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Grade 6

Facing Fear BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Need for Speed?: ©Exactostock/SuperStock
Famous Ghosts in American History: ©Jacob Ammentorp Lund/Alamy
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The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it):
You Can’t Sleep While Traveling Because Your Brain Acts Like a Dolphin’s: Comstock Images/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
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Dr. Maya Angelou, Poet: ©B&Y Photography/Alamy
What Really Scares People: Top 10 Phobias: ©Exactostock/SuperStock
One day, you might be able to banish your biggest fears with a pill: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Here’s the Science Behind the World’s Rarest and Weirdest Phobias: ©g-stockstudio/Shutterstock

Animal Intelligence ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

Masters of Disguise—Amazing Insect Camouflage: ©Antonio Clemens/Shutterstock
Chimps Can’t Cook, But Maybe They’d Like To: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Scientists crack mystery of migrating monarch navigation: ©Ian Shaw/Alamy
Meow Hear This: Study Says Cats React to Sound of Their Name: ©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock
Test Your Pet: A Dog IQ Test: DAJ/Getty Images
Horse Domestication Happened Across Eurasia, Study Shows: Comstock/Getty Images
How Smart Are Planet’s Apes? 7 Intelligence Milestones: Photodisc/Getty Images
Study: Treats Might Mask Animal Intelligence: Creatas / Getty Images
Why Dogs Are More Like Humans Than Wolves: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
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Man’s Best Friend: The Science Behind the Dog and Human Relationship: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Goats can distinguish emotions from each other’s calls—study: ©Dovgaya/iStock/Getty Images
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African Bird “Cries Wolf” to Steal Food: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
An IQ test for animals?: Creatas / Getty Images
Bees ‘get’ addition and subtraction, new study suggests: ©Dmytro Khlystun/Shutterstock
Citizen scientists contribute to dog research: Don Mason/Blend images/Getty Images
The CIA’s Most Highly-Trained Spies Weren’t Even Human: ©Corbis
Does Your Dog Really Love You?: Comstock/Getty Images
Are Pigs as Smart as Dogs, and Does It Really Matter?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

Dealing with Disaster ©Corbis

Be Red Cross Ready: TRBfoto/PhotoDisc/Getty Images
Earthquakes, Megaquakes, and the Movies: Lights! Cameras! Disaster!: ©STILLFX/Shutterstock
Floods, Fires, Storms are Fodder for Centuries of Poems: ©Corbis
Natural disasters — statistics & facts: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How rural areas like Florida’s Panhandle can become more hurricane-ready: ©Blend Images - REB Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Titanic: Hemera Technologies/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How Wildlife Survives Hurricanes: ©Warren Faidley/Corbis
Ten Years Without a Hurricane Hit, Is Florida’s Lucky Streak About to End?: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images
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The oceans are taking a beating under climate change, U.N. report warns: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Natural Disasters: ©Corbis
Tsunami: An interactive guide that could save your life: ©Reniw-Imagery/
How to Survive an Avalanche: ©Corbis
Ready: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
How South Korea Reined in the Outbreak Without Shutting Everything Down: ©leungchopan/Shutterstock
Beautiful Plastic Sculptures Tell Ugly Story of Human Garbage in the Ocean: ©s0ulsurfing - Jason Swain/Moment/Getty Images
Ready for Wildfire: ©Mark Gibson/Photo Disc/Getty Images
Trash-mapping expedition sheds light on “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
How a Nuclear Meltdown Works: ©H. Wiesenhofer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Florida middle schoolers win big for inventing device to stop flash floods: ©ricardoazoury/Getty Images/

Making Your Voice Heard ©Alvaro Ortiz/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Texas teenager creates $20 water purifier to tackle toxic e-waste pollution: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Ai Weiwei Alcatraz tour: Legos, protest songs and prison cells: Photodisc/Getty Images
Haters Gonna Hate. Teen Girl Activists Shake it Off and Try Again: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Behold, the power of a good idea!: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
What Does it Mean To Be Human?: ©Pichugin Dmitry/Shutterstock
Cave Paintings and Artifacts: ©Shutterstock
Introvert Teens Can Make Effective Leaders: ©Image Source/Getty Images
From Activist to Author: How 12-Year-Old Marley Dias Is Changing the Face of Children’s Literature: ©connel/Shutterstock
What Is Democracy?: ©Fotosearch/Getty Images
How British scientist Hertha Marks Ayrton discovered the secret of ripples: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Breaking the Silence: ©Big Cheese Photo LLC/Alamy
In this California classroom, students teach each other their home languages— and learn acceptance: ©John & Lisa Merrill/Photodisc/Getty Images
Horse (Exhibition): Comstock/Getty Images
Order to the Chaos of Life: Isabel Allende on Writing:
How improv comedy helped a teen with autism: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Detroit woman wants to play in the NFL. Here’s why you shouldn’t doubt her: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Dangerous Exotic Pets: ©Ocean/Corbis
What Are The Dangers Of A Single Story?: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
A New Wrinkle on School Uniforms: ©Age Fotostock
Alaska Native Girl Leads Animated Kids TV Show in US First: ©eyeCatchLight/Fotolia

Decisions That Matter ©Radius Images/Alamy

9/11 hero’s actions become a lesson in character: ©Corbis
Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1985: ©C. Lee/PhotoLinkPhotodisc/Getty Images
WI-Fi-enabled school buses leave no child offline: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How a paramedic’s split-second decision may have saved a Parkland student’s life: ©Corbis
17 Tips to Steer Kids of All Ages Through the Political Season: ©Ariel Skelley/DigitalVision/Getty Images
4 Steps to Making Better Decisions: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
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YA Memoirs to Read ASAP: ©Juanmonino/
Mark Bezos: A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter: Photodisc/Getty Images
Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee Chief and First Woman to Lead Major Tribe, Is Dead at 64: ©Comstock Images/Getty Images
Colin Powell: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Last stop — graduation: Utah refugee’s nearly 5-hour commute pays off: ©Syda Productions/Shutterstock
What Happened to the Two Other Men on Paul Revere’s Ride?: jStock/Fotolia
Rosa Parks: ©Ilene MacDonald/Alamy
Having Too Many Choices Is Making You Unhappy: ©asierromero/Fotolia
A war of independence that divided American colonies: ©Ivy Close Images/Alamy
Little Rock Central High School: National Historic Site: ©Robert W. Ginn/Alamy
Flight 93: ©Mikhail Starodubov/Shutterstock
Wilma Mankiller: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Thurgood Marshall: ©Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock

