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Grade 6

Facing Fear BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Your Worst Nightmares: 10 Spine-Tingling Phobias: ©jaclynwr/
Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants: ©Geza Farkas/Fotolia
Woman With No Fear Intrigues Scientists: ©Getty Images
What if you were on an elevator and the cable broke?: ©Corbis
Is Fear Contagious: ©nobeastsofierce/Shutterstock
Teens Against Bullying: Image 100/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Fear Factor Gene Discovered: ©CLIPAREA l Custom media/Shutterstock
Why Are People So Afraid of Sharks?: ©Nantawat Chotsuwan/Shutterstock
B.C. cliff jumpers warned after 5 rescues in a day: ©Getty Images
Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection: ©leolintang/Shutterstock
How Can Adrenaline Help You Lift a 3,500-Pound Car?: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Fear prompts teens to act impulsively: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Acrophobia: Ragnar Schmuck/fStop/Getty Images
What Fear Can Teach Us: ©ollyy/Shutterstock
The Marvelous, Misunderstood Life of Common Spiders: ©nico99/Shutterstock
Searching the Brain for the Roots of Fear: ©Redmond O. Durrell/Alamy
10 Common Nightmares: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
“Brave Man’s” glass bridge offers vertigo-inducing views: Visions of America, LLC/Alamy
Facebook Catches Two Chatbots Speaking Their Own Language: ©ThomasVogel/Getty Images
Phobias and Irrational Fears: ©sebra/Shutterstock

Animal Intelligence ©Digital Vision/Getty Images

The 10 Smartest Animals: Creatas / Getty Images
Can dogs understand what we say?: Don Mason/Blend images/Getty Images
Dogs Know When You’re Praising Them. That Doesn’t Mean They Understand Human Speech: Kane Skennar/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Is Your Dog Manipulating You?: ©Nature Art/Shutterstock
Harnessing the Military Power of Animal Intelligence: ©Image Source/Corbis
Crows are smarter than you think: ©Radius/SuperStock
The 10 Smartest Animals: ©lorenzo puricelli/ Images
Dolphins often seem to want to befriend us — do they know something we don’t?: ©Thomas Barrat/Shutterstock
What Is Your Dog Thinking? A Psychological Guide: Comstock/Getty Images
Leatherback Turtles Don’t Need Google Maps: ©Greg Adams Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images
The Unexpected Genius of Corvids: Stockbyte/Getty Images
It’s so hot in Australia that snakes are seeking refuge in people’s toilets: ©fivespots/Shutterstock
Orcas communicating: ©Fer Gregory/Shutterstock
Is your dog a genius? Putting Fido to the test: ©Feverpitched/
Rats Aren’t Smarter Than Mice and That Actually Matters: ©Africa Studio/Shutterstock
Why the zebra got its stripes: to deter flies from landing on it: Comstock/Getty Images
Masters of Disguise—Amazing Insect Camouflage: ©Antonio Clemens/Shutterstock
Chimps Can’t Cook, But Maybe They’d Like To: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
Scientists crack mystery of migrating monarch navigation: ©Ian Shaw/Alamy
Meow Hear This: Study Says Cats React to Sound of Their Name: ©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock

