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Grade 6

Facing Fear BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

What is the Science Behind Fear?: Jim Wehtje/Photodisc/Getty Images
Fires, orchestras, parachutes. Some other ways to describe coronavirus — besides war.:
How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?: Comstock/Getty Images
The Power of Expressing Yourself: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
“We got you:” How four teen surfers rescued drowning swimmers from a rip current: ©Real Deal Photo/Shutterstock
The Primitive, Complicated, Essential Emotion Called Fear:
Migraines: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
How Roller Coasters Work: Roller Coaster Components: Purestock/Getty Images
Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors: ©Orhan Cam/Shutterstock
‘I Was a Little Scared’: Inside America’s Reopening Schools: ©ti-ja/E+/Getty Images
Need for Speed?: ©Exactostock/SuperStock
Famous Ghosts in American History: ©Jacob Ammentorp Lund/Alamy
Infographic: Curiosity Rover’s “Seven Minutes of Terror”: Purestock/Getty Images
The science of choking under pressure—and how to avoid it: ©Corbis
No Trick Or Treat: Americans Get Creative To Celebrate Halloween Safely: ©EvgeniiAnd/iStock/Getty Images
What Frightens America’s Youth?: ©Elmer Frederick Fischer/Corbis
Are Infants Afraid of Heights?: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Migraines: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
How your worst fears stack up against reality: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Horror Fans Cope Better with the Pandemic, Study Finds: ©Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock

Animal Intelligence ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

What Is Your Dog Thinking? A Psychological Guide: Comstock/Getty Images
Leatherback Turtles Don’t Need Google Maps: ©Greg Adams Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images
The Unexpected Genius of Corvids: Stockbyte/Getty Images
It’s so hot in Australia that snakes are seeking refuge in people’s toilets: ©fivespots/Shutterstock
Dolphins have developed similar personality traits to humans: ©James Gritz/Photodisc/Getty Images
Orcas communicating: ©Fer Gregory/Shutterstock
Is your dog a genius? Putting Fido to the test: ©Feverpitched/
Rats Aren’t Smarter Than Mice and That Actually Matters: ©Africa Studio/Shutterstock
Why the zebra got its stripes: to deter flies from landing on it: Comstock/Getty Images
These Are the 11 Smartest Cat Breeds: ©tankist276/Shutterstock
Masters of Disguise—Amazing Insect Camouflage: ©Antonio Clemens/Shutterstock
Chimps Can’t Cook, But Maybe They’d Like To: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Scientists crack mystery of migrating monarch navigation: ©Ian Shaw/Alamy
Meow Hear This: Study Says Cats React to Sound of Their Name: ©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock
10 of the Smartest Animals on Earth: ©Doug McLean/Shutterstock
Test Your Pet: A Dog IQ Test: DAJ/Getty Images
Horse Domestication Happened Across Eurasia, Study Shows: Comstock/Getty Images
How Smart Are Planet’s Apes? 7 Intelligence Milestones: Photodisc/Getty Images
Study: Treats Might Mask Animal Intelligence: Creatas / Getty Images
Pigs Can Learn to Play Video Games When Tempted by Treats: ©Berci/Shutterstock

Dealing with Disaster ©Corbis

Causes and Effects of Hurricanes:
Wisconsin family’s fallout shelter becomes historical exhibit: Photodisc/Getty Images
How the Pacific Northwest is preparing for a catastrophic tsunami: Stockbyte/Getty Images
A decade into the Katrina diaspora: ©Jerry Sharp/Shutterstock
Man shelters 300 dogs from Hurricane Delta in Mexico home: ©arhendrix/Shutterstock
How the trauma of Hurricane Harvey plagues some survivors’ mental health 1 year later: ©Denise Arzer/Shutterstock
New Satellite Helps Scientists Track El Niño: Artville/Getty Images
How to prepare for spring flash flooding: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Giant plastic-cleaning system headed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: ©Rich Carey/Shutterstock
Woman describes what it was like to be the only survivor of a flight obliterated by a thunderstorm: ©REAL TIME IT02794870960/Shutterstock
In the dark over power grid security: ©Corbis
Fire in Nature: ©art-pho/Shutterstock
Milk, Bread, and Eggs: The Trinity of Winter-Storm Panic-Shopping: ©Brian Tolbert/Spirit/Corbis
Extreme Events: ©Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
What You Need To Know As The First COVID-19 Vaccine Heads Your Way: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Natural Disasters: Stocktrek/Corbis
6 Myths About What You Should Do When Disaster Strikes: Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
‘Humans of the Water’: The untold stories of La. flood victims: ©Byba Sepit/Digital Vision/Getty Images
FEMA 101 — How It All Works: ©Stocktrek Images/Getty Images
Dogs ease pandemic isolation for nursing home residents: ©Corbis

Making Your Voice Heard ©Alvaro Ortiz/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Nouns Slow Down Our Speech: ©Corbis
The First Writings: ©kmiragaya/Fotolia
Rowlett teen makes run for city council seat: ©Mike Flippo/Shutterstock
Video Games are a ‘great equalizer’ for people with disabilities: ©belushi/Shutterstock
Black interns: ‘You just need to give us a chance’: ©Flamingo Images/Shutterstock
Listening Is an Act of Love: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Langston Hughes: Biography: ©Tetra Images/Corbis
Spoken Without Words: Poetry with ASL SLAM: ©B&Y Photography/Alamy
My invention that made peace with lions: ©Tony Campbell/Shutterstock
Stylized Fairy Tales Inspired Sandra Cisneros’ Cross-Cultural Voice: ©Corbis
A promising test for pancreatic cancer . . . from a teenager: ©olivier/Shutterstock
The Life of the Buddha: ©John Wang/Photodisc/Getty Images
Art Therapy: Self-Expression Reduces Stress: ©Rana Faure/Fancy/Corbis
On YouTube, people with disabilities create content to show and normalize their experiences: ©
Illegal Wildlife Trade: ©feraru nicolae/Fotolia
A Jazzed-Up Langston Hughes: ©Getty Images
What Is Fashion?: ©Pop Paul-Catalin/Shutterstock
Not Up for Debate—Southside student is national champion: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The not-so-secret life of a TikTok-famous teen: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Nelson Mandela: Photodisc/Getty Images

