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A scientist helps a girl build a project in his workshop.

Little Inventors Brings Children’s Imaginative Ideas to Life

Source: DOGO News

Have you ever thought of a great new invention? Now you can share your cool or wacky ideas!

A view of Planet Earth from space.

Gravity Assist

Source: Time for Kids

Nine-year-old Jack Davis applied to work for NASA. While he didn’t get the job, his hard work is paying off!

A skydiver jumps from an airplane.

A world record 217-way 3 points skydive over Arizona in 360°

Source: The Kid Should See This

217 skydivers had to use a LOT of teamwork to break a world record together!

A girl smiles and holds up a paper with the grade "100" written at the top.

A Show of Hands

Source: Time for Kids

A girl named Alice helped get a new Girl Scout badge created. Why? Find out how to earn it!

A girl poses with a wide smile.

Attitude Counts

Source: Time for Kids

Do you like to say, “I can do it”? Discover how good things can happen when you believe in yourself!

A man carries a stack of books in a library.

You’ve Got Braille

Source: PBS Learning Media

Some people who are blind use Braille, a system of tiny bumps, to read. Explore how Braille works, and try typing out a message on your own!

A girl uses sign language to communicate with a woman.

Sign Design

Source: PBS Learning Media

Discover how people communicate using sign language. You can even learn how to sign your own name!

A teacher and student work together at the student's desk.

Inspiring Educators

Source: Time for Kids

Teachers can show students how to become the best that they can be. Learn how five famous people were helped by their teachers!

A child holds a marker over a blank piece of paper.

8 Questions for Amanda Gorman

Source: Time for Kids

Amanda Gorman won an award for her poetry! Find out why she thinks young people and poetry can make the world a better place.

colored chalk drawing of Earth with people holding hands all around it

8 Questions for Amanda Gorman

Source: Time for Kids

Be inspired by the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate as you read about how she hopes to change the world.

Adorable dog Jack Russell terrier

How Dogs Communicate

Source: DK Find Out

Find out how dogs use sounds and their bodies to communicate with each other.

smiling deaf girl learning sign language

Award-Winning “SignAloud” Glove Translates American Sign Language To Speech

Source: DOGO News

Meet two college students who created an amazing invention that converts sign language into speech.

Boy thinking about what to write in a notebook.

The Kid in Charge

Source: Time for Kids

Kids elected to be Kid Governor learn about government by participating in it. Learn about how this cool program is helping kids make a difference

Desert landscape with old wagon and rocks

Single Women Homesteaders 

Source: PBS Learning Media

Learn about the brave, adventurous women who traveled west to make their homes in a new land.

Fountain Pen

Mercy Otis Warren

Source: DK Find Out

Discover how Mercy Otis Warren broke barriers during the American Revolution…using a pen!

Mom reading a bedtime story to little girl

What Bedtime Story Would You Tell?

Source: Wonderopolis

Learn about the earliest storytelling and how to become a great storyteller!

At sunset, an orca is breaching so that its head and front flippers are at the ocean's surface.

14-Year-Old Orca Learns to Say “Hello” and a Lot More!

Source: DOGO News

Find out what a 14-year-old orca can say and how she learned it!

coiled rope

Do the Mohawk Walk

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can a ropes course teach important lessons about trust and teamwork? Watch and find out!

happy boy in classroom with "success" written on blackboard

Attitude Counts

Source: Time for Kids

Scientists have found a way that students can do better in school. Can it help you?

a little girl and her grandfather having a nice chat on a park bench

How Do We Learn to Talk?

Source: Wonderopolis

Have you ever wondered how people learn to speak?