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Health and Safety
View of the Earth from space.

Helping Others

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how Alex Knoll’s creative idea for a new app will help make the world a better place.

students working together on a STEM project


Source: Time for Kids

Learn how some middle school kids are helping change people’s lives with STEM.

ice hockey stick with puck on a skating rink

How Does a Basketball Court Change Into an Ice Hockey Rink?

Source: Wonderopolis

How can a basketball team and hockey team use the same arena? Read about the amazing transformation that makes it possible.

Two hands reaching towards each other.

Kids of Kakuma

Source: Time for Kids

These kids face many challenges, but they know what they want for their future.

cheerful girl wearing glasses

Revolutionary Vision Correcting Eye Drops Could Replace Eyeglasses

Source: DOGO News

Scientists may have discovered a new way to correct eyesight!

coiled rope

Do the Mohawk Walk

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can a ropes course teach important lessons about trust and teamwork? Watch and find out!

happy boy in classroom with "success" written on blackboard

Attitude Counts

Source: Time for Kids

Scientists have found a way that students can do better in school. Can it help you?

Close-up of a soccer ball in the grass.

Teenager Ethan King Changes Lives, One Soccer Ball at a Time

Source: Sports Illustrated Kids

At age 15, Ethan started a group that donates soccer balls to children in other countries.

A little boy and his parents sitting together and looking at house plans.

Call a Family Meeting and Make a Plan!

Source: FEMA

Read about different kinds of natural disasters and how to plan for them.

A guide dog puppy in a vest.

Canine MD: Guide Dog Puppies

Source: National Geographic

Training a guide dog is hard work! Watch trainers in action and learn about how their work changes lives for the better.

Man climbing up the snow-covered trails of Mt. Everest.

80-Year Old Climbs Mount Everest – Oldest Ever

Source: Here There Everywhere

Read about the oldest man to conquer the highest mountain in the world.