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Eye viewing digital information represented by circles and signs

What We Learned from 5 Million Books

Face it: we’re so overloaded with information that none of us can digest much of it. However, in this TED talk, Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden present ideas about what we can do—with the five million books and 500 billion words available online today. What do they reveal about who we were, are, and are becoming? Watch the video; then navigate to the site recommended by the speakers. Discover for yourself what five million books have to say!

Wildfire Near Housing Development

Climate Change Is A Public Health Emergency, Doctor Says. Here’s How To Respond

You may not think of climate change as an issue of public health. However, the doctors featured in this article view it as part of their responsibility to help to address the threats to human life and health posed by climate change, such as the devastation caused by increasingly severe wildfires.

Craftsman making a rope rug or wall hanging

The ‘maker movement’ creates D.I.Y. revolution

In recent years, increasing amounts of screen time have contributed to a growing sense of disconnection with the physical world—hence, the birth of the “maker movement,” or a return to hands-on creation. Read about how “makerspaces” are attracting people with different interests who all want to create things they can hold on to.

Painting depicting the five-man drafting committee of the Declaration of Independence presenting their work to the Congress

Pulling Down the Statue of King George III, New York City

In 1852–1853, artist Johannes Adam Simon Ortel painted Pulling Down the Statue of King George III, New York City, a work depicting an event that took place shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. How did the era in which Ortel lived and painted affect Ortel’s depiction? Visit this site to view Ortel’s painting and learn the answer.