Decisions That Matter ©Radius Images/Alamy

Mark Bezos: A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter: Photodisc/Getty Images
Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee Chief and First Woman to Lead Major Tribe, Is Dead at 64: ©Comstock Images/Getty Images
Colin Powell: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Last stop — graduation: Utah refugee’s nearly 5-hour commute pays off: ©Syda Productions/Shutterstock
Decatur students get historic marker approved to memorialize MLK’s arrest, release: ©Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection Inc/Alamy
What Happened to the Two Other Men on Paul Revere’s Ride?: jStock/Fotolia
Rosa Parks: ©Ilene MacDonald/Alamy
Having Too Many Choices Is Making You Unhappy: ©asierromero/Fotolia
A war of independence that divided American colonies: ©Ivy Close Images/Alamy
A high school student needed help with tuition, so an unlikely group stepped up: prison inmates: Photodisc/Getty Images
Little Rock Central High School: National Historic Site: ©Robert W. Ginn/Alamy
Flight 93: ©Mikhail Starodubov/Shutterstock
Wilma Mankiller: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Thurgood Marshall: ©Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock
Farmers across India have been protesting for months. Here’s why:: ©Radiokafka/Shutterstock
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You: Photodisc/Getty Images
Saving a Lost Language: Oliver Gerhard /Alamy
Decision-Making Strategies: SW Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images
Linda Brown obituary: ©Douglas Toombs/Shutterstock
Who were Las Mariposas, and why were they murdered?: ©tkacchuk/ Images

What Tales Tell The Palma Collection/Getty Images

Where Did Dragons Come From?: Goodshoot/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Archaeological Evidence of Homer’s Trojan War Found: ©Marion Bull/Alamy
‘Hamilton’ the Broadway musical is now a dazzling book: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
The Pre-Viking Legend of Ragnarӧk: ©Corbis
Fairy Tales Are Over 6,000 Years Old: ©SongSpeckels/
Library of Congress Digs into 170 Billion Tweets: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Atlantis—True Story or Cautionary Tale?: ©DeVIce/Fotolia
The World’s Oldest Papyrus and What It Can Tell Us About the Great Pyramids: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Why Myths Still Matter: Hercules and His 12 Healing Labors: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
How we showed Homer’s Odyssey is not pure fiction, with a little help from Facebook: ©DeiMosz/Shutterstock
Was There a Trojan War?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
King Arthur: Bradley Mason/Vetta/Getty Images
Why Are Dragons Important in Chinese Culture?: ©imagebroker/Alamy
Why Black Panther’s representation matters, according to the cast: ©Ocean/Corbis
Quiz: What YA mythological tale should you read next?: ©connel/Shutterstock
Author Says a Whole Culture—Not a Single “Homer”—Wrote “Iliad,” “Odyssey”: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Mark Twain: ©Folio/Alamy
The Atlantis-style myths that turned out to be true: ©Sam Clemens
A Fairy Tale Influence: ©Federico Caputo/Alamy
What really happened during the Salem Witch Trials: ©North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy

Grade 7

Bold Actions

Pat Tillman: Biography: Photodisc/Getty Images
Bombing Survivor Rebekah Gregory On Marathon: ‘I Took My Life Back Today’: ©Christopher Futcher/E+/Getty Images
Meet Simon Wheatcroft, the blind ultramarathon runner: ©Maridav/
These Women Stepped In to Fill a WWII Pilot Shortage: U.S. Air Force photo
Moderna struggles to find 3,000 adolescent volunteers needed for COVID-19 vaccine trial: ©BSIP SA/Alamy
San Jose Teen Honored as Hero For Yosemite Rescue: Photodisc/Getty Images
Nellie Cashman – Pioneering the Mining Camps: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Book Excerpt from The Mountain: My Time on Everest: ©Getty Images
Brazilian Big-Wave Surfer Sets a Record: ©Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock
The Historic Ski Descent of Half Dome: Photodisc/Getty Images
The road to ruin: are ultra-endurance events worth the risk?:
Kayla Montgomery: Young runner’s brave battle with MS: ©Warren Goldswain/Shutterstock
Navigating Without the Crutch of Technology: ©Andrey_Kuzmin/Shutterstock
Sky Racing: Competitive Paragliding With the World’s Best: jennyt/Shutterstock
What’s your risk of catching COVID? These tools help you to find out: ©mm88/
College athletes take steps to form labor union: ©Design Pics/Superstock
Teen sets record as youngest pilot to circle the globe: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Wilma Rudolph Biography: ©Forgiss/Fotolia
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland’s yacht found intact 8 years after her rescue: ©mbbirdy/E+/Getty Images
The Seven Summits: Climbing the Highest Mountains on Each Continent: ©imageBROKER/Alamy

Perception and Reality

The Science of Optical Illusions: ©fotoadrenalina/
Woman On Street Attacked By Giant Snail, It Seems: ©Nick Norman/National Geographic/Getty Images
I Wonder What It’s Like To Be Dyslexic: ©INSADCO Photography/Alamy
Strange Worlds: Miniature Condiment Landscapes: ©Olga Khoroshunova/
What color is Tuesday? Exploring synesthesia: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Forget Everything You Think You Know About Time: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Think Like Einstein: ©Shutterstock
Special Relativity in a Nutshell: ©Corbis
‘Back to Bed’: The Creepy, Addictive Game About Sleepwalking: ©Corbis
Brain game: bringing Paddington to life on screen: ©Shutterstock
An “invisibility cloak” prototype material by Hyperstealth Biotechnology: ©Aaron Amat/Shutterstock
The Silent “Sixth” Sense: © Sebastian Kaulitzki /Dreamstime
Extraordinary Artist Stephen Wiltshire Sees Cities Once, Draws Detailed Panoramas From Memory: ©Corbis
Why do we see illusions?: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis
23 Positive Subliminal Messages in Everyday Life: ©Corbis
What is a Mental Map?: ©Getty Images
Dual Axis Illusion named the Best Illusion of 2019: ©Oleksiy Fedorov/Kalium/Age Fotostock
Imagination Can Change What We Hear and See: ©rolffimages/Fotolia
A street magician’s tricks make everyday technology magical and mysterious: ©Corbis
Stereotypes Can Fuel Teen Misbehavior: Moment/Cultura Creative/Alamy

