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A spider in a web glistening with dew.

Paths to Discovery

A speedy African cheetah running in the grass.

Helping Cheetahs Win the Race to Survive

Source: National Geographic Kids

Cheetahs are in danger of extinction. What are groups in Africa doing to help ensure the survival of the world’s fastest land animal?

At sunset, an orca is breaching so that its head and front flippers are at the ocean's surface.

Guess How Whales Hear!

Source: PBS Learning Media

Discover how one marine biologist used the scientific process to solve a mystery about these amazing animals.

Dinosaur fossil

Dino Death Pit

Source: National Geographic Kids

Scientists in China are digging up fossils of new kinds of dinosaurs that got stuck in the mud millions of years ago.

close up view of a jumping spider

Festo’s Bionic Flying Fox Bats and Somersaulting Robotic Spiders Are Incredible

Source: DOGO News

People studied animals in nature and then built amazing robots—a bat that flies and a spider that rolls. Prepare to be amazed!

a tortoise

Gopher Tortoises: Burrowing to Escape Forest Fires

Source: PBS Learning Media

Peek underground to see the long burrow a gopher tortoise digs. Find out why this is a good idea.

a group of children are working togther to build something with blocks

Build It!

Source: Time for Kids

Make a machine out of everyday objects to move something from one place to another. Try it! Do it!