Dealing with Disaster ©Corbis

One of the Worst Man-Made Disasters in History: ©GoJo024/ Images
About Pet and Disaster Safety: ©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock
Bert the Turtle Ducks and Covers: National Archives and Records Administration
In Eastern Alabama, communities reel from tornado’s “annihilation”: ©D. Falconer/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Michael McDaniel: Cheap, Effective Shelter for Disaster Relief: Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Bill Huntington
How social media is helping Nepal rebuild after two big earthquakes: ©Martin Gillespie/Shutterstock
A Desk That Can Take a Ton of Earthquake Rubble: ©Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Massive Fire Engulfs Beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris: ©Corbis
10 Worst Things to Donate After a Disaster: Artville/Getty Images
In 5 to 10 years, robots will deal with disasters, not humans: Mick Roessler/Corbis
What Would Happen If Yellowstone’s Supervolcano Erupted?: ©Idamini/Alamy
Several Quakes of 3.5 Magnitude or Greater Shook California This Week: ©irin717/iStock/Getty Images
Sinkholes: When the Earth Opens Up: ©maiteali/
What Will Really Happen When San Andreas Unleashes the Big One?: ©FEMA News Photo/Federal Emergency Management Agency
Dramatic Video Shows Deadly Tsunami Hitting Greenland: ©oversnap/
Thousands Left Homeless in Bangladeshi Capital after Fire Burns Hundreds of Shanties: ©nielsdesign/iStock/Getty Images
Be Red Cross Ready: TRBfoto/PhotoDisc/Getty Images
Earthquakes, Megaquakes, and the Movies: Lights! Cameras! Disaster!: ©STILLFX/Shutterstock
Floods, Fires, Storms are Fodder for Centuries of Poems: ©Corbis
Natural disasters — statistics & facts: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Making Your Voice Heard ©Alvaro Ortiz/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

High-tech approach to taming New Mexico’s wild horses: ©mariait/Shutterstock
Syrians Speak Out Through Their Art: Dmytro Tolokonov/Alamy
Egypt’s Oldest Known Art Identified, Is 15,000 Years Old: Karl Weatherly/Photodisc/Getty Images
The Power of Journaling: ©BlueSkyImage/Shutterstock
High school students are demanding schools teach more Black history, include more Black authors: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Selfie-esteem: Teens say selfies give a confidence boost:
Cesar Chavez:
Detroit students want poor school conditions addressed: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
A 12-year-old app developer: Bananastock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Fighting Stigma with Ice Cream at Sikia Café: ©Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock
Lascaux: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
What Teens Say They Need, and How Schools Can Adjust: ©Comstock/Getty Images
With Seattle Shelter Effort, Amazon Shows Glimmers of a ‘Good Neighbor’: Philip Kramer/Photodisc/Getty Images
How To Fight—and How Not To: ©John Langford/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Meet the teen whose discovery could lead to a Covid-19 cure: ©AlexRaths/Getty Images/
Top 10 skills children learn from the arts: ©David Fischer/Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Power of Introverts: Dynamic Graphics/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Christo’s Newest Project: Walking on Water: Photodisc/Getty Images
Students explore fashion, promote self expression through clothing: DreamPictures/Blend Images/Corbis
Texas teenager creates $20 water purifier to tackle toxic e-waste pollution: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Decisions That Matter ©Radius Images/Alamy

Little Rock Central High School: National Historic Site: ©Robert W. Ginn/Alamy
Flight 93: ©Mikhail Starodubov/Shutterstock
Wilma Mankiller: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Thurgood Marshall: ©Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You: Photodisc/Getty Images
Saving a Lost Language: Oliver Gerhard /Alamy
Decision-Making Strategies: SW Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images
Linda Brown obituary: ©Douglas Toombs/Shutterstock
Powell Calls His U.N. Speech a Lasting Blot on His Record: ©Joseph Sohm/Visions of America, LLC/Alamy
Adolescence and the Agony of Decision Making: ©Steve Debenport/
Robert Frost’s Commonly Misinterpreted “The Road Not Taken”: ©Radius Images/Corbis
Biography: Malala Yousafzai: ©ESB Professional/Shutterstock
Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise: ©C. Lee/PhotoLinkPhotodisc/Getty Images
What Does It Mean to Cross the Rubicon?: Comstock/Getty Images
Paul Revere: Fast Facts: ©S Solum/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
WordPress: Hilde Lysiak: ©Ricky Goshen/Dreamstime
Timeline of Events Leading to the Brown v. Board of Education Decision, 1954: ©Africa Studio/Shutterstock
Decision-Making is Still a Work in Progress for Teenagers: ©Andrea Danti/Fotolia
Why do we make bad choices?: ©Corbis
This school cafeteria manager has gone bananas. The kids love it.: Comstock/Getty Images

