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Robot reading book to senior woman sitting on sofa at home

AI ‘companions’ promise to combat loneliness, but history shows the dangers of one-way relationships

At a time when health professionals are warning the public about the effects of loneliness and isolation, can Artificial Intelligence help? The author of this article sees limits to technology’s ability to promote human connection and fulfillment.

Police officer standing between two girls looking at each other angrily

Creating Common Ground in Tense, Difficult Situations

It can be hard to find common ground in a tense situation. Click here to read an interview with Chicago’s Superintendent of Police David Brown, who urges Americans involved in conflicts to really listen to each other, see past their differences, and work together in a spirit of collaboration.

View from behind a grocery cart in a supermarket aisle

Our choices may be making us more individualistic

Whether it’s picking out a box of cereal from the grocery aisle or deciding which sources to get our information from, we make all kinds of choices every day. This article suggests that having all these choices may ultimately have a negative impact on society.