What Tales Tell The Palma Collection/Getty Images

Coatlicue: ©Tandemich/Dreamstime
Odysseus’ Ship: Stephen Frink/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Rick Riordan: Mythology for middle school: ©Authors Image/Alamy
Rainsticks and Folklore: ©Dani Simmonds/Shutterstock
Rings, dwarves, elves, and dragons: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Old Norse influences:
A Life Lived in a Rapidly Changing World: Samuel L. Clemens, 1835 – 1910: Folio/Alamy
Real Landscapes of the Great Flood Myths: ©pedrobingham/ Images
The Curse of King Tut: Facts & Fable: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Trojan War: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Why the Story of Cinderella Endures and Resonates: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Japanese ‘Prince’ Was Switched at Birth and Raised a Pauper: ©Corbis
Secrets of the Dead: The Real Trojan Horse: ©Anibal Trejo/Fotolia
Fairy-Tale Adaptations: It’s Ever After, All Right: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Eight female authors your class should know for the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s “Emma”: ©AmandaLewis/
Shared Stories: Common themes in myths and legends across cultures: ©Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images
Greek Myths Have Scary Ideas About Robots and A.I.: ©Ociacia/Shutterstock
Greek Mythology: ©Vava Vladimir Jovanovic/Shutterstock
Best children’s books with wishes: REB Images/Blend Images/Corbis
Top 8 Special Animals in Greek Mythology: ©Comstock/Comstock Images/Getty Images
20 Writing Tips from Fiction Authors: ©Fancy/Alamy

Grade 7

Bold Actions

To the South Pole and Back – The Hardest 105 days of my life: Kim Steele/Photodisc/Getty Images
Extreme sports special: ‘I get the urge to jump when I’m standing on the edge’: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Should parents let their kids take more risks?: ©wibs24/
The Revolutionary Cyclist: ©Westend61/Getty Images
7 Things Really Bold People Do: ©Corbis
Tightrope Between the Towers: ©Corbis
The Early History of Bungee Jumping: ©Karl Weatherly/Photodisc/Getty Images
Historic Photos Celebrate Pioneering Black Explorer: ©Kris Grabiec/Shutterstock
Bessie Coleman: ©National Geographic Image Collection/Alamy
Stray dog Arthur bonds with adventure team: paul prescott/Alamy
Dashrath Manjhi Road: ©Stephanie Friedman/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
20 unmissable extreme sports (and where to try them): ©German-skydiver/iStock/Getty
“Space Dive” Success: Baumgartner Breaks Skydive Record, Sound Barrier: ©Denis Tabler/Shutterstock
Henry Worsley, a British Adventurer Trying to Cross Antarctica, Dies at 55: ©Frank Krahmer/Fuse/Getty Images
Crossing the Ocean Blue: ©Getty Images
Why does Amelia Earhart still fascinate us?: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
The Red Tail Squadron: Honoring Tuskegee Airmen: [none provided:] Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Photo Shoot
Why I’m rowing across the Pacific: ©Corbis
Is it more difficult for vegans to push themselves to physical extremes?: ©Martin Gillespie/Shutterstock
Are polar bear plunges good for you?: 157179753.jpg

Perception and Reality

Dalston House: Where Every Visitor Becomes Spider-Man: ©PMac Imagery - Travel/Alamy
Memory contaminates perception: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Nature of Natural: What We See in the Upside-Down Trees: Odilon Dimier/PhotoAlto/Getty Images
What Is Sonic Seasoning? Listening To Music Can Actually Change How Your Coffee Tastes: Photodisc/Getty Images
An animated lesson full of adorable animals made of autumn leaves: ©dibrova/Shutterstock
How pickpockets trick your mind: ©Emanuele Taroni/Photodisc/Getty Images
Illusion: Nothing is as it seems: ©dipego/Shutterstock
How your supermarket could manipulate you for your own good: ©IMG_191 LLC/Shutterstock
3D movie reveals hidden dimensions of universe: ASO FUJITA/a.collectionRF/amana images inc./Alamy
As Life Slips By: Why Eye Movement Doesn’t Blur the Picture: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Neuroscience of Imagination: ©Gwoeii/Shutterstock
Event Horizon: How Space Changes Your Perspective On Life: ©Juergen Faelchle/Shutterstock
Magnified photos expose the secret beauty of sand grains: Comstock/Getty Images
Beauty Is in the Brain of the Beholder: ©Andrea Danti/Fotolia
What Can Magicians Teach Us about the Brain?: ©Surkov Dimitri/Shutterstock
See what U.S. bills would look like with all women on them: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How your brain sees the world, according to Kepler: ©Tatiana Makotra/Shutterstock
Secrets Behind the Sidewalk: How 3D Sidewalk Art Is Made: Ingram Publishing/Alamy
Change the Way You Look at Things and the Things You Look at Change: ©irin-k/Shutterstock
AR app lets kids with cancer escape into an imaginary world: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Nature at Work

Why Dogs Have Floppy Ears: An Animated Tale: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
10 natural wonders in the United States that set records: Robert Glusic/Corbis
El Niño: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Awesome Animals: The Piglet Squid: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
How Two Big Earthquakes Triggered 16,000 More in Southern California: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
What is a Green Roof?: ©Stephanie Friedman/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Underdogs: The Bloodhound’s Amazing Sense of Smell: ©Per Dahl/Getty Images Royalty Free
What’s it like to live without nature?: ©Christopher Meder/Shutterstock
15 Examples of the Most Epic Metamorphoses from Youth to Adult: ROM/imagebroker/Alamy
Dogs are working to save the world’s endangered species: ©Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock
Nature: Now Showing on TV: ©Corbis
Why are there so many arches at Arches?: Nicholas Pitt/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Less Algae, Not Clearer Water, Keeps Tahoe Blue: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
A Chinese perspective on Autumn: ©Photolibrary
The allure of fluorescence in the ocean: ©Hannu Viitanen/Hemera/Getty Images
National Parks: ©Darren J. Bradley/Shutterstock
The Amazon Basin: Philip Coblentz ©Brand X Pictures
The Curiosity of Animal Camouflage: ©EW CHEE GUAN/Fotolia
15 striking photos from the best wildlife photographers of the year: ©Shutterstock
Calculate Your Dog’s Age With This New, Improved Formula: ©Michael Pettigrew/Shutterstock