What Tales Tell The Palma Collection/Getty Images

Was There a Trojan War?: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
King Arthur: Bradley Mason/Vetta/Getty Images
Why Are Dragons Important in Chinese Culture?: ©imagebroker/Alamy
Why Black Panther’s representation matters, according to the cast: ©Ocean/Corbis
Quiz: What YA mythological tale should you read next?: ©connel/Shutterstock
Author Says a Whole Culture—Not a Single “Homer”—Wrote “Iliad,” “Odyssey”: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Mark Twain: ©Folio/Alamy
The Atlantis-style myths that turned out to be true: ©Sam Clemens
A Fairy Tale Influence: ©Federico Caputo/Alamy
What really happened during the Salem Witch Trials: ©North Wind Picture Archives/Alamy
Visit Seven Storybook Castles in Germany: ©Flora Torrance/Life File/Photodisc/Getty Images
Artful Animals: ©Corbis
The Fairy Tales That Predate Christianity: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Chilling True Story Behind the Pied Piper of Hamelin: ©Guy Jarvis/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Japan university awards first-ever ninja studies degree: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Guide to the classics: The Arthurian legend: ©fergregory/Fotolia
Asian Dragons: Christophe Testi/Alamy
In Focus: The Prince and the Pauper: Stockdisc/Getty Images
The real-life diseases that spread the vampire myth: ©Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock
The Real Story of Hua Mulan Is More Impressive Than Any Disney Version: ©Lebrecht Music & Arts/Alamy

Grade 7

Bold Actions

The Red Tail Squadron: Honoring Tuskegee Airmen: [none provided:] Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Photo Shoot
Why I’m rowing across the Pacific: ©Corbis
Henry Worsley, a British Adventurer Trying to Cross Antarctica, Dies at 55: ©Frank Krahmer/Fuse/Getty Images
Crossing the Ocean Blue: ©Getty Images
Why does Amelia Earhart still fascinate us?: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
How Wingsuit Flying Works: Darryl Leniuk/Digital Vision/Getty Images
That Selfie May Be Epic, But Not Worth Your Life: ©OULAILAX NAKHONE/Shutterstock
Is it more difficult for vegans to push themselves to physical extremes?: ©Martin Gillespie/Shutterstock
Are polar bear plunges good for you?: 157179753.jpg
Mountain Biking in the North Pole: ©Corbis
What makes a hero?: © Stock
The Defiant Ones: ©Image Source/Getty Images
Teen Climber Survives Deadly Everest Avalanche: ©Shutterstock
7 Things Really Bold People Do: ©Creativa/Shutterstock
Extreme photo of the week: ©PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock
UK Teen Wins Mongol Derby, World’s Longest Horse Race: Getty Images
Nik Wallenda completes wire walk across Chicago skyline: ©Ffooter/Fotolia
Scott Jurek: Eat & Run: ©Shutterstock
50 Years After Sparking a Revolution, an Icon Runs Boston Again: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Malala Yousafzai: Youngest Winner of Nobel Peace Prize: ©JStone/Shutterstock

