutterstock
The World Wide Web: The Invention That Connected The World: ©Corbis
IBM says to expect 5 big changes in the next 5 years: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Zora Neale Hurston, Genius of the Harlem Renaissance: ©Corbis
Could AI help to create a meat-free world?: ©Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images
Online Museum Is Preserving ‘Endangered’ Sounds for Future Generations: Photodisc/Getty Images
How worried should you be about artificial intelligence?: ©Ociacia/Shutterstock
Langston Hughes’ Collection of Harlem Rent Party Advertisements: ©Natalia Bratslavsky/Shutterstock
The art of 9/11: Image Source/Getty Images
Imagine a world without fossil fuels: ©acilo/
How smart cities can create their own poetry – tech podcast: ©Devin_Pavel/Shutterstock
A Deeper Look at the Politicians Who Passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964:
Build-a-brain: ©Andrea Danti/Fotolia
Greenpeace faults many tech giants for environment impact: ©Atanas Bezov/Getty Images/
Stock Market Crash of 1929: Image Source/Getty Images
Extracting the Woodchuck: ©Design Pics RF/Getty Images
Three Reichs, You’re Out: ©Comstock/Getty Images

Grade 12

Chasing Success ©Andres RodriguezFotolia

How Kids Learn Resilience: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The surprising habits of original thinkers: ©Asier Romero/Shutterstock
Class of 2021 Is Beginning a Senior Year We Never Imagined: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
With Senior Year in Disarray, Teens and Young Adults Feel Lost: ©Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images
Homeless teen who became valedictorian shares heartbreaking story during graduation speech: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
18 Under 18: Meet the Young Innovators Who Are Changing the World: ©Creativa Images/Shutterstock
Happiness doesn’t follow success: it’s the other way round: ©michaeljung/Shutterstock
Chasing Success Is No Way to Achieve It: ©Flamingo Images/Shutterstock
Total Failure: The Mountain That Got Away: ©kapulya/iStock/Getty Images
A physicist’s mathematical formula for success highlights a difficult truth about what makes some people outshine the rest: ©Neirfy/Shutterstock
Despite hurricanes, at-risk Houston students made gains: ©Image Source/Getty Images
What does the spelling success of Indian American kids tell us?: ©Minnie Menon/ Images
John Legend: Success Through Effort: ©Scott Chernis/Alamy
The Life-Changing Power Of Redefining How You Measure Success: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Lessons from the longest study on human development: ©lostinbids/E+/Getty Images
Tim Ferriss: How the World’s Most Successful People Start Their Days: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Column: Parents are critical to education’s success: Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Is Music the Key to Success?: ©Simon Potter/cultura/Corbis
About Eugene O’Neill: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Nurture Counts as Much as Nature in Success:

Gender Roles ©Fotolia

Patience Agbabi: Chaucer remixed: ©Jupiterimages/Getty Images
In their words: how children are affected by gender issues: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Girls Take Flight gives San Diego high school girls life-changing drone skills: ©eugenesergeev/iStock Editorial/Getty Images
Americans want equality at work; less so at home: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Why Uber has only ‘a handful’ of woman drivers in Saudi Arabia, while local rival Careem claims more than 2,000: ©Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock
By Age Six, Girls Have Already Stopped Thinking of Their Gender as ‘Brilliant’: ©Joshua Hodge Photography/the Agency Collection/Getty Images
What it Means to Build Without Bias: Questioning the Role of Gender in Architecture: © Andrej Ivosev/
Why was Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls?: ©MNStudio/Shutterstock
A New Rating for TV and Movies Tries to Combat Gender Stereotypes: ©Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images
Mary Wollstonecraft Biography: ©Image Source/Getty Images
Flexible Work Alone Won’t Create Gender Equality, but These Things Might: ©Corbis
Gender Brain Differences May Explain Why Women Are Kinder Than Men: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Why figuring out what’s behind a big gender paradox won’t be easy: ©Pressmaster/Shutterstock
When Girls Studied Planets and the Skies Had No Limits: ©Tomi/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Wonder Women have been smashing the patriarchy since classical times: ©Stephen Chung/Shutterstock
Wives are partly to blame for the fact that men won’t take ‘female’ jobs, professor says: ©Corbis
Sorry to ask but … do women apologize more than men?: ©Photodisc/Getty Images
Millennial pink is exposing our culture’s worst anxieties about “girly stuff”: ©Alan and Sandy Carey/Photodisc/Getty Images
Not From Venus, Not From Mars: What We Believe About Gender and Why It’s Often Wrong: ©Corbis
The crucial role of men in gender equality: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