Nature at Work

Winter Splendor Unveiled at Ice Caves: ©Corbis
Brilliant Time-Lapse of Alaska’s Northern Lights: Carol Falcetta/Flickr/Getty Images
Why It’s Impossible to Predict When That Giant Antarctic Ice Sheet Will Split: ©Frank Krahmer/Fuse/Getty Images
Why Ravens and Crows Are Earth’s Smartest Birds: ©D. Longenbaugh/Shutterstock
This is What Happened When an Australian City Gave Trees Email Addresses: ©Artmim/Shutterstock
Kids need to offset ‘screen time’ with ‘nature time’: Comstock/Getty Images
10 Famous Balancing Rocks Around the World: ©John Hoffman/Shutterstock
21 Reasons Why Forests Are Important: ©Sami Sarkis (6)/Alamy
Bees May Understand Zero, a Concept That Took Humans Millennia to Grasp: ©Kuzmin Andrey/Shutterstock
Top 20 Citizen Science Projects of 2020: ©Tom Wang/Shutterstock
Prison Gardens Grow New Lives for Inmates: ©fotolinchen/
New ‘Intraterrestrial’ Virus Found in Ocean Depths: ©Cre8tive Studios/Alamy
The History of Earth Day: ©Katrina Brown/Shutterstock
Taking on Turtle Egg Poaching With Hollywood Decoys: ©mattwicks/iStock/Getty Images
A GDP for nature: How measuring the health of the natural world might prevent the next pandemic: ©Evan Bowen-Jones/Alamy
Vultures Halting Killer Diseases: Photodisc/Getty Images
How Do Fireflies Glow? Mystery Solved After 60 Years: ©Fer Gregory/Shutterstock
Why fish do not deserve their reputation for forgetfulness: ©Mike Kemp/RubberBall/Alamy
Inventor Inspired By Childhood Memories Of Fungus: ©Ogis/Fotolia
You Can Still Visit These Six Former National Parks: ©Comstock/Getty Images

Risk and Exploration

The Biggest Physical Risk of Exploration Today Is Carpal Tunnel: Alamy
Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Marathon des Sables record bid: ©Fotolia
NASA Finally Found A Spacecraft It Lost Almost 2 Years Ago: ©PaulPaladin/Alamy
Explore the Largest Known Volcanoes: ©Elena Kalistratova/Vetta/Getty Images
NASA Astronauts Vote From Space: ©Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock
10 Offbeat Things Humans Have Launched into Space: ©Corbis
The Sea Women of South Korea: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Fighting for Visibility:
How Much Would It Cost To Live On Mars?: ©peepo/E+/Getty Images
This 12-Year-Old Is (Probably) The Youngest Person To Ever Find A Comet: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images
New ‘Selfie’ MicroSatellite Captures Images of Chinese Space Station: ©3DSculptor/iStock/Getty Images
Meet the Incredible Woman Who Seeks to Be the First Female to Row from Japan to San Francisco: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Path to Mars: Deep Space Mission: ©Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis
The New Arecibo Message: ©Phototreat/iStock/Getty Images
Five ways artificial intelligence can help space exploration: ©Paper Boat Creative/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Retirement Plan: Transatlantic Kayak Expedition: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Silent Darien: The gap in the world’s longest road: ©rchphoto/ Images
These Wild Robots Will Compete to Explore the Last Frontier on Earth: ©craftvision/iStock/Getty Images
What makes a hero?: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Sends Sneak Peek of Mars Landing: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Stuff of Consumer Culture

How Teenagers Spend Money: Comstock/Getty
You can’t talk about millennials without mentioning this:
Economy in The 1950s: ©ollyy/Shutterstock
Why People With Disabilities Want Bans On Plastic Straws To Be More Flexible: MNPhoto/Alamy
The Invisible Way That Marketers Set the Menu for Your Thanksgiving Feast: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Too Much TV Linked to Future Fast-Food Intake: Alamy
Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures: ©Alexander Gordeyev/Shutterstock
A student’s perspective on technology in her school and classroom: Tetra Images/Alamy
Get ready for a future in which your favorite products act like helicopter parents: ©laurent/
What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery?: ©Danilo Calilung/Corbis
The Psychology Of Vanity Sizing: Photodisc/Getty Images
The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math: ©Steve Williams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Berlin Duo Launch a Supermarket With No Packaging: ©Thomas La Mela/Shutterstock
Impossible foods: how startups are changing what we eat – in pictures: ©Jaimie Duplass/Fotolia
Are We Consuming Too Much Information?: ©mycteria/Shutterstock
10 Companies That Completely Reinvented Themselves: Photodisc/Getty Images
How Landfills Work: ©Daniel Dempster Photography/Alamy
Three shirts, four pairs of trousers: meet Japan’s ‘hardcore’ minimalists: ©Planner/Shutterstock
Food Deserts in America (Infographic): ©Katrina Wittkamp/DigitalVision/Getty Images
This Clothing Line is Saving Textile Waste and Paying Fair Wages: ©Neustockimages/E+/Getty Images