Perception and Reality

Dalston House: Where Every Visitor Becomes Spider-Man: ©PMac Imagery - Travel/Alamy
Memory contaminates perception: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
The Nature of Natural: What We See in the Upside-Down Trees: Odilon Dimier/PhotoAlto/Getty Images
What Is Sonic Seasoning? Listening To Music Can Actually Change How Your Coffee Tastes: Photodisc/Getty Images
“Reality” is constructed by your brain. Here’s what that means, and why it matters.: ©Yuriy Vlasenko/Shutterstock
An animated lesson full of adorable animals made of autumn leaves: ©dibrova/Shutterstock
How pickpockets trick your mind: ©Emanuele Taroni/Photodisc/Getty Images
Illusion: Nothing is as it seems: ©dipego/Shutterstock
How your supermarket could manipulate you for your own good: ©IMG_191 LLC/Shutterstock
Can Language Influence Our Perception of Reality?: ©nobiggie/iStock/Getty Images
3D movie reveals hidden dimensions of universe: ASO FUJITA/a.collectionRF/amana images inc./Alamy
As Life Slips By: Why Eye Movement Doesn’t Blur the Picture: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Neuroscience of Imagination: ©Gwoeii/Shutterstock
Event Horizon: How Space Changes Your Perspective On Life: ©Juergen Faelchle/Shutterstock
Why time feels so weird in 2020: ©Andy Sotiriou/Photodisc/Getty Images
Magnified photos expose the secret beauty of sand grains: Comstock/Getty Images
Beauty Is in the Brain of the Beholder: ©Andrea Danti/Fotolia
What Can Magicians Teach Us about the Brain?: ©Surkov Dimitri/Shutterstock
See what U.S. bills would look like with all women on them: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
How your brain sees the world, according to Kepler: ©Tatiana Makotra/Shutterstock

Nature at Work

Why Dogs Have Floppy Ears: An Animated Tale: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
10 natural wonders in the United States that set records: Robert Glusic/Corbis
El Niño: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images
Awesome Animals: The Piglet Squid: ©Digital Vision/Getty Images
How Two Big Earthquakes Triggered 16,000 More in Southern California: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
What is a Green Roof?: ©Stephanie Friedman/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Underdogs: The Bloodhound’s Amazing Sense of Smell: ©Per Dahl/Getty Images Royalty Free
What’s it like to live without nature?: ©Christopher Meder/Shutterstock
15 Examples of the Most Epic Metamorphoses from Youth to Adult: ROM/imagebroker/Alamy
Dogs are working to save the world’s endangered species: ©Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock
Nature: Now Showing on TV: ©Corbis
Why are there so many arches at Arches?: Nicholas Pitt/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Less Algae, Not Clearer Water, Keeps Tahoe Blue: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
A Chinese perspective on Autumn: ©Photolibrary
The allure of fluorescence in the ocean: ©Hannu Viitanen/Hemera/Getty Images
National Parks: ©Darren J. Bradley/Shutterstock
The Amazon Basin: Philip Coblentz ©Brand X Pictures
The Curiosity of Animal Camouflage: ©EW CHEE GUAN/Fotolia
15 striking photos from the best wildlife photographers of the year: ©Shutterstock
Calculate Your Dog’s Age With This New, Improved Formula: ©Michael Pettigrew/Shutterstock

Risk and Exploration

New ‘Selfie’ MicroSatellite Captures Images of Chinese Space Station: ©3DSculptor/iStock/Getty Images
Meet the Incredible Woman Who Seeks to Be the First Female to Row from Japan to San Francisco: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Path to Mars: Deep Space Mission: ©Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis
The New Arecibo Message: ©Phototreat/iStock/Getty Images
Retirement Plan: Transatlantic Kayak Expedition: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Silent Darien: The gap in the world’s longest road: ©rchphoto/ Images
These Wild Robots Will Compete to Explore the Last Frontier on Earth: ©craftvision/iStock/Getty Images
What makes a hero?: ©sirtravelalot/Shutterstock
Tall storeys: Lucinda Grange’s daredevil photography: McDaniel Woolf/Photodisc/Getty Images
Risks and Challenges: ©Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA
Underwater robot vacuums up lionfish: Georgette Douwma
Indian teen builds world’s ‘lightest satellite’: ©Nastco/iStock/Getty Images
500-year-old mystery: Wreck off Haiti may be Columbus’ flagship Santa Maria: ©Galina Barskaya/Shutterstock
Deep-Sea Sub Crushed Under Pressure: Stockbyte/Getty Images
How caves give astronauts a preview of life in space: Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Looking for Life Beyond Earth: Martian Discoveries: NASA
Pursuing the Impossible, and Coming Out on Top: ©Focus_on_Nature/ Images
Kepler Discovers Solar System’s Ancient ‘Twin’: ©Kirill Putchenko/
Beyond: What drives the urge to explore?: National Archives and Records Administration
Cold-water coral reef found in Irish waters is deepest yet: ©Corbis