Voices of Protest National Archives

The Statue of Liberty Has Long Been a Magnet for Protest: ©spyarm/Shutterstock
Vietnam War Protests: ©Corbis
Tiananmen Square, Then and Now: ©Paul Merrett/Fotolia
Why We Protest: ©Zoe/Fotolia
Olympic Athletes Who Took a Stand: Inspirestock/Corbis
Aung San Suu Kyi Biography: ©Tim Hall/Photodisc/Getty Images
Blogging the Slow-Motion Revolution: An Interview with China’s Huang Qi: Photodisc/Getty Images
From Walden to the White House: ©Corbis
Address at the Conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery March: ©Luiz Felipe Castro/Flickr/Getty Images
Disobedient: ©BortN66/Shutterstock
India, Home of the Nonviolent Protest, Embraces More Extreme Dissent: ©Ajay Bhaskar/Shutterstock
Nelson Mandela, the Father: William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Folk singer, activist Pete Seeger dies at 94: Steve Cole/PhotoDisc/Getty Images
Researchers Examine The Psychology Of Protest Movements: ©MmeEmil/E+/Getty Image
A long-hidden mural is revealed, along with a piece of UCLA history: ©Corbis
Peaceful protest is much more effective than violence for toppling dictators: ©FeyginFoto/Shutterstock
Opinion: Remove the blindfold, fight injustices when they occur: ©Studio-Annika/
The Native American Protests in North Dakota Are About More Than an Oil Pipeline: ©Charles Smith/Cardinal/Corbis
‘Before India,’ A Young Gandhi Found His Calling In South Africa: ©Corbis
About Thoreau: ©Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images

Seeking Justice, Seeking Peace Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Israeli-Palestinian basketball teams that are breaking all barriers: Photodisc/Getty Images
Was Shakespeare Aware of the Scientific Discoveries of His Time?: ©Pixtal/Age Fotostock
Should U.S. pay reparations for slavery? U.N.-appointed experts think so: Stockbyte/Getty Images
On Forgiveness: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
High and Inside: Morality and Revenge in Baseball: ©alens/Shutterstock
Opinion: Why Nazi Hunting is Still a Worthy Pursuit: ©Corbis
William Ury: The Walk from “No” to “Yes”: ©Paul Fisher/Fotolia
Don’t Like Hamlet? Now’s Your Chance To Rewrite It: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Victory Over Violence: ©Claus Mikosch/Shutterstock
Cure Violence: ©Radius Images/Corbis
English spelling campaigners enlist the help of Hamlet: ©Peter Dazeley/Photodisc/Getty Images
Juan Rulfo: ©Emmanuel Lattes/Alamy
That Lady With the Scales Poses for Her Portraits: ©Getty Images
Shakespeare in lockdown: Did he write King Lear in plague quarantine?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Vicky Pryce: “Prison Clearly Does Not Work”: Getty Images
Revenge: Will You Feel Better?: ©Lisa F. Young/Fotolia
Does the Justice System Neglect Forgiveness?: ©Corbis
7 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Shakespeare’s Plays: Fuse/Getty Images
A modern take on the timeless tragedy of ‘Hamlet’: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Art in the aftermath: healing the victims of trafficking and slavery: ©Don Couch/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Taking Risks ©Deddeda/Design Pics/Corbis