Guided by a Cause

Aung San Suu Kyi: Photodisc/Getty Images
Tony Griffin and Karl Swan: Soar: ©Vladimir Arndt/Shutterstock
The Healing Power of Animals: ©Fotolia
Meet the Hero: Ralph Lazo: ©Everett Collection Historical/Alamy
Malala Yousafzai urges world leaders to take urgent action on Afghanistan: ©JStone/Shutterstock
Wave Riding Meets Conservation at This Surfer’s Global Nonprofit: ©Reniw-Imagery/
Teenage Artist Donates $1 Million to Charity: ©Yury Shirokov/Alamy
Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams: ©Getty Images
The people helping strangers during the coronavirus pandemic: Joshua Ets-Hokin / PhotoDisc / Getty Images
Young activists bemoan climate inaction, demand more say: ©Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa picture alliance/Alamy
Do Something: ©mangostock/Fotolia
Malala Yousafzai wins Nobel Peace Prize 2014: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
San Jose Teenager Turns $100 Seed Money Into $34K For Charity: ©Jiri Vaclave/Shutterstock
The Speeches of Barack Obama: ©Getty Images
This Virtual Library in Minecraft Gives a Voice to Censored Journalists: ©gorodenkoff/iStock/Getty Images
Healing the Ocean with a Garden of Coral: Darryl Leniuk/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Ohio boy’s $20 investment in kindness yields big return: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Oseola McCarty: ©Tim Pannell/Corbis
A Timeline of 1968: The Year That Shattered America: ©Comstock Images/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Discover the power of micro-volunteering and recharge your batteries by doing good: ©Chris Gramly/the Agency Collection/Getty Images

Grade 8

Culture and Belonging ©

U.S. immigrants get supersized: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The importance of belonging: ©Monkey Business Images/Dreamstime
California’s gardens tell an immigrant story: ©Petegar/
Immigrants and Refugees Are Among America’s 2017 Nobel Prize Winners: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Coming wave of video games could build empathy on racism, environment and aftermath of war: ©LightField Studios/Shutterstock
Miami Museum Celebrates the Art of a Crossroads: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Students immersed in Chinese culture: ©Peter Gridley/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
From Ghana to Greyhound: One immigrant’s story of getting by in New York: ©Norman Chan/Shutterstock
Ground-breaking support system creates a win-win for medically-trained immigrants, Minnesota: ©wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock
What Is Multiculturalism? Definition, Theories, and Examples: ©
How Minneapolis’ Somali immigrants are keeping their artistic traditions alive: ©sugar0607/Fotolia
Home? Teen Refugees and Immigrants Explore Their Tucson: Comstock/Getty Images
Through August: Exploring hidden cost of Grand Coulee Dam: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Cross-cultural bonding leads to higher creativity: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images
Biography: Ibtihaj Muhammad: ©Lawrence M. Sawyer/Photodisc/Getty Images
‘My Name, My Identity’: Educators Promote Cultural Awareness in Campaign: ©EHStock/Vetta/Getty Images
Can we choose our ethnic identities based on random obsessions?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
From Germany to Mexico: How America’s source of immigrants has changed over a century: Library of Congress
A beautiful voice and cultural bridge: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Asian American Women Who Fought to Make Their Mark in WWII: ©Everett Collection Inc/Alamy

The Thrill of Horror Rubberball/Getty Images

E-Book Recreates a Monster: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Why do we read scary books?: ©Tom Tom/Shutterstock
Beyond the Scream: What I Learned from Horror Movies: ©Voyagerix/Adobe Stock
Finding Frankenstein: On the trail of a monster across Europe: ©YorkBerlin/Shutterstock
Movies may cause special effects on the body: ©Crazytang/Getty Images/
Not Even Science Can Figure Out Which Horror Film is The Scariest Ever Made: ©Andrey Prokhorov/Getty Images/
HP Lovecraft: The man who haunted horror fans: ©Juniors Bildarchiv/Alamy
Scientists study the thrill of a chill: ©Exactostock/SuperStock
Brain scans gauge horror flick fear factor: ©Getty Images
Lovecraft tribute still haunting on a beautiful spring day: ©
The Krampus and Fear in the Holidays: ©Sumikophoto/Shutterstock
7 Horror Movie Tricks Used To Scare You: ©Maxim Blinkov/Shutterstock
Is horror the most disrespected genre?: ©kjohansen/
Movie Monsters, Monster Movies And Why ‘Godzilla’ Endures: Photodisc/Getty Images
Hollywood Horror: The Evolution of the Horror Movie Poster: ©STILLFX/Shutterstock
Horror movies tap into a primal fear instinct in your brain: ©Fuse/Corbis/Getty Images
Can Fear Actually Be Healthy? 5 Health Effects of Halloween Horrors: ©Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock
Is That a Movie or Video Game?: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Can you be scared to death?: ©Shutterstock

The Move Toward Freedom Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images

Where opera & abolitionist heroine Harriet Tubman meet: Stockbyte/Getty Images
Frederick Douglass’ Take on Independence Day: The Library of Congress
Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom: ©Brian Yarvin/Corbis
Children of the Civil War: On the Home Front: ©DenGuy/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images
Boston Art Commission Votes To Remove Emancipation Memorial From Park Square: ©sutham/Shutterstock
Underground Railroad: Primary Source Documents: ©Circa/Imagezoo/Getty Images
Who Was Edmund Pettus?: ©Radius/SuperStock
Alabama Senate Passes Confederate Monuments Bill: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Stop making second American Civil War clickbait: ©Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images
Reconstruction and Its Aftermath: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Classic Slave Narratives: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
“I Will be Heard!”: Abolitionism in America: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Harriet Tubman Wins Unofficial Vote to Be on $20 Bill: ©Library of Congress
New photo shows ‘beautiful, resilient’ Harriet Tubman: ©Library of Congress
6 Southern Unionist Strongholds During the Civil War: ©chapin31/iStock/Getty Images
What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is It Under Attack?: ©Laurence Gough/
A Free Man’s Letter to A Former Slaveowner in 1865: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
5 things you didn’t know about Frederick Douglass: ©Corbis
The American Civil War Then and Now: ©steheap/Fotolia
Final Confederate statue coming down in New Orleans: ©Corbis