The Stuff of Consumer Culture

Following Garbage’s Long Journey Around The Earth: ©Ulrich Mueller/Shutterstock
Study: Wanting Things Makes Us Happier Than Having Them: MIXA/Getty Images
When Did Shopping Become a Leisure Activity?: ©Comstock/Getty Images
Poll Shows Americans Shun Physical Robots But Welcome Smart Home Assistants: ©Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock
Litter To Your Heart’s Content With This Seed-Bomb Coffee Cup: ©amenic181/Shutterstock
Ad Council’s Challenge: Persuade Skeptics to Believe in Covid Vaccines: ©kak2s/Shutterstock
The Hidden Beauty of a Walmart Store:
When Not Reading The Fine Print Can Cost Your Soul: ©LesByerley/iStock/Getty Images
Are We Genetically Inclined To Be Materialistic?: Photodisc/Getty Images
Buying begets buying: how stuff has consumed the average American’s life: ©Comstock/Getty Images
1950’s Car Culture: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Here’s How Streaming Music is Killing the Planet: Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Stuff: If That’s What You Wanted: ©PaulPaladin/ Images
Retail Therapy: Does It Help?: ©Alamy
5 Ways “Tech Addiction” Is Changing Human Behaviour: ©Steve Debenport/
Consumers want a climate label for food, research shows: ©Spauln/E+/Getty Images
How Money Is Made: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Technology firms explore ‘second screen’ opportunity: ©sturti/E+/Getty Images
Too Consumed to Ingest the world around us?: ©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Fall Seed Saving Tips: ©goir/Fotolia

Guided by a Cause

Civil Rights era activist reflects on struggles, triumphs: ©FeyginFoto/Shutterstock
Fr. Peter McVerry: ©C. Sherburne/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
‘Cajun Navy’ heads to Texas to aid Harvey rescues: ©Radius Images/Getty Images
The Teenager Schooling World Leaders on Climate Change: ©MmeEmil/E+/Getty Images
Greatest Charity Achievements of All Time!: ©Fly_dragonfly/Shutterstock
8-year-old empties piggy bank, campaigns to save Syrian refugees: Photodisc/Getty Images
In Puerto Rico, a foundation changes course to rebuild after Maria: Mick Roessler/Corbis
This Game Allows You to Plant Trees Around the World Simply By Answering Trivia Questions Correctly: ©Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images
Aung San Suu Kyi: Photodisc/Getty Images
Tony Griffin and Karl Swan: Soar: ©Vladimir Arndt/Shutterstock
The Healing Power of Animals: ©Fotolia
Meet the Hero: Ralph Lazo: ©Everett Collection Historical/Alamy
Wave Riding Meets Conservation at This Surfer’s Global Nonprofit: ©Reniw-Imagery/
Teenage Artist Donates $1 Million to Charity: ©Yury Shirokov/Alamy
Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams: ©Getty Images
The people helping strangers during the coronavirus pandemic: Joshua Ets-Hokin / PhotoDisc / Getty Images
Do Something: ©mangostock/Fotolia
Malala Yousafzai wins Nobel Peace Prize 2014: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
San Jose Teenager Turns $100 Seed Money Into $34K For Charity: ©Jiri Vaclave/Shutterstock
The Speeches of Barack Obama: ©Getty Images