Risk and Exploration

Eating on Mars? Be Sure to Pack the Tortillas: Photodisc/Getty Images
Philae lander makes historic touchdown on comet: courtesy of NASA
How Deep is Too Deep to Dive?: ©Getty Images
Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas: ©Iryna Rasko/Shutterstock
What Hardships Did Early Explorers Face?: ©Galina Barskaya/Shutterstock
Photographing on Top of the World: ©Shutterstock
How Terraforming Mars Will Work: ©Purestock/Alamy
The Kepler Space Telescope is About to Run Out of Fuel: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Biggest Physical Risk of Exploration Today Is Carpal Tunnel: Alamy
Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Marathon des Sables record bid: ©Fotolia
NASA Finally Found A Spacecraft It Lost Almost 2 Years Ago: ©PaulPaladin/Alamy
Explore the Largest Known Volcanoes: ©Elena Kalistratova/Vetta/Getty Images
10 Offbeat Things Humans Have Launched into Space: ©Corbis
The Sea Women of South Korea: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Fighting for Visibility:
How Much Would It Cost To Live On Mars?: ©peepo/E+/Getty Images
New ‘Selfie’ MicroSatellite Captures Images of Chinese Space Station: ©3DSculptor/iStock/Getty Images
Meet the Incredible Woman Who Seeks to Be the First Female to Row from Japan to San Francisco: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Path to Mars: Deep Space Mission: ©Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis
The New Arecibo Message: ©Phototreat/iStock/Getty Images

The Stuff of Consumer Culture

Google Self-Driving Car Project: ©Eddie J. Rodriquez/Shutterstock
You can’t talk about millennials without mentioning this:
Economy in The 1950s: ©ollyy/Shutterstock
Why People With Disabilities Want Bans On Plastic Straws To Be More Flexible: MNPhoto/Alamy
The Psychology Of Vanity Sizing: Photodisc/Getty Images
Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures: ©Alexander Gordeyev/Shutterstock
A student’s perspective on technology in her school and classroom: Tetra Images/Alamy
Get ready for a future in which your favorite products act like helicopter parents: ©laurent/
10 Companies That Completely Reinvented Themselves: Photodisc/Getty Images
The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math: ©Steve Williams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Berlin Duo Launch a Supermarket With No Packaging: ©Thomas La Mela/Shutterstock
Impossible foods: how startups are changing what we eat – in pictures: ©Jaimie Duplass/Fotolia
Self-control, smells and how our spending is affected: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How Landfills Work: ©Daniel Dempster Photography/Alamy
Three shirts, four pairs of trousers: meet Japan’s ‘hardcore’ minimalists: ©Planner/Shutterstock
Food Deserts in America (Infographic): ©Katrina Wittkamp/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Following Garbage’s Long Journey Around The Earth: ©Ulrich Mueller/Shutterstock
​Look, something shiny!: Comstock/Getty Images
Is There A Genetic Basis to Online Media Consumption?: ©DeiMosz/Shutterstock
How to Spend Money Wisely – A Guide for Teens : ©SW Productions/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Guided by a Cause

Do Something: ©mangostock/Fotolia
Malala Yousafzai wins Nobel Peace Prize 2014: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
San Jose Teenager Turns $100 Seed Money Into $34K For Charity: ©Jiri Vaclave/Shutterstock
The Speeches of Barack Obama: ©Getty Images
This Virtual Library in Minecraft Gives a Voice to Censored Journalists: ©gorodenkoff/iStock/Getty Images
Healing the Ocean with a Garden of Coral: Darryl Leniuk/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Ohio boy’s $20 investment in kindness yields big return: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Oseola McCarty: ©Tim Pannell/Corbis
A Timeline of 1968: The Year That Shattered America: ©Comstock Images/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Discover the power of micro-volunteering and recharge your batteries by doing good: ©Chris Gramly/the Agency Collection/Getty Images
Study: Social Media Helps with Teenage Empathy, Awareness: ©kurhan/Shutterstock
Social Change: ©maxstockphoto/Shutterstock
The 10 Most Generous Nations in the World: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
The Student Walkout Against Gun Violence, in Photos: ©Zoe/Fotolia
Meet the COVID-19 frontline heroes: Getty Images Royalty Free
Jack Andraka, the Teen Prodigy of Pancreatic Cancer: Photodisc/Getty Images
Antioch Teens Raising Money to Help Orphans in Ethiopia: ©Bartosz Hadyniak/Vetta/Getty Images
Believe: ©Corbis
Biblioburro: The amazing donkey libraries of Colombia: Purestock/Getty Images
Peace First Prize Rewards Youth Who Are Making a Difference: Getty Images

Grade 8

Culture and Belonging ©

How Minneapolis’ Somali immigrants are keeping their artistic traditions alive: ©sugar0607/Fotolia
Home? Teen Refugees and Immigrants Explore Their Tucson: Comstock/Getty Images
Through August: Exploring hidden cost of Grand Coulee Dam: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Cross-cultural bonding leads to higher creativity: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images
‘My Name, My Identity’: Educators Promote Cultural Awareness in Campaign: ©EHStock/Vetta/Getty Images
Can we choose our ethnic identities based on random obsessions?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
From Germany to Mexico: How America’s source of immigrants has changed over a century: Library of Congress
A beautiful voice and cultural bridge: Photodisc/Getty Images
Coming from nothing makes giving all the more important to refugees: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Students, Swedish-Americans swap immigrant stories: ©Shutterstock
How African Immigrants Are Creating a New Identity for Themselves in Houston: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Stuck Between Two Cultures: ©
Top 5 Influences on Regional Cooking in the United States: mrslevite/Fotolia
Embracing My Chinese-American Identity: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Nationality, identity and the pledge of allegiance: ©S. Meltzer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
A Young Immigrant’s Inspiring Story of Survival Moves the Internet to Take Action: ©Juanmonino/E+/Getty Images
Ellis Island: ©Gary/Fotolia
When These Latinos Tell Immigration Stories, They Push Beyond Fairy Tales: Hill Street Studios/ Getty Images
Montana Offers A Boost To Native Language Immersion Programs: ©Carolyn lagattuta/Flickr/Getty Images
I am Indian American, and it’s 2017. But I still get asked ‘What are you?’: ©TheFinalMiracle/Shutterstock