Approaching Adulthood Jupiterimages/Getty Images

The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown-Up Yet: ©Fotolia
‘Herd Mentality: Are we programmed to make bad decisions?: Comstock/Getty Images
Is There an App for That?: ©arrow/Fotolia
Do children and teenagers have constitutional rights?: ©webking/
Navigating the Election Process for Students and First Time Voters: ©adamkaz/Getty Images
Our privacy is for sale, we have to accept that. But what’s the price tag?: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Failure Is Your Friend: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast: ©tlorna/Shutterstock
Middle schoolers navigate transitional tween years: ZZ/Alamy
U.S. Drivers Are Distracted More Than Half the Time They’re Behind the Wheel: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
How Classroom Political Discussions — Controversies, Too — Prepare Students for Needed Civic Participation: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Good news for teen voting: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images
What Is Diffusion of Responsibility?: ©Katrina Brown/Shutterstock
Children should be allowed to get bored, expert says: ©akulamatiau/Fotolia
Psychology says you need to achieve these 3 goals to become an adult: ©RubberBall/Age Fotostock
Teens on a Year That Changed Everything: ©Edwin Verin/Shutterstock
How Volunteer Work for Teens Works: ©mangostock/Shutterstock
Why Air Force Cadets Ought to Study Philosophy: Photodisc/Getty Images
Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress: ©godfer/Fotolia
Teens struggle to combat conformity: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Disability activist shares biggest tips for young people who want to make a difference: ©wellphoto/Shutterstock

Anne Frank’s Legacy ©Shutterstock

Alexandra Zapruder: Comstock/Getty Images
Anne Frank was captured 70 years ago today. But what if she had escaped the Nazis?: ©sot/Photodisc/Getty Images
Archaeologists Unearth Pendant That May Be Linked To Anne Frank: ©S. Meltzer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Anne Frank’s Stepsister Meets Teenagers from Swastika Photo: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Faye Schulman, partisan photographer who captured Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, dies at 101: ©Corbis
Anne Frank’s marbles to go on display in Rotterdam: ©Corbis
Mystery of Anne Frank’s informer revealed by Dutch author: Photodisc/Getty Images
Anne Frank Who? Museums Combat Ignorance About the Holocaust: ©Ronald Wilfred Jansen/Shutterstock
Instagram Story Aims to Engage New Generation With Holocaust: ©PhotoAlto/Alamy
Stories Survive: Paula Weissman: Eyewire/Getty Images
75 Years Later, Anne Frank’s Diary Still Has Much To Teach: ©feije/iStock/Getty Images
Elie Wiesel Taught the World How to Confront Atrocities: ©Corbis
Oskar Schindler: Unlikely Hero: ©Corbis
After 75 Years, Anne Frank’s Diary Still Holds Lessons for Us All: ©Ronald Wilfred Jansen/Shutterstock
The Diary of Anne Frank Introduction: ©Kaylie_Kell/Shutterstock
Holocaust survivor denounces French protesters who compared COVID-19 vaccines to Nazi horrors: ©Rawpixel/iStock/Getty Images
Anne Frank’s arrest might not have stemmed from betrayal: ©feije/iStock/Getty Images
My Stepsister Anne Frank: ©INSADCO Photography / Alamy
See Jewish Life Before the Holocaust Through a Newly Released Digital Archive: Artville/Getty Images
Elie Wiesel’s Only Son Steps Up to His Father’s Legacy: Comstock/Getty Images

The Value of Work ©Shutterstock

Here’s What Teens Think It Takes To Work In Tech: ©zimmytws/Fotolia
Changing the Destiny of People and Bicycles: ©Mr_Twister/
How Do You Create Attentive, Responsible Teens? Give ’Em Jobs!: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Best Careers for the Future: 51 Jobs for 2020 and Way Beyond!: ©vchal/Shutterstock
Middle school key to college, career pipeline: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
A Volunteer Placement in Sri Lanka Changed My Life: ©gallas/Fotolia
20 skills you learn volunteering to help you get a job: ©Creatas RF/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
After coronavirus subsides, we must pay teachers more: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Everyone Benefits when Middle School Students Volunteer: ©mangostock/Fotolia
Invisibles at Work, Take a Bow!: ©Tetra Images/Alamy
How to Find an Internship You’ll Value: ©Goodluz/Shutterstock
5 Ways Millennials Will Transform The Workplace In 2018: ©Helder Almeida/Fotolia
COVID-19’s essential workers deserve hazard pay: ©RonTech2000/E+/Getty Images
5 Ways to Find Career Ideas: Image Source/Getty Images
10 Awesome Business Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The Value of Doing Nothing: ©Corbis
Helping Strangers May Help Teens’ Self-Esteem: ©Steve Debenport/ Images
Hard workers are more inspiring than geniuses: ©Andy Christiansen/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
3 Awesome Teen Entrepreneurs Who Will Put You to Shame: ©Push Pictures/Somos Images/Corbis
Why Taking Breaks Will Help You Get More Work Done: ©Aaron Amat/Shutterstock

Grade 9

Finding Common Ground Stockbyte/Getty Images

Can Architecture Help Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute?: ©Paul Fisher/Fotolia
A Cause Unites Unlikely Partners in South Wales: Joshua Ets-Hokin / PhotoDisc / Getty Images
Is Abraham Lincoln the Most Unifying President in U.S. History?: ©Corbis
How to connect and find common ground in any situation: ©Divine Images/ Bakery
Many Black and Asian Americans Say They Have Experienced Discrimination Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak: ©Ivelin Radkov/Fotolia
South African Town Accused of Keeping Apartheid Alive: ©Corbis
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The Angry Martin Luther King:
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The Bonds Between Us Photodisc/Getty Images