Teens aren’t just risk machines – there’s a method to their madness: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Extreme sports: What are the risks?: ©Germanskydiver/Shutterstock
Challenger Disaster: courtesy of NASA
Sacrifice Amid the Ice: Facing Facts on the Scott Expedition: ©Raldi Somers/Fotolia
Who Takes Risks?: ©Shutterstock
Philippe Petit: ©Corbis
Teens’ Penchant For Risk-Taking May Help Them Learn Faster: ©Fuse/Getty Images
Falling Toward Grace: ©Joggie Botma/Alamy
Our Mission Is to Report These Horrors of War: ©Corbis
What Happy Teenagers Do Differently: Photodisc/Getty Images
Feasting and Fighting: The Long-Lost Secrets of Beowulf: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The Calculus of Risk: ©Tom Oliveira/Fotolia
Sarah Hendrickson Jumping Back In: Photodisc/Getty Images
Taking risks in pursuit of innovation is good. So is preparing for it: ©Keith Brofsky/Photodisc/Getty Images
Eliza Griswold on the Importance of Taking Risks: ©Charles Smith/Corbis
Beowulf—an epic game for the whole family: ©Corbis
Are Pit Bulls Really Dangerous?: ©CMCD/Photodisc/Getty Images
Things Every Courageous Leader Knows: ©Karramba Production/Shutterstock
28 Years Ago, Challenger Shuttle Disaster Gave NASA Painful Lesson: ©Corbis
Should I let my child take more risks?: Image Source/Getty Images

Finding Ourselves in Nature ©Corbis

Today’s movement toward sustainable living echoes the not-so-distant past: ©Ted Foxx/Alamy
11 scientific reasons you should be spending more time outside: ©Romrodphoto/Shutterstock
Biomimicry: technology inspired by nature: ©photonimo/
As Grand Canyon National Park turns 100, a man hikes the entire length to save it: ©Erik Harrison/Shutterstock
‘Rainbow Lightning’: One of Mother Nature’s Rare Shows: ©Morey Milbradt/Brand X/Corbis
Bucket lists are a good way to ruin the experience of nature: ©NoemiC/iStock/Getty Images
Scientists create scarily strong drones inspired by wasps: ©Rundstedt B. Rovillos/Moment/Getty
Poetry and the Environment: ©Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock
The Perks of a Play-in-the-Mud Educational Philosophy: ©Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock
We Are Wired To Be Outside: ©DAJ/amana images inc./Alamy
Nature: Closer Than It Seems: ©bo1982/ Images
Adventuring while female: why the relationship women have with nature matters: ©Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Getty Images
Women Writing About the Wild: 25 Essential Authors: ©Karen Grigoryan/Shutterstock
Naturally Curious Introduces City Kids to the Great Outdoors: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
What Animals Taught Me About Being Human: ©Joseph Van Os/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Are we raising a generation of nature-phobic kids?: ©JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis
Not So Different: Finding Human Nature in Animal Nature: ©goldenangel/Shutterstock
This Environmental Scientist Makes Art Out Of Climate Data: ©Nick Rowe/Photodisc/Getty Images
Is Nature the Key to Rehabilitating Prisoners?: ©Corbis
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans de Waal – review: ©FourOaks/iStock/Getty Images

For Argument's Sake

Should the Government Have a Say in Our Diets?: Bananastock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Is Technology Use Negatively Affecting Our Brains?: ©Schedivy Pictures Inc./Digital Vision/Getty Images
Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much?: Photodisc/Getty Images
Have Social Media Sites Had a Negative Impact on Friendship?: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Is a College Education Worth the Cost?: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Should Women Serve in Military Combat Positions?: Getty Images Royalty Free
Do Law Enforcement Cameras Reduce Crime or Just Invade People’s Privacy?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Should Schools Require Students to Do Volunteer Work?: ©Alamy
Should Animals Be Used in Medical Research?: Michael Blann/Lifesize/Getty Images
Is Censorship Ever Appropriate?: Todd Davidson/Getty Images
Should Driver’s License Requirements Include School Success?: Brand X Pictures / Getty Images
Is It Fair to Hold Parents Responsible for Their Children’s Actions?: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Should Our Justice System Focus on Punishing Criminals or Rehabilitating Them?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Should Businesses Be Allowed to Bar Teens?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Should Native American Sports Mascots Be Banned?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?: Scott Rosen
Should Homework Be Banned?: ©SuperStock RF/SuperStock
Was Christopher Columbus a Hero or an Invader?: ©Pixtal/Age Fotostock
Does Energy Conservation Really Help?: ©Peter Gridley/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Should U.S. Students Be Required to Learn a Language Other than English?: ©auremar/Shutterstock