The Thrill of Horror Rubberball/Getty Images

Is horror the most disrespected genre?: ©kjohansen/
Movie Monsters, Monster Movies And Why ‘Godzilla’ Endures: Photodisc/Getty Images
Hollywood Horror: The Evolution of the Horror Movie Poster: ©STILLFX/Shutterstock
Horror movies tap into a primal fear instinct in your brain: ©Fuse/Corbis/Getty Images
Can Fear Actually Be Healthy? 5 Health Effects of Halloween Horrors: ©Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock
Is That a Movie or Video Game?: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Can you be scared to death?: ©Shutterstock
7 Nightmarish Reads: ©Trueboy/Shutterstock
Why Godzilla is the perfect monster for our age of environmental destruction: ©Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock
Why Do We Fear?: Image 100/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
No ghost stories at camp?: ©nano/
Horror Films for Apes Are Teaching Scientists About Long-Term Memory: ©Shutterstock
Researchers Examine the Fun of Fear: Rubberball/Getty Images
How the Hidden Sounds of Horror Movie Soundtracks Freak You Out: ©Christina Czybik/mauritius images GmbH/Alamy
Something Wicked This Way Comes: ©kukuruxa/Shutterstock
Sinister! Threats from the Left Are Scarier: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Stephen King talks about his writing process: ©Cristian Dina/
What Makes Horror Movies Scary? “We do,” Says Baylor Film Expert: ©Kris Leov/Shutterstock
Trypophobia Is a Fear of Holes:

The Move Toward Freedom Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images

How Samuel Mudd Went From Lincoln Conspirator to Medical Savior: National Park Service
Words From the Past Illuminate a Station on the Way to Freedom: Library of Congress
Rare Walt Whitman letter, written for a dying soldier, found in National Archives: ©Corbis
Harriet the Spy: How Tubman Helped the Union Army: © Images
Groundbreaking Slavery Exhibit Opens at Tennessee State Museum: ©Ilene MacDonald/Alamy
Richmond will fall again for 150th anniversary: ©Corbis
Who Was John Wilkes Booth Before He Became Lincoln’s Assassin?: National Parks and History Association
Walt Whitman and the Civil War: ©Corbis
Where opera & abolitionist heroine Harriet Tubman meet: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Frederick Douglass’ Take on Independence Day: The Library of Congress
Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom: ©Brian Yarvin/Corbis
Children of the Civil War: On the Home Front: ©DenGuy/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images
Underground Railroad: Primary Source Documents: ©Circa/Imagezoo/Getty Images
Who Was Edmund Pettus?: ©Radius/SuperStock
Alabama Senate Passes Confederate Monuments Bill: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Stop making second American Civil War clickbait: ©Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images
Classic Slave Narratives: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
“I Will be Heard!”: Abolitionism in America: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Harriet Tubman Wins Unofficial Vote to Be on $20 Bill: ©Library of Congress
New photo shows ‘beautiful, resilient’ Harriet Tubman: ©Library of Congress

Approaching Adulthood Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Why ‘Eighth Grade’ is the most painfully real middle-school movie you’ve ever seen: ©Sage78/
Teen Journalist Shares His Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic: ©hxdbzxy/Shutterstock
How to Stop Negative Thinking: ©Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Impulsive “Teen Brain” Isn’t Based in Science:  ©Corbis
Time to End the Stereotype of the ‘Risky’ Teenage Brain:
Teens, Your Brain Needs Real Food: ©Steve Debenport/ Images
How Adulthood Happens: ©Jodi Matthews/
Graduating from high school: Tears, fears and peers: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
Researchers Study Effects Of Social Media On Young Minds: ©martiapunts/iStock/Getty Images
Are Kids Happier than Adults?: Purestock/Getty Images
Teens and Sleep: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Think Like a Child: Comstock/Getty Images
The Promise of Self-Compassion for Stressed-Out Teens: ©Peter Van Steen/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Young People More Likely To Drive Drowsy: Stockbyte/Getty Images
How to Improve Communication with Your Parents: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Fatal crashes involving teen drivers decline sharply in U.S.: ©Christine Glade/
Teens post online content to appear interesting, popular and attractive, UCI study finds: ©Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images
What Stresses You Out About School?: Photodisc/Getty Images
Katy Perry, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and others share what they wish they’d known as a teenager: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Teens Vulnerable To Identity Theft, Financial Crimes And Impersonation: ©Stokkete/Shutterstock

Anne Frank’s Legacy ©Shutterstock

Holocaust Survivor: Without Music, “I Wouldn’t Be Alive”: ©Thinkstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Otto Frank talks about Anne’s diary: ©pio3/Shutterstock
German Propaganda Archive: Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
This POW kept a secret diary that showed daily life in a concentration camp: ©Sunil Singh/Fotolia
Anne Frank’s Amsterdam: Photodisc/Getty Images
Deep Survival: Anne Frank’s Extraordinary Act of Survival: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Surviving Genocide in Rwanda: ©Corbis
How Hans and Sophie Scholl’s White Rose Movement Fought Back Against the Nazis: ©Andrew Ward/Life File/Photodisc/Getty Images
Adults are remembering Elie Wiesel. But his testimony mattered most for youths.: ©Tracy Montana/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Amid Tensions, a New Portrayal of Anne Frank: ©Tracy Whiteside/Shutterstock
Researchers say Anne Frank perished earlier than thought: ©Yakovlev Sergey/Shutterstock
How can we stop the Holocaust from happening again?: ©SkunkChunk/Shutterstock
Holocaust survivors reunite with the woman who cared for them after the war: ©Jonathan Noden-Wilkinson/Shutterstock
Japanese American Internment During World War II: Jeremy Woodhouse/Photodisc/Getty Images
German Parliament Votes To Recognize Mass Killing Of Armenians As Genocide: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Fear in Chemnitz: ©Thomas Perkins/Fotolia
Anne Frank Today Is a Syrian Girl: ©Corbis
Denmark – Oral History: Niels Bamberger: ©Corbis
Why You Should Be Reading Wislawa Szymborska: ©marekuliasz/
Holocaust and memory: An alarming new study shows growing ignorance: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Value of Work ©Shutterstock

Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters: ©Svemir/
Cool Jobs (That Pay!): Comstock/Getty Images
This 14-year-old turned down a $30M buyout offer: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Professional Students: Benefits and Risks of Working While in High School: ©Steve Debenport/iStock/Getty Images
Cool Jobs: Sports Science: ©Exactostock/SuperStock
From World’s Fair to Maker Faire: Isaac Asimov: ©Liz Boyd/Alamy
The fading of the teen summer job: ©gchutka/
8 Job Skills You Should Have: ©Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images
Job Application Tips for Teenagers: ©moodboard/Cultura/Getty Images
Seven Time Management Strategies from Some Brilliant Teenage Prodigies: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
How Hard Is It for Teenagers in Your Community to Get a Job?: Adam Gault/Digital Vision/Getty Images
It took a century to create the weekend—and only a decade to undo it: ©Hero Images/Getty Images
Most Americans Would Still Work After Lottery Win—Would You?: ©Brand X Pictures/Alamy
Without Janitors, Students Are in Charge of Keeping School Shipshape: Photodisc/Getty Images
Is 8th Grade Too Early to Pick a Career?: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
High score, low pay: why the gig economy loves gamification: ©aastock/Shutterstock
National Geographic Hosts the Energy Department’s STEM Mentoring Café for Students: ©13/Image Source/Ocean/Corbis
National Inventors Hall of Fame: ©chippix/Shutterstock
For migrant workers on Illinois farms, the job is hot, risky: ©Digital Vision/Alamy
50 Business Ideas for Teens: ©Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images

Grade 9

Finding Common Ground Stockbyte/Getty Images

We Don’t Have to Choose Between Fossil Fuels and Green Energy: ©Getty Images
Why Your Family Name Was Not Changed at Ellis Island: philipus/Alamy
Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots: ©Leland Bobbe/Digital Vision/Getty Images
The barrier-breaking power of learning someone else’s story: ©Stockbroker X/Media Bakery
Eric Whitacre: A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong: ©Corbis
Meet the Tenacious Gardeners Putting Down Roots in “America’s Most Desperate Town”: ©KidStock/Blend Images/Getty Images
Novel Finding: Reading Literary Fiction Improves Empathy: ©tayindigo/Fotolia
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The Bonds Between Us Photodisc/Getty Images

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Schoolkids Write Adorable Book About Orphaned Orangutan: ©Alan and Sandy Carey/Photodisc/Getty Images
Virtual reality can help make people more compassionate compared to other media, new Stanford study finds: ©LightField Studios/Shutterstock
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A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding: ©Floresco Productions/Corbis
The best friendships never die: Randy Faris/ Corbis
Smartphones may serve as digital security blankets: ©View Apart/Shutterstock
The Japanese Festival of the Dead: Obon: ©Akira Kaede/Photodisc/Getty Images
A father-daughter dance—in prison: BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Newborns Can Bond to a “Mother” from a Different Species: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Rural schools often the heart of small E. Washington towns: ©Mark Karrass/Corbis

Sweet Sorrow Photodisc/Getty Images

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A Visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships:
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How to make someone fall in love with you, according to science: ©Getty Images
Shakespeare Inspired Robben Island Inmates, Including Mandela: Stockbyte/Getty Images
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A Matter of Life or Death National Archives and Records Administration

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11 crazy facts about getting struck by lightning (and how to avoid it): Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
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Sunflowers Melt Fukushima’s Nuclear “Snow”: Photodisc/Getty Images
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A moment on ‘Oprah’ made her a human rights symbol. She wants to be more than that.: ©Jake Lyell/Alamy
Optimism May Be Hard-Wired into the Brain: Sebastian Kaulitzki/Alamy
Five things coronavirus can teach us about life and death: ©ti-ja/E+/Getty Images
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The Next Mass Extinction Might Be About Survival of the Laziest: ©Robert Matton AB/Alamy
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Hemingway on War and Its Aftermath: U.S. Army Center of Military History
Running for His Life: Inspirestock/Corbis
Survivor of Stalin’s prison camps runs first museum that looks at history of Russia’s Gulags: ©alfrag/Fotolia

Heroes and Quests ©Corbis

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Why we’re rocketing men into space — even in the middle of a pandemic: ©Aphelleon/Shutterstock
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Grade 10

Ourselves and Others Image Source/Getty Images

The United States Flag: © Digital Vision/Getty Images
How common threats can make common (political) ground: ©Corbis
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This Georgetown sophomore wants to change how we view and talk about disabilities: ©Jack Hollingsworth/Getty Images
5 Ways to Listen Better: ©Getty Images
Jews Are Fleeing Russia Because of Putin: Leland Bobbe/Corbis Yellow/Corbis
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Dare to Disagree:
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The Natural World Carson Ganci/Design Pics Inc/Alamy

Brazilian Explorers Search “Medicine Factory” to Save Lives and Rainforest: Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Urban Wildlife Refuges Highlight Nature That’s Closer Than You Think: ©duckeesue/Shutterstock
Tardigrades—the microscopic, oddly cute toughest animals on Earth—explained: ©Hero Images/Getty Images
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How can we save our dying coral reefs?: Darryl Leniuk/Digital Vision/Getty Images
National Parks: Ken Burns on why they were America’s best idea: ©Paolo Negri/Exactostock/SuperStock
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‘Promiscuous treatment of nature’ will lead to more pandemics – scientists: ©sunlow/iStock/Getty Images
Revive & Restore: © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The Animal Self: ©goldenangel/Shutterstock
What Are El Niño and La Niña?: Photodisc/Getty Images
Invasive Species: ©Vitalii Hulai/ Images
Swift Water Rescue: Photodisc/Getty Images