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1.3 million students are homeless. Here’s how we can help them: ©Steve Debenport/
Online chess is thriving, a calming constant in a chaotic year: ©desifoto/
The Emotional Lives of Animals: ©Policas/Shutterstock
Love hormone helps autistic children bond with others, study shows: Photodisc/Getty Images
We’re More Alike Than Different: ©Mika/Flame/Corbis
Your Gloomy Friends Don’t Want Cheering Up: ©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock
‘There are no words’: As coronavirus kills Indigenous elders, endangered languages face extinction: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Sweet Sorrow Photodisc/Getty Images

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Falling in love is the easy part: ©Corbis
People banded together to find the world’s loneliest frog true love: ©MarkMirror/iStock/Getty Images
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A Matter of Life or Death National Archives and Records Administration

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X-Ray Vision Archaeology Reveals Holocaust Escape Tunnel: Pete Ryan/National Geographic/Getty Images
The Next Mass Extinction Might Be About Survival of the Laziest: ©Robert Matton AB/Alamy
Suez Canal reopens after giant stranded ship is freed: ©Carabay/Fotolia
Motherboard Knows Best: Should a Computer Make Life-or-Death Decisions?: ©Javier Larrea/Pixtal/Age Fotostock
Hemingway on War and Its Aftermath: U.S. Army Center of Military History
Running for His Life: Inspirestock/Corbis
Survivor of Stalin’s prison camps runs first museum that looks at history of Russia’s Gulags: ©alfrag/Fotolia
Holocaust jacket found at tag sale leads to a life story: ©Jonathan Noden-Wilkinson/Shutterstock
Masks and gloves are saving lives—and causing pollution: ©Siede Preis/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Aleppo Project: ©Sami Sarkis/Photodisc/Getty Images
Nevada Rescue: 5 Things Family Did Right to Survive: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Circus ‘Families’ Bonded by Daring and Danger: ©Blend Images/Alamy
Ebola vaccine gives 100% protection, study finds: ©Charles Smith/Cardinal/Corbis

Heroes and Quests ©Corbis

Odysseus’ Journey: MedioImages/Getty Images
Mars One: Photodisc/Getty Images
Ocean Explorer: Technology: Michael Saul/Brand X/Corbis
8 Novels Inspired by the Odyssey: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis
This classic formula can show you how to live more heroically:
ICON 3D Prints the First Simulated Mars Surface Habitat for NASA: 63749440.jpg
Land of Odysseus: Stockbyte/Getty Images
What makes a hero? – Matthew Winkler: ©Tatiana Popova/Shutterstock
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Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on climate crisis – video: ©Daniele Cossu/Alamy
Discovery Rekindles Wish for a Journey to the Stars: NASA
The Girl Who Swims With Sharks: ©Mika Specta/Fotolia
5 Qualities of Incredibly Heroic Leaders: Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Grade 10

Ourselves and Others Image Source/Getty Images

The Five Percent Problem: Photodisc/Getty Images
Why Twitter Influences Cross-Cultural Engagement: ©Zurijeta/Shutterstock
Do You Believe in Magic?: ©Steve Cole/Photodisc/Getty Images
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America’s War on Language: Todd Davidson/Getty Images
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Here’s what’s really going on in your brain when you experience ‘FOMO’ — the fear of missing out: ©HBRH/Shutterstock
The pandemic has shown the flaws of American individualism: ©Lawrence Lawry/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Natural World Carson Ganci/Design Pics Inc/Alamy

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Bats Are: Important: ©Ewen Charlton/Flickr/Getty Images
Nature Matters: ©Gallo Images/Danita Delimont/the Agency Collection/Getty Images
The Perks of a Play-in-the-Mud Educational Philosophy: ©Hero Images/Getty Images
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What Separates Us from Chimpanzees?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
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It’s Time for a Conversation: ©Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock
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Top 20 Citizen Science Projects of 2020: ©Tom Wang/Shutterstock
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The Body Politic: ©Ben Greer/E+/Getty Images
Celebrating Wildflowers: Image Ideas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
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Greening the Desert: Jupiterimages/Comstock Images/Getty Images
Solar Wind’s Effect on Earth: Photodisc/Getty Images
86 Percent of Earth’s Species Still Unknown?: ©IronStrike/Shutterstock
Our laws make slaves of nature. It’s not just humans who need rights: ©Olga Danylenko/Shutterstock
‘Forest gardens’ show how Native land stewardship can outdo nature: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

Responses to Change ©Fotolia

Bioluminescent Art: Beautiful Bacteria Glow in the Dark: Cre8tive Studios/Alamy
Gaming Can Make a Better World: ©BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
100 years ago, ‘The Rite of Spring’ incited a riot in a Paris theater: ©oleg66/
Who Gets to Claim Kafka?: ©Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock
What You Need To Know As The First COVID-19 Vaccine Heads Your Way: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Frog Fable Brought to Boil: ©D. Hurst/Alamy
How to Survive a Disaster: ©Claudiad/
Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected:
With Climate Change No Longer in the Future, Adaptation Speeds Up: ©Linda Bucklin/Shutterstock
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The ‘America effect’: How immigrants fall crazy in love: ©moodboard/SuperStock
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Suez Canal reopens after giant stranded ship is freed: ©Carabay/Fotolia

How We See Things ©Corbis

The Common Belief Fallacy: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Man Who Invented Mars: Photodisc/Getty Images
Vigorous Exercise May Help Prevent Vision Loss:
Artists Who Lose Their Vision, Then See Clearly: ©C Jones/Shutterstock
Why time feels so weird in 2020: ©Andy Sotiriou/Photodisc/Getty Images
This Exhibition Will Help You Make Sense of Your Senses: ©Darq/Shutterstock
Inventing Telescopes: Comstock/Getty Images
Where Our Magic Lives: An Introduction to Magical Realism: ©Corbis
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Eight Ways Your Perception of Reality Is Skewed: ©Corbis
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The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational: ©Corbis
Experiments show how quickly we adjust to seeing everything upside-down: ©Milton Montenegro/Photodisc/Getty Images
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Gabriel García Márquez remembers his dearest friend, Julio Cortázar: ©Grant Faint/Stockbyte/Getty Images
10 Surprising Ways Senses Shape Perception: Shutterstock

