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People to Know
A group of people collaborate to fit together the pieces of a puzzle.

Ruby Bridges

Source: Time for Kids

At six years old, Ruby Bridges became the first African-American student to attend an all-white elementary school in the Southern United States. Today, she still teaches people how to work together, be fair, and create peace.

A lightbulb shines in a dark room.

Thomas Edison: Inventor and Entrepreneur

Source: PBS Learning Media

Thomas Edison’s inventions changed people’s lives. Discover the many creations Edison made!

A girl wears a space suit and smiles are she holds up her space helmet.

NASA’s Newest Astronaut Recruits Report for Training

Source: DOGO News

New astronauts are in training for missions to space! They tell what they look forward to doing – and eating – in space.

A girl smiles and holds up a paper with the grade "100" written at the top.

A Show of Hands

Source: Time for Kids

A girl named Alice helped get a new Girl Scout badge created. Why? Find out how to earn it!

A teacher and student work together at the student's desk.

Inspiring Educators

Source: Time for Kids

Teachers can show students how to become the best that they can be. Learn how five famous people were helped by their teachers!

A child holds a marker over a blank piece of paper.

8 Questions for Amanda Gorman

Source: Time for Kids

Amanda Gorman won an award for her poetry! Find out why she thinks young people and poetry can make the world a better place.

View of the Earth from space.

Helping Others

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how Alex Knoll’s creative idea for a new app will help make the world a better place.

space shuttle flying over Earth

10 Questions for Jessica Watkins 

Source: Time for Kids

Meet Jessica Watkins, the youngest member of NASA’s 2017 astronaut-candidate class. 

students working together on a STEM project


Source: Time for Kids

Learn how some middle school kids are helping change people’s lives with STEM.

colored chalk drawing of Earth with people holding hands all around it

8 Questions for Amanda Gorman

Source: Time for Kids

Be inspired by the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate as you read about how she hopes to change the world.

Amelia Earhart in a plane

Amelia Earhart

Source: Library of Congress

What does it mean to break down barriers? Find out by learning about the life of Amelia Earhart.

thoughtful little girl wearing eyeglasses, holding her head to the side and thinking

Study of a Young Woman

Source: #metkids

Creating art is one way to share ideas and feelings. How does this painting speak to you?

Gray squirrel holding an acorn

Squirrel Rehabilitation

Source: PBS Learning Media

What is it like to be an animal rehabilitator? Find out as you watch a mother and daughter caring for injured and orphaned squirrels.

Fountain Pen

Mercy Otis Warren

Source: DK Find Out

Discover how Mercy Otis Warren broke barriers during the American Revolution…using a pen!

Washington Wrote a Letter to the Continental Congress 

Source: Library of Congress

How can an old letter help bring history to life?

American Colonial Flag

The End of