Responses to Change ©Fotolia

Why Hawaii’s Newest Eruption Makes Volcanologists Nervous: ©Douglas Peebles Photography/Alamy
The Land of Big Groceries, Big God, and Smooth Traffic: What Surprises First-Time Visitors to America: MBI/Alamy
Reforestation: ©MaximImages/Alamy
War dead commemorated by Birmingham ice installation: ©Photolibrary RF/Photolibrary
The Ice Stupas: Artificial glaciers at the edge of the Himalayas: ©pablo_hernan/Fotolia
Four Pulitzer-winning takes on the rise of Adolf Hitler: ©Corbis
The peppered moth: A black and white story after all: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How Cancer Starts: ©Duncan Smith/Photodisc/Getty Images
We have always been modern, and it has often scared us: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
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The World 9/11 Took From Us: ©Jahanzaib Naiyyer/Fotolia
Climate Change Is Inevitable — It’s Time to Adapt: ©
Thinking of Home Makes It Harder to Learn a Foreign Language: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis
Post-Traumatic Stress’s Surprisingly Positive Flip Side: Rubberball/Getty Images
Effects of the Black Death: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
“Everything is changing”: Farmers seek solutions, not slogans, on climate change: Harald Sund/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

How We See Things ©Corbis

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Animal Navigation: ©WoodenDinosaur/
Did Stone Age cavemen talk to each other in symbols?: Texas Department of Transportation
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Why Are Eyewitnesses Unreliable?: Photodisc/Getty Images
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Photography in the Age of Falsification: ©Corbis
Mavericks and Heretics: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
MIT’s new robot can identify things by sight and by touch: ©Dino Fracchia/Alamy

Absolute Power Photodisc/Getty Images

James I on the Divine Right of Kings: Hemera Technologies/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Feeling powerless increases the weight of the world . . . literally: ©Victoria Smith/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Akira Kurosawa: Throne of Blood: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Why Do We Still Care About Shakespeare?:
Is taming your ambition the key to a better life?: Images
On the Bard’s birthday, is Shakespeare still relevant?: Terry Sirrell
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Power Makes People Happy: UpperCut Images/Getty Images
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Hard-Won Liberty National Archives and Records Administration

Ideas Cost Peace Prize Winner Freedom: ©hepatus/E+/Getty Images
Decades Later, Photographer Searches for Gandhi’s Legacy: ©popovaphoto/
Josephine Baker—A French and American Hero: ©Corbis
Plessy and Ferguson: Descendants of a divisive Supreme Court decision unite: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
John Lewis, lion of civil rights and Congress, dies at 80: ©Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection/Alamy
American Roots of the Indian Independence Movement: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Freedom of the Mind: ©Corbis
Saudi Arabia elects up to 17 female councilors in historic election: ©Patrik Dietrich/Fotolia
Quiz: What’s Your Freedom Type?: ©Gary/Fotolia
How to Protect Civil Liberties in a Pandemic: ©Chris Aubrey/Alamy
Welcome to the World’s Nicest Prison: ©Henglein and Steets/Cultura Creative/Alamy
South Sudan: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How the Arab Spring Became the Arab Cataclysm: ©freshidea/Fotolia
Spring Awakening: How an Egyptian Revolution Began on Facebook: ©DeiMosz/Shutterstock
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Joseph Sohm/Visions of America, LLC/Alamy
There’s a war on books in prisons. It needs to end.: ©stocknroll/iStock/Getty Images
A Ride Home from Prison: ©S. Alden/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Lady Liberty’s Radical History: ©etraveler/Shutterstock
Civil Disobedience: ©Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images
Why did Gandhi march 240 miles for salt?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Grade 11

Coming to America ©Visions of America, LLC/Alamy

Meet the Sacrifice Generation: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
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What It Means to Live Life Working in the U.S. on a Visa: ©C. Sherburne/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
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Not So Fast, Jamestown: St. Augustine Was Here First: ©Jörg Hackemann/Fotolia
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Destination America: Comstock/Getty Images
U.S. Immigration Before 1965: Comstock/Getty Images
Hernán Cortés Biography: Ocean/Corbis
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Navajos share stories about their past, the world: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
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Should America Take Down Monuments That Romanticize Conquistadors?: ©Neil Beer/Photodisc/Getty Images

Building a Democracy ©Karl Kost/Alamy

The Real Birth of American Democracy: ©Wikimedia Commons
A democracy deficit plagues the US and the European Union: ©Image Source/Getty Images
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Last Men of the Revolution: ©Comstock/Getty Images
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The Individual and Society Photodisc/Getty Images

The issues behind Jefferson and Hamilton’s rivalry are still alive two centuries later: ©Karl Kost/Alamy
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Funny Civil War: ©steheap/Fotolia
Artwork of Erie Canal from its 1825 opening found: ©Corbis
Whitman and Race: ©duncan1890/
Legacy Of Forced March Still Haunts Navajo Nation: ©welcomia/
How Technology Makes Us Better Social Beings: ©LWA/Dann Tardif/Blend Images/Getty Images
It’s Not the Economy: Why Unique Baby Names Are Trending Up: ©Corbis
Do We Code-Switch Our Laughter?: ©track5/E+/Getty Images
College move-in day: What would Henry David Thoreau say?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Thoreau’s Walden, Present at the Creation: ©Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images
Edgar Allan Poe–Cosmologist?: ©Design Pics Inc./Alamy
Self Care 101: Where Did “Self-Care” Even Come From?: Digital Vision/Getty Images
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Aziz Ansari Goes to India: ©Aivar Mikko/Alamy
Why we quoth ‘The Raven’ evermore: Life on white/Alamy
‘In stressed times, we can take comfort in wildlife’: why nature-writing is ‘exploding’: ©

