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Digital illustration of the human head and brain; different kinds of waveforms produced by brain activity shown on background

This Is Your Brain on Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s writing style can be challenging to read. Not only did he write four centuries ago, but he also played with language, coining new words, rearranging syntax, and using words as different parts of speech. Now, researchers have discovered that this last feature—using a noun like child as a verb instead, for example—excites the human brain because it is so unexpected.

Craftsman making a rope rug or wall hanging

The ‘maker movement’ creates D.I.Y. revolution

In recent years, increasing amounts of screen time have contributed to a growing sense of disconnection with the physical world—hence, the birth of the “maker movement,” or a return to hands-on creation. Read about how “makerspaces” are attracting people with different interests who all want to create things they can hold on to.


Mass Extinctions

Five mass extinctions—the die-off of a majority of species—have occurred in earth’s history. What causes these periodic extinctions? A sudden change in climate or atmosphere that living things can’t adapt quickly enough to survive. Find out what we know about these changes and what species were able to flourish in their wake.