Grade 8

Culture and Belonging ©

Kids Interpreting Medical Information to Parents: ©Rob Lewine/Getty Images
Yiddish Culture Takes Center Stage: ©aerogondo2/Shutterstock
Adapting to a New Culture: ©Payless Images, Inc./Alamy
Undocumented journalist describes immigrant experience, American dream: Comstock/Getty Images
Newest Immigrants Assimilating as Fast as Previous Ones, Report Says: ©Paul Brennan/Shutterstock
What if everyone on Earth spoke the same language?: Comstock/Getty Images
About Our Antagonisms: ©bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock
Origins and Destinations of the World’s Migrants, 1990-2017: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
U.S. immigrants get supersized: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
The importance of belonging: ©Monkey Business Images/Dreamstime
California’s gardens tell an immigrant story: ©Petegar/
Immigrants and Refugees Are Among America’s 2017 Nobel Prize Winners: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Miami Museum Celebrates the Art of a Crossroads: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Students immersed in Chinese culture: ©Peter Gridley/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
From Ghana to Greyhound: One immigrant’s story of getting by in New York: ©Norman Chan/Shutterstock
Ground-breaking support system creates a win-win for medically-trained immigrants, Minnesota: ©wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock
How Minneapolis’ Somali immigrants are keeping their artistic traditions alive: ©sugar0607/Fotolia
Home? Teen Refugees and Immigrants Explore Their Tucson: Comstock/Getty Images
Through August: Exploring hidden cost of Grand Coulee Dam: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Cross-cultural bonding leads to higher creativity: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

The Thrill of Horror Rubberball/Getty Images

Why Do People Love Horror Movies? They Enjoy Being Scared: ©Corbis
A Legacy of Horror Films: ©vhpfoto/Shutterstock
Horror Movies: Why People Love Them: ©jwblinn/
Fiction Podcasts Are Finally a Thing! Thank You, Sci-Fi and Horror: ©alwyncooper/
Why do we like to be scared?: ©MANDY GODBEHEAR/Shutterstock
Poe Museum: Library of Congress
Pop Culture’s Undying Edgar Allan Poe Obsession: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Top 10 Scariest Flicks of All Time: ©Andreas Gradin/Shutterstock
Without Edgar Allan Poe, We Wouldn’t Have Sherlock Holmes: Joshua Ets-Hokin / PhotoDisc / Getty Images
Why do we like being scared?: ©sebra/Shutterstock
E-Book Recreates a Monster: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Why do we read scary books?: ©Tom Tom/Shutterstock
Beyond the Scream: What I Learned from Horror Movies: ©Voyagerix/Adobe Stock
Finding Frankenstein: On the trail of a monster across Europe: ©YorkBerlin/Shutterstock
Movies may cause special effects on the body: ©Crazytang/Getty Images/
HP Lovecraft: The man who haunted horror fans: ©Juniors Bildarchiv/Alamy
Scientists study the thrill of a chill: ©Exactostock/SuperStock
Brain scans gauge horror flick fear factor: ©Getty Images
Lovecraft tribute still haunting on a beautiful spring day: ©
The Krampus and Fear in the Holidays: ©Sumikophoto/Shutterstock

The Move Toward Freedom Richard Nowitz/National Geographic/Getty Images

Sojourner Truth: Library of Congress
The Revised Dred Scott Case Collection: History of Dred Scott: ©Corbis
The Star-Spangled Banner: Comstock/Getty Images
English professor digitizes historic slave manuscript in Library of Congress: ©Tetra Images/Tetra Images/Getty Images
Crispus Attucks, Martyr for Freedom and Champion of Liberty: ©Science History Images/Alamy
Black soldier’s letter offers rare view of Civil War: ©Eunice Harris/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
A century after Harriet Tubman died, scholars try to separate fact from fiction: Images
10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Statue of Liberty: Goodshoot/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Harriet Tubman: American Hero: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Buffalo Soldiers: ©Dynamic Graphics/Getty Images
Slave Rebellions: A Timeline: Library of Congress
What Does It Mean for America to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?: © Images
Battle Lines: A Graphic History of the Civil War: Dynamic Graphics/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Frederick Douglass On How Slave Owners Used Food As A Weapon Of Control: ©stockelements/Shutterstock
The Most “Realistic” Civil War Novel Was Written Three Decades After It Ended: ©steve estvanik/Shutterstock
What the Emancipation Proclamation Didn’t Do: ©Everett Historical/Shutterstock
Maryland lawmakers asked to revisit vote for slavery: ©webking/
How the Civil War Changed Modern Medicine: ©Corbis
African American Spirituals: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Activist Ida B. Wells Gets Pulitzer Prize 137 Years After Refusing to Exit ‘Whites Only’ Train: ©Hi-Story/Alamy