A New Birth of Freedom ©Corbis

‘The Blood of Lynching Victims Is in This Soil.’: ©PrairieArtProject/
Discovery Leads Yale to Revise a Chapter of Its Black History: Photodisc/Getty Images
Remembering the fight for women’s rights: Suffragists at Seneca Falls laid groundwork for others in the struggle for equality: Library of Congress
How I teach students about equality: only Smarties have the answer: Rafael Angel Irusta Machin/Alamy
Why celebrating Juneteenth is more important now than ever: ©hartcreations/iStock/Getty Images
The Fight for Women’s Suffrage: ©Library of Congress
The Lost History: Help Us Find the Declaration of Sentiments: ©James P. Blair/Photodisc/Getty Images
Where the Buffalo No Longer Roamed: Comstock/Getty Images
Sherman’s March to the Sea: A military triumph left a bitter legacy: Image Ideas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The First Pride Marches, In Photos: ©NiklasEmmoth/iStock/Getty Images
A Time of Reckoning:
Documentary explores US exclusion of Chinese in the 1800s: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Black Leaders During Reconstruction: ©Ilene MacDonald/Alamy
PRO AND CON: Should Confederate monuments be removed?: ©Corbis
Did Quilts Hold Codes to the Underground Railroad?: ©Eric Camden/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Ida B. Wells: Library of Congress
A Cutting-Edge Second Look at the Battle of Gettysburg: ©Getty Images
A Civil War journal, up close and personal: ©Susan Law Cain/Shutterstock
3 Reasons Why Chinese Workers Were the MVP’s on the Transcontinental Railroad: HemeraTechnologiesJupiterimages/Getty Images
In 1870, Henrietta Wood Sued for Reparations—and Won: ©Billion Photos/Shutterstock

An Age of Realism ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Women’s Athletics a Battle for Respect: ©Corbis
Muckraking Journalist Jacob Riis and Gilded Age New York City: ©kenny1/Shutterstock
Spanish American War: ©Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto/Getty Images
Another Obama Decision Reversed? Now It’s About Food Safety.: ©Kent Knudson/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Burger King’s plant-based Whopper gets glowing review – from a meat lobbyist: ©Mark Wineman/Getty Images/
The Women ‘Computers’ Who Revolutionized Astronomy: ©Cardens Design/Shutterstock
The Challenges and Opportunites of 21st Century Muckracking: ©Dennis MacDonald/Alamy
Investigative journalism finds a new outlet: the stage: ©aerogondo2/Shutterstock
Jack London’s mark on literature: ©Corbis
Before there was coronavirus, there was yellow fever. Fear of it once gripped D.C.: ©Oteera/Shutterstock
About Mark Twain: ©Folio/Alamy
Jack London Biography: ©AleksandarGeorgiev/
Robber barons and silicon sultans: ©C. Borland/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
In the Gilded Age, Americans loved and feared the railroad companies — and it can teach Big Tech a valuable lesson: ©FotograFFF/Shutterstock
Study Finds Microplastics Inside Fruits and Vegetables: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Opulence in the “Gilded Age,” 1890: Getty Images
Lessons From Vanderbilt And Rockefeller: Know Your ‘One Big Thing’: Dynamic Graphics / Getty Images
Reform the Nation’s Food System: ©Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis
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How the Gilded Age’s Top 1 Percent Thrived on Corruption: ©Corbis

The Modern World Photodisc/Getty Images

The AI Revolution Is On: Dynamic Graphics/Getty Images
Kent State Incident: Photodisc/Getty Images
Robert Frost Biography: ©Radius Images/Corbis
Greenpeace faults many tech giants for environment impact: ©Atanas Bezov/Getty Images/
Imagine a world without fossil fuels: ©acilo/
Growing Up Colored: ©Larry Mulvehill/Corbis
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The Many Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies: ©David Selman/Corbis
Build-a-brain: ©Andrea Danti/Fotolia
Are we living in a computer simulation? I don’t know. Probably.: ©Paper Boat Creative/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Holocaust Museum: Exhibit probes Berlin’s historic Olympics of 1936: ©Corbis
Can Museums and Other Institutions Keep up With Digital Culture?: Goodshoot/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How America’s Leading Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping Your Future: ©fongfong/Shutterstock
A Deeper Look at the Politicians Who Passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964:
Did the United States put its own citizens in concentration camps during WWII?: ©Corbis
Journey to “The Crucible”: Thinkstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Football Genius of F. Scott Fitzgerald: Photodisc/Getty Images
Two steps forward, one step back: how World War II changed how we do human research: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
How smart cities can create their own poetry – tech podcast: ©Devin_Pavel/Shutterstock
How Robots Are on the Front Lines in the Battle Against COVID-19: ©asharkyu/Shutterstock

Grade 12

Chasing Success ©Andres RodriguezFotolia

Jamaica Kincaid’s Antigua: ©Justin Kase z10z/Alamy
Personality Matters More Than Intelligence at School: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
The Question That Will Help You Define Success: ©Corbis
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Have Sports Teams Brought Down America’s Schools?: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
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Why We Won’t See More Games Like ‘Pokemon Go’: ©Hero Images/Fancy/Corbis
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Dress for Success: How Clothes Influence Our Performance: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
How Kids Learn Resilience: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Benefits of Optimism Are Real: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
This Is Your Brain on Summer: ©Corbis
Science says parents of successful kids have these 13 things in common: ©Tom Grill/Corbis
What does the spelling success of Indian American kids tell us?: ©Minnie Menon/ Images

Gender Roles ©Fotolia

Sweden’s “Gender-Neutral” Preschool: ©Christopher Futcher/Getty Images
What’s in a Name?: ©rSnapshotPhotos/Shutterstock
Male Aggression: Why are men more violent?: ©Howard Pyle/Image Source/Getty Images
Gender Brain Differences May Explain Why Women Are Kinder Than Men: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Countries Where Women Have Held Power, 1960 – 2020: ©Viktorija Reuta/Shutterstock
Super Role Model: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Where Girls Are Missing Out on High-School Sports: ©Corbis
Flexible Work Alone Won’t Create Gender Equality, but These Things Might: ©Corbis
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When Their Workday Ends, More Fathers Are Heading Into the Kitchen: ©Alamy
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Why a 1920s legal move is responsible for the gender-segregated bathrooms we have today: ©Margoe Edwards/Shutterstock
A New Rating for TV and Movies Tries to Combat Gender Stereotypes: ©Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images
At least 11 women have vied for U.S. vice president: ©JasonDoiy/iStock/Getty Images

