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Napoleon defeating counter-revolutionaries, French Revolution, 18th century

French Revolution

The American Revolution didn’t only bring freedom to Americans; it also helped fuel a revolution across the ocean in France. Learn about how the French people overthrew their monarchy and what the result of the revolution was.

Computer Art Image of Eyeball Looking Through Prison Bars

Freedom of the Mind

When the body is imprisoned by captivity or injury, it’s essential for the mind to remain free. This BBC radio broadcast features the voices of people who survived lengthy captivity by keeping their minds active and hopeful.

Side profile of young man looking out a window

American Experience: Freedom Riders

In 1961, a diverse group of activists rode interstate buses to several southern cities, violating laws that did not allow African Americans to sit at the front of the bus or alongside white riders. This simple act sparked violent responses that drew attention to the civil rights cause. Explore the route and hear the voices of the Freedom Riders through this interactive site.