Approaching Adulthood Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Why ‘Eighth Grade’ is the most painfully real middle-school movie you’ve ever seen: ©Sage78/
Teen Journalist Shares His Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic: ©hxdbzxy/Shutterstock
Mindful Warriors: Meditation for Teenagers: ©vladm/Shutterstock
How puberty prepares adolescents for adulthood through changing face perceptions: Purestock/Getty Images
The disarming case to act right now on climate change: ©Daniele Cossu/Alamy
Teens, Your Brain Needs Real Food: ©Steve Debenport/ Images
How Adulthood Happens: ©Jodi Matthews/
How to Stop Negative Thinking: ©Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images
The Impulsive “Teen Brain” Isn’t Based in Science:  ©Corbis
Time to End the Stereotype of the ‘Risky’ Teenage Brain:
Are Kids Happier than Adults?: Purestock/Getty Images
Teens and Sleep: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Graduating from high school: Tears, fears and peers: ©Stockbyte/Getty Images
Researchers Study Effects Of Social Media On Young Minds: ©martiapunts/iStock/Getty Images
According to Study, Most People Feel Adulthood Starts at 29: ©Jim Arbogast/Photodisc/Getty Images
Young People More Likely To Drive Drowsy: Stockbyte/Getty Images
How to Improve Communication with Your Parents: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Think Like a Child: Comstock/Getty Images
The Promise of Self-Compassion for Stressed-Out Teens: ©Peter Van Steen/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Meet the teen whose discovery could lead to a Covid-19 cure: ©AlexRaths/Getty Images/

Anne Frank’s Legacy ©Shutterstock

75 Years Later, Anne Frank’s Diary Still Has Much To Teach: ©feije/iStock/Getty Images
Elie Wiesel Taught the World How to Confront Atrocities: ©Corbis
Oskar Schindler: Unlikely Hero: ©Corbis
After 75 Years, Anne Frank’s Diary Still Holds Lessons for Us All: ©Ronald Wilfred Jansen/Shutterstock
The Diary of Anne Frank Introduction: ©Kaylie_Kell/Shutterstock
Anne Frank’s arrest might not have stemmed from betrayal: ©feije/iStock/Getty Images
My Stepsister Anne Frank: ©INSADCO Photography / Alamy
See Jewish Life Before the Holocaust Through a Newly Released Digital Archive: Artville/Getty Images
Elie Wiesel’s Only Son Steps Up to His Father’s Legacy: Comstock/Getty Images
The Holocaust Memorial Museum Digitizes Over 200 Diaries: ©John Lamb/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Anne Frank: Jupiterimages/Getty Images
Israel donates hundreds of Anne Frank books to Tokyo libraries after vandalism: ©Martin Child/Photodisc/Getty Images
Nelson Mandela on the Diary of Anne Frank: ©BortN66/Shutterstock
Anne Frank to have official comic adaption; animated film coming soon: ©Hero Images Inc./Hero Images Inc./Corbis
Does “Never again!” mean anything if we do nothing about China’s concentration camps?: ©paul prescott/Shutterstock
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: ©Corbis
The Man Who Warned the West about the Holocaust, at a Time When No One Would Listen: ©Mariusz Niedzwiedzki/Shutterstock
The Sapling Project: ©Lawrence M. Sawyer/Photodisc/Getty Images
Who betrayed Anne Frank? New probe launched by ex-FBI agent: ©Pressmaster/Shutterstock
Anne Frank’s Message is Still Important Today: ©Tim Hall/Cultura/Getty Images