Voices of Protest National Archives

The Statue of Liberty Has Long Been a Magnet for Protest: ©spyarm/Shutterstock
Opinion: Remove the blindfold, fight injustices when they occur: ©Studio-Annika/
A Photographer Follows in Gandhi’s Footsteps: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Tech firms protest proposed changes to U.S. net neutrality rules: ©Corbis
Remembering Tiananmen Square in a new age of censorship: ©Corbis
Vietnam War Protests: ©Corbis
The Native American Protests in North Dakota Are About More Than an Oil Pipeline: ©Charles Smith/Cardinal/Corbis
In Defense of Thoreau: ©encrier/
Hashtag activism is fleeting: ©Hero/Fancy/Age Fotostock
China accuses Hong Kong protesters of committing ‘evil and criminal acts’: ©daumiu/
Tiananmen Square, Then and Now: ©Paul Merrett/Fotolia
‘Before India,’ A Young Gandhi Found His Calling In South Africa: ©Corbis
A Deep-Rooted History of Activism Stirs in College Football: ©Daniel Schweinert/Shutterstock
Gandhi: Surprising Facts on His Life and How His Legacy Lives on Today: ©Jim West/Alamy
Brazilian protesters rail against Bolsonaro as Amazon fires rage on: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
Why We Protest: ©Zoe/Fotolia
About Thoreau: ©Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images
Fast-food workers strike, seeking $15 wage, political muscle: ©Mark Wineman/Getty Images/
How Jonathan Swift Attacked Fake News: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Stitch by stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism: ©Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock

Seeking Justice, Seeking Peace Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Israeli-Palestinian basketball teams that are breaking all barriers: Photodisc/Getty Images
7 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Shakespeare’s Plays: Fuse/Getty Images
Surprising responses to Hamlet Africa tour: ©Steve Gorton/Getty Images
Beyond Grief and Grievance: ©Corbis
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Was Shakespeare Aware of the Scientific Discoveries of His Time?: ©Pixtal/Age Fotostock
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Kenya’s running champions walk 800km to break ‘cycle of violence’: ©Fotolia
The Fertility and Futility of Hatred: ©Corbis
Schoolyard conflicts may be linked to serious health problems later in life, research shows: ©SpeedKingz/Shutterstock
Should U.S. pay reparations for slavery? U.N.-appointed experts think so: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Art in the aftermath: healing the victims of trafficking and slavery: ©Don Couch/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
‘Map: Collected and Last Poems,’ by Wislawa Szymborska: ©Radka Tesarova/Shutterstock
Collective reparation in Colombia: when everyone suffers from the ravages of war: ©Filippo Manaresi/Moment Open/Getty Images
The curious history of the Nobel Peace Prize: ©dimbar76/Shutterstock
On Forgiveness: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Letting it go: Take responsibility, make amends, forgive yourself: ©iceteastock/Fotolia
Revenge and the people who seek it: ©Thomas Perkins/Fotolia
Revenge really is sweet: study shows the mood-enhancing effect of retaliation: Image 100/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Colombian Duque’s bid to change peace deal rattles sabers, but war unlikely: ©rchphoto/iStock/Getty Images

Taking Risks ©Deddeda/Design Pics/Corbis

Who Takes Risks?: ©Shutterstock
The Greatest Risks They Ever Took: Comstock/Getty Images
Risk-takers are smarter, according to a new study: ©MCarper/Shutterstock
Willingness to take risks: A personality trait: ©Comstock Images/Getty Images
Yes, People Can Edit The Genome In Their Garage. Can They Be Regulated?: ©elkor/E+/Getty Images
Philippe Petit: ©Corbis
The Fallen Heroes of Human Spaceflight: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Overprotected Kid: ©wibs24/
The Risky Side of Creativity: Domain Specific Risk Taking in Creative Individuals:
Beowulf Is Back!: ©Juan Manuel Kreiter/Shutterstock
Teens’ Penchant For Risk-Taking May Help Them Learn Faster: ©Fuse/Getty Images
With the Thrills Come Extreme Risks: Maxime Laurent/Photodisc/Getty Images
Once a Risk-Taker, Always a Risk-Taker: ©Corbis
Exotic pets: Why do Americans keep dangerous animals?: Photodisc/Getty Images
A day in the life of one emergency doctor in a New York hospital during coronavirus: ©Keith Brofsky/Photodisc/Getty Images
Falling Toward Grace: ©Joggie Botma/Alamy
Richard Branson on Taking Risks: Photodisc/Getty Images
Caltech Researchers Ask: Is Risk-Taking Behavior Contagious?: ©Corbis
Beowulf Is Back!: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
To find a coronavirus vaccine, can we ethically infect people with a disease with no cure?: ©LajosRepasi/

Finding Ourselves in Nature ©Corbis

Innovative Audubon Program Connects Elders with Alzheimer’s to the Outdoors While Creating Healthy Bird Habitats: ©Steve Byland/Fotolia
John Muir’s legacy questioned: ©David Davis/Fotolia
Politicians Should Make America Better for Parents by Thinking Swedish: ©Maxim Blinkov/Shutterstock
Today’s movement toward sustainable living echoes the not-so-distant past: ©Ted Foxx/Alamy
Fake animal news abounds on social media as coronavirus upends life: ©Aleksandar Todorovic/Shutterstock
As We Seek Nature, We Wall It Out: ©Cristina Lichti/Flickr/Photolibrary
‘Wild’ film prompts surge in interest in Pacific Crest Trail: ©ImageSource/Age Fotostock
Environmental art is on the rise – with a little help from Leonardo DiCaprio: ©bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock
Nature: Closer Than It Seems: ©bo1982/ Images
How Animals Shaped Our Modern World: ©Jim Corwin/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Do Sharks Really Have Personalities?: Georgette Douwma/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Faulkner of Oil Country: Rick Bass Talks New Novel: Comstock/Getty Images
Obama gets personal with Yosemite in speech, long hike: ©Tracy Barbutes/Design Pics/Corbis
We Are Wired To Be Outside: ©DAJ/amana images inc./Alamy
The pandemic stilled human activity. What did this ‘anthropause’ mean for wildlife?: ©melissaf84/Shutterstock
Weeder: Pere Sanz/Alamy
Alone with Arizona’s landscape: ©Shutterstock
Cities make us forget what’s great about nature: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Steven Errico/Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Perks of a Play-in-the-Mud Educational Philosophy: ©Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock
What Can Bees Teach Us About Gang Warfare?: ©Old Dog Photography/Flickr/Getty Images

For Argument's Sake

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