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A lightbulb shines in a dark room.

Thomas Edison: Inventor and Entrepreneur

Source: PBS Learning Media

Thomas Edison’s inventions changed people’s lives. Discover the many creations Edison made!

A scientist helps a girl build a project in his workshop.

Little Inventors Brings Children’s Imaginative Ideas to Life

Source: DOGO News

Have you ever thought of a great new invention? Now you can share your cool or wacky ideas!

A girl wears a space suit and smiles are she holds up her space helmet.

NASA’s Newest Astronaut Recruits Report for Training

Source: DOGO News

New astronauts are in training for missions to space! They tell what they look forward to doing – and eating – in space.

A boy smiles and feeds a giraffe at the zoo.

The Future of Zoos

Source: Time for Kids

The Philadelphia Zoo in Pennsylvania is making sure that animals are able to explore, even while they have visitors!

A view of Planet Earth from space.

Gravity Assist

Source: Time for Kids

Nine-year-old Jack Davis applied to work for NASA. While he didn’t get the job, his hard work is paying off!

A skydiver jumps from an airplane.

A world record 217-way 3 points skydive over Arizona in 360°

Source: The Kid Should See This

217 skydivers had to use a LOT of teamwork to break a world record together!

View of the Earth from space.

Helping Others

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how Alex Knoll’s creative idea for a new app will help make the world a better place.

space shuttle flying over Earth

10 Questions for Jessica Watkins 

Source: Time for Kids

Meet Jessica Watkins, the youngest member of NASA’s 2017 astronaut-candidate class. 

students working together on a STEM project


Source: Time for Kids

Learn how some middle school kids are helping change people’s lives with STEM.

close up view of a jumping spider

Festo’s Bionic Flying Fox Bats and Somersaulting Robotic Spiders Are Incredible

Source: DOGO News

People studied animals in nature and then built amazing robots—a bat that flies and a spider that rolls. Prepare to be amazed!

Amelia Earhart in a plane

Amelia Earhart

Source: Library of Congress

What does it mean to break down barriers? Find out by learning about the life of Amelia Earhart.

Navigational equipment. Composition with barometer, compass, navigational map.

Latitude and Longitude

Source: ABCya

Ahoy Matey! Use the coordinates to discover where the pirate’s treasure is hidden. Arr!

smiling deaf girl learning sign language

Award-Winning “SignAloud” Glove Translates American Sign Language To Speech

Source: DOGO News

Meet two college students who created an amazing invention that converts sign language into speech.

astronaut standing on the moon

Moon Landings 

Source: DK Find Out

President John F. Kennedy believed in rising to the challenge. He said, “We choose to go to the moon… and other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” 

cheerful girl wearing glasses

Revolutionary Vision Correcting Eye Drops Could Replace Eyeglasses

Source: DOGO News

Scientists may have discovered a new way to correct eyesight!

cabin in the woods

How Do You Build a Log Cabin?

Source: Wonderopolis

Early pioneers needed to build homes for their families as they settled across America. Read about how these pioneers built log cabins!

Astronauts working on the International Space Station as it orbits Earth.

History of Space Travel

Source: National Geographic Kids

Read about the history of space travel, and find out what the future might have in store!

An old-fashioned black rotary phone from the 1950s.

Technology Over Time

Source: PBS Learning Media

Travel through time and learn about how technology has advanced and changed our lives.

View of a man looking at an iceberg in a bright blue sea in Antarctica.

Where Is the Coldest Place on Earth?

Source: Wonderopolis

Just how cold does it get at the South Pole? Find out how to survive on the world’s least-populated continent.

Young woman using a smart phone while walking down a city sidewalk.

Texting and You!

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch as Ruff Ruffman explores the good, the bad, and the just plain silly sides of communicating by text.