The Value of Work ©Shutterstock

National Geographic Hosts the Energy Department’s STEM Mentoring Café for Students: ©13/Image Source/Ocean/Corbis
National Inventors Hall of Fame: ©chippix/Shutterstock
For migrant workers on Illinois farms, the job is hot, risky: ©Digital Vision/Alamy
50 Business Ideas for Teens: ©Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images
How to turn your career into a passion: ©YuriyS/
Working in High School Doesn’t Pay Off the Way It Used To: Comstock/Getty Images
18 Under 18: Meet the Young Innovators Who Are Changing the World: ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
In the Home, a Woman’s Work Is Never Done, Never Honored, and Never Paid For: ©Corbis
Teen entrepreneurs think ‘outside the box’ when starting their own businesses: ©Savushkin/E+/Getty Images
Teen Entrepreneurs – 11 Important Business Lessons from Teenage Entrepreneurs: ©Riccardo Piccinini/Shutterstock
Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?: Rubberball/Getty Images
In 2019, Blue-Collar Workers Disappearing And In Hot Demand: Comstock/Getty Images
Millennials in Search of a Different Kind of Career: ©Tom Mc Nemar/Fotolia
How to Start a Business Before You Graduate: Monalyn Gracia/Corbis
This is what American teenagers want to be when they grow up (they don’t want to work in offices): ©fatihhoca/
The Hidden Benefits of Hard Work: Dynamic Graphics/Getty Images
How Do Work Breaks Help Your Brain? 5 Surprising Answers: ©Design Pics/Design Pics/Getty Images
10 Great Summer Jobs For Teens: ©Corbis
Five 21st Century Skills Kids Gain From Joining Robotics Teams: ©Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis
5 Lessons About Hard Work from an Ultra-Marathon Runner: ©PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images

Grade 9

Finding Common Ground Stockbyte/Getty Images

Why Getting to Know Your Neighbors Is More Important Than You Realize: ©Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images
Participatory Theater: ©bojorgensen/Fotolia
The Gettysburg Address: ©Sven Klaschik/ Images
Importance of cultural education—through the eyes of a former ROTC cadet: ©Tomi/PhotoLink/Photodisc/Getty Images
Teens and Boston Cops Find Common Ground: ©John Roman Images/Shutterstock
9/11 Memorial: Nathan Blaney/Photodisc/Getty Images
6 Things You May Not Know About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: ©Joseph Sohm-Visions of America/Digital Vision/Getty Images
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Plan Your Own Expedition:
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Grade 10

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Grade 11

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The Individual and Society Photodisc/Getty Images

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Grade 12

Chasing Success ©Andres RodriguezFotolia

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Gender Roles ©Fotolia

From Boys to Men: How Mentoring Is Smoothing the Road to Adulthood: Creatas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images
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Voices of Protest National Archives

Folk singer, activist Pete Seeger dies at 94: Steve Cole/PhotoDisc/Getty Images
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A Photographer Follows in Gandhi’s Footsteps: ©Sam Dudgeon/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Seeking Justice, Seeking Peace Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images

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Even 3-year-olds have a sense of justice: ©michaeljung/Shutterstock
The Israeli-Palestinian basketball teams that are breaking all barriers: Photodisc/Getty Images

Taking Risks ©Deddeda/Design Pics/Corbis

Sarah Hendrickson Jumping Back In: Photodisc/Getty Images
The Don’s Don: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Beowulf translation finally arrives.: ©Dmitry Pichugin/Fotolia
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What Can Bees Teach Us About Gang Warfare?: ©Old Dog Photography/Flickr/Getty Images
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