Absolute Power Photodisc/Getty Images

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Why Do We Still Care About Shakespeare?:
Is taming your ambition the key to a better life?: Images
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On the Bard’s birthday, is Shakespeare still relevant?: Terry Sirrell
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Power Makes People Happy: UpperCut Images/Getty Images
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Hard-Won Liberty National Archives and Records Administration

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White clergymen urge local Negroes to withdraw from demonstrations: ©Stephen Firmender/Shutterstock
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Pastor Says Fight for Civil Rights Looks Different in 2021: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Mixtape of the Revolution: Photodisc/Getty Images
Film Review: ‘Selma’: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Social Media Sparked, Accelerated Egypt’s Revolutionary Fire: ©Robert Churchill/ Images
Martin Luther King was no prophet of unity. He was a radical: ©Uncle Leo/Shutterstock
This 15-year-old was the original Rosa Parks: ©Archive PL/Alamy
Teaching Gandhi’s Nonviolent Principles in a Violent Time: ©PA Images/Alamy
French Revolution: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution: ©rostislav foursa/Alamy
AI is sending people to jail—and getting it wrong: ©oneword/iStock/Getty Images
Equality Act Would Extend Civil Rights Laws To LGBTQ People Throughout U.S.: ©railwayfx/Adobe Stock
Nelson Mandela’s ‘walk to freedom’ in 1990 after his release from prison: Comstock/Getty Images
How a book club is helping to keep ex-offenders from going back to jail: Photodisc/Getty Images
Ben Franklin’s Famous ‘Liberty, Safety’ Quote Lost Its Context In 21st Century: ©joecicak/E+/Getty Images
After 39 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment, Ricky Jackson Is Finally Free: ©C Squared Studios/Photodisc/Getty Images
A Protest Moment I’ll Never Forget: ©ertyo5/iStock/Getty Images

Grade 11

Coming to America ©Visions of America, LLC/Alamy

The Philosophical Differences on Immigration Between Canada and the U.S.: Stockbyte/Getty Images
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The Individual and Society Photodisc/Getty Images

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In 1870, Henrietta Wood Sued for Reparations—and Won: ©Billion Photos/Shutterstock
Where the Buffalo No Longer Roamed: ©Getty Images
‘Nurse, Spy, Cook:’ How Harriet Tubman Found Freedom Through Food: ©Folio/Alamy
Dred Scott decision: ©Gary Blakeley/Shutterstock
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America’s homelessness crisis: ©Victoria Smith/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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The Curious, and Continuing, Appeal of Mark Twain in China: ©Folio/Alamy
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Are We Living in the Gilded Age 2.0 ?: ©gmutlu/E+/Getty Images
Laughing at the Expense of Labor and Capital: ©temmuzcan/iStock/Getty Images

The Modern World Photodisc/Getty Images

Welcome to the Matrix: Are Humans Just a Computer Simulation?: Photodisc/Getty Images
Devices That Know How We Really Feel: ©Hero/Corbis
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Extracting the Woodchuck: ©Design Pics RF/Getty Images
How to colonize Venus, and why it’s a better plan than Mars: ©StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty Images
Killer robots? Get real. It’ll be easier for AI to just erase our minds and steal our bodies: ©sun ok/Shutterstock
Is the Internet Hurting Children?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
How did the advent of television impact politics?: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
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Double-Bind: Three Women of the Harlem Renaissance: Stockbyte/Getty Images
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Grade 12

Chasing Success ©Andres RodriguezFotolia

What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Grit: The power of passion and perseverance: ©Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock
Luck and Skill Untangled: The Science of Success: ©Comstock Images/Getty Images
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Michael Lewis on Princeton Speech: I Aimed To Give Something Unexpected: ©Ellen Isaacs/Alamy
Nurture Counts as Much as Nature in Success:
With Senior Year in Disarray, Teens and Young Adults Feel Lost: ©Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images
Why Are Superachievers So Successful?: Images
Eugene O’Neill Biography: ©Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Three of the Best-Kept Secrets for College Success: ©237/Paul Bradbury/Ocean/Corbis
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Gender Roles ©Fotolia

How Can Women Gain Influence in Hollywood?: ©Fotolia
I’m an engineer, not a cheerleader. Let’s abandon silly rules about gender roles.: Getty Images
Target to move away from gender-based signs: ©IMG_191 LLC/Shutterstock
Millennial pink is exposing our culture’s worst anxieties about “girly stuff”: ©Alan and Sandy Carey/Photodisc/Getty Images
In their words: how children are affected by gender issues: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Tacoma teen speaks with Dr. Jill Biden on transgender, nonbinary rights: ©J Main/Shutterstock
Where the Boys Are Not: ©Carlos Hernandez/Westend61/Corbis
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What a 13th-Century Medieval Text Can Teach Us About Queerness and Gender: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Women Have Been Part of U.S. Combat for Years, Although Not on Front Lines: Thinkstock Images/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Meet McKenna Pope, ‘Foot Soldier’ challenging gender stereotypes: ©moodboard/Corbis
Modern day Canterbury Tales refreshes Chaucer to tell the lost stories of refugees: ©Joan van Hurck/Alamy
Wives are partly to blame for the fact that men won’t take ‘female’ jobs, professor says: ©Corbis
How Parents Influence Kids’ Gender Roles: ©AE Pictures Inc./DigitalVision/Getty Images
‘Serious ramifications’: Why unshakeable gender stereotypes prevent men from taking paternity leave: Photodisc/Getty Images
From Bruce Springsteen to Tyson Fury, men are opening up about depression: ©Corbis
The Female Thor and the Female Comic-Book Reader: ©Diverstudio/

