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World War I trench warfare

Christmas Truce of 1914

World War I is remembered as the first modern war, a devastating conflict that forced people to abandon sentimentality. But early in that conflict, an amazing thing happened: soldiers on opposing sides of battlefields across Europe spontaneously set down their weapons to celebrate Christmas together.

Computer Art Image of Eyeball Looking Through Prison Bars

Freedom of the Mind

When the body is imprisoned by captivity or injury, it’s essential for the mind to remain free. This BBC radio broadcast features the voices of people who survived lengthy captivity by keeping their minds active and hopeful.

Close-up of words typed on a piece of paper

Edgar Allan Poe – Mini Biography

Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy continues to pervade American culture to this day. His work and ideas not only helped to create an entire genre of literature but also changed the way many Americans thought and spoke about the human psyche. Watch this short biography of one of America’s most influential Dark Romantics.