old fashioned camera

See Jewish Life Before the Holocaust Through a Newly Released Digital Archive

Source: Smithsonian

Russian-born Jew Roman Vishniac’s prints and negatives depicting Jewish life before the Holocaust are published for the first time in an online photo database. The hope is to gather information from the public, such as dates, locations, and identification of people from that time.

Curved railroad in sunset

Descendants of Chinese Laborers Reclaim Railroad’s History

Source: NPR

The first transcontinental railroad transformed America and came to symbolize a new spirit of unity and cooperation. Yet for decades after its completion, the Chinese workers who made the railroad’s construction possible were overlooked. Recently, steps have been taken to remedy this historical injustice.

Silhouette of group of people against globe

Destination America

Source: PBS

What is it about the United States that convinces citizens of other nations to leave their homes and lives behind? Visit this site to explore the answers, along with the personal stories of immigrants from Guatemala, Iran, Tibet, the Soviet Union, Taiwan, and Mexico. While you’re there, be sure to browse the photo archives and genealogical resources.

Walden Pond

Black Walden

Source: Humanities

In Walden, Henry Thoreau mentions that the woods he lived in were also home to people who had escaped from slavery. Read this article to learn more about the lives of African Americans living around Walden Pond.