Voices of Protest National Archives

Blogging the Slow-Motion Revolution: An Interview with China’s Huang Qi: Photodisc/Getty Images
‘Next Stop Is Vietnam’: A War In Song: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Ai Weiwei – from criminal to art-world superstar: ©Spondylolithesis/ Images
A Harvard study identified the precise reason protests are an effective way to cause political change: ©Comstock Images/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
From the George Floyd moment to a Black Lives Matter movement, in tweets: ©PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images
From Walden to the White House: ©Corbis
Protesters Out to Reclaim King’s Legacy, but in Era That Defies Comparison: ©Shutterstock
Brazil’s Students Occupy Schools In Rio De Janeiro To Protest Conditions Ahead Of Olympics: Photodisc/Getty Images
Five protest poets all demonstrators should read: ©Mat Denney/Flickr/Getty Images
John Lewis: 1940 – 2020: ©Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection/Alamy
Address at the Conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery March: ©Luiz Felipe Castro/Flickr/Getty Images
Activism Or Slacktivism? How Social Media Hurts And Helps Student Activism: ©Goodluz/Shutterstock
Democrats end House sit-in protest over gun control: ©Joseph Sohm-Visions of America/Digital Vision/Getty Images
After Gun Control Marches, ‘It’ll Go Away’ vs. ‘We Are Not Cynical Yet’: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The effect of Black Lives Matter protests on coronavirus cases, explained: ©Jason Butcher/Cultura/Getty Images
Disobedient: ©BortN66/Shutterstock
The Long History of Olympic Boycotts, Protests and Demonstrations: ©Steve Christensen/Getty Images/
The Complexities of Global Protests: ©FeyginFoto/Shutterstock
Thomas Paine Biography: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Without the Right to Protest, America Is Doomed to Fail: ©Bastiaan Slabbers/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

Seeking Justice, Seeking Peace Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

English spelling campaigners enlist the help of Hamlet: ©Peter Dazeley/Photodisc/Getty Images
Rwanda: Has reconciliation by legal means worked?: Stockbyte/Getty Images
What Justice Is: ©Orla/Shutterstock
Why You Should Be Reading Wislawa Szymborska: ©Radka Tesarova/Shutterstock
The Power of Forgiveness: Why Revenge Hurts You More: ©ericsphotography/iStock/Getty Images
Juan Rulfo: ©Emmanuel Lattes/Alamy
Ending Gang Retaliation With Text Messages: ©hillaryfox/
Peace Learning Center assists youth in conflict resolution: ©Eyecon Images/Alamy
My students call me the ‘peace teacher.’ My job has never felt more important.: Bananastock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Fighting for Social Justice Sparks Ratings Surge for WNBA: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
That Lady With the Scales Poses for Her Portraits: ©Getty Images
Interview: Alex Kotlowitz: ©Mario Savoia/Fotolia
Music in conflict: 24 iconic images: ©Chad Baker/Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Drought and conflict leave millions more hungry in 2017 – UN-backed report: ©Guido Dingemans/Alamy
First Collection of Shakespeare’s Plays Sells for Almost $10 Million: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Shakespeare in lockdown: Did he write King Lear in plague quarantine?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Humans are wired for prejudice but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story: ©Chat Roberts/Corbis
Dark Shades for a Children’s ‘Hamlet’: ©Michelle Enfield/Alamy
Forgiveness May Harm Society: ©Corbis
Re-imagining Shakespeare’s plays in virtual reality game: Photodisc/Getty Images

Taking Risks ©Deddeda/Design Pics/Corbis

Eliza Griswold on the Importance of Taking Risks: ©Charles Smith/Corbis
Food: How Altered?: Comstock/Getty Images
In the Age of ISIS, Is War Reporting Worth the Risk?: ©secablue/
When a city feels good, people take more risks: ©LevKPhoto/iStock/Getty Images
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Beowulf—an epic game for the whole family: ©Corbis
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Extreme sports: What are the risks?: ©Germanskydiver/Shutterstock
Things Every Courageous Leader Knows: ©Karramba Production/Shutterstock
The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs and How Much They Pay: ©Jules Frazier/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Real Risks of Texting and Driving: Thinkstock / Getty Images

Finding Ourselves in Nature ©Corbis

Fix the Garden program nourishes offenders and the needy: ©Beanstock Images/Radius Images/Corbis
What Makes Us Human?: ©Shutterstock
This Environmental Scientist Makes Art Out Of Climate Data: ©Nick Rowe/Photodisc/Getty Images
11 scientific reasons you should be spending more time outside: ©Romrodphoto/Shutterstock
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The Benefits of Digging in the Dirt: Image Source/Getty Images
Nature Studies: Is it possible to put a price on nature? And if we can, should we?: ©vinnstock/Shutterstock
Not So Different: Finding Human Nature in Animal Nature: ©goldenangel/Shutterstock
Adventuring while female: why the relationship women have with nature matters: ©Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Getty Images
How radical gardeners took back New York City: ©Yellow Dog Productions/DigitalVision/Getty Images
‘The Abundance,’ by Annie Dillard: ©Corbis
Do Michael Pawlyn’s nature inspired creations hold the key to designing buildings for the future?: ©Getty Images
How Living Off the Grid Works: ©Smileus/Shutterstock
Are we raising a generation of nature-phobic kids?: ©JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis
What Impact Do We Have On Our Environment? An Arlington Art Installation Makes Us Think About Our Presence: ©Spirit/Corbis
Minneapolis author Louise Erdrich finds writing humor is the ‘hardest thing’: ©Teri Dixon/Photodisc/Getty Images
The emergence of nature phobias: Why more people are afraid of the outdoors: ©andreiuc88/Shutterstock
Nature and technology: friends or enemies?: ©Roberto Westbrook/Blend Images/Corbis
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For Argument's Sake

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