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A sea turtle swims through the ocean.

Volunteers Form Human Wall To Guide Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles To Sea

Source: DOGO News

Baby sea turtles hatch and need to get to the ocean—fast! Find out how a group of people helped.

A female duck sits on the eggs in her nest.

Duck Babies

Source: National Geographic Kids

Baby wood ducks are born high up in a tree. One day later, the mother duck calls to them to join her in the water far below. What will they do?

A wildebeest herd runs through the African savannah.

Amazing Animals: Wildebeest

Source: National Geographic Kids

Every year, about one million wildebeest travel far across the grasslands and rivers of Africa. Find out why!

A boy smiles and feeds a giraffe at the zoo.

The Future of Zoos

Source: Time for Kids

The Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania is making sure that animals are able to explore, even while they have visitors!

A waterfall flows in a tropical rain forest.

Rain Forest Habitat

Source: National Geographic Kids

Explore rain forests! These wet places are filled with all kinds of incredible plants and animals.

A family of Emperor Penguins stand together on ice.

Emperor Penguin Families

Source: National Geographic Kids

Emperor penguins take good care of their babies and help them survive, but it’s not easy in the land of snow and ice!

A crab walks along the sand at a beach.

Sand Bubbler Crabs

Source: National Geographic Kids

Low tide is dinner time for some amazing crabs! See how hard they work as they race against the tide to find food.

Sunlight streaming down below the surface of the ocean.

Lifestyles of Beluga Whales

Source: National Geographic Kids

Beluga whales are very social,“chatty” mammals. Find out what sounds they make and what their lives are like!

a tortoise

Gopher Tortoises: Burrowing to Escape Forest Fires

Source: PBS Learning Media

Peek underground to see the long burrow a gopher tortoise digs. Find out why this is a good idea.

close up view of a jumping spider

Festo’s Bionic Flying Fox Bats and Somersaulting Robotic Spiders Are Incredible

Source: DOGO News

People studied animals in nature and then built amazing robots—a bat that flies and a spider that rolls. Prepare to be amazed!

happy girl holding puppy

Puppy Chase: Fractions to Decimals

Source: ABCya

See how quickly you can change fractions to decimals in this fast-paced math game. Ready? GO!

a green frog camouflaged by moss

Photographer’s Quest to Seek Out Nature’s Best Camouflage Artists

Source: DOGO News

Animals use camouflage to hide from predators, but they can’t hide from this photographer! See if you can spot the animals in these photos.

Adorable dog Jack Russell terrier

How Dogs Communicate

Source: DK Find Out

Find out how dogs use sounds and their bodies to communicate with each other.

Gray squirrel holding an acorn

Squirrel Rehabilitation

Source: PBS Learning Media

What is it like to be an animal rehabilitator? Find out as you watch a mother and daughter caring for injured and orphaned squirrels.

At sunset, an orca is breaching so that its head and front flippers are at the ocean's surface.

14-Year-Old Orca Learns to Say “Hello” and a Lot More!

Source: DOGO News

Find out what a 14-year-old orca can say and how she learned it!

a T Rex skeleton on display in a museum

Dinosaur Basics

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch to learn about the history of dinosaurs and see how museum workers put together a model of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered!

birds flying in sunrise

Special Retinal Proteins May Be The Reason Birds Never Lose Their Way

Source: DOGO News

Have you ever wondered how birds can find their way to the same place every year? Scientists may have found out!

a herd of buffalo standing in the grass

Where Do the Buffalo Roam?

Source: Wonderopolis

The buffalo is a symbol of the American Old West. Find out about this animal’s important place in American history.

A burrowing owl standing on a hollow log.

Burrowing Owl

Source: San Diego Zoo

Learn about how scientists are working to help protect this little owl’s habitat.

Turtle hatchlings crawling down the beach towards the ocean.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Source: National Geographic Kids

What is heavier than a piano, slower than a car, and hungry for jellyfish? A leatherback sea turtle! Click here to read more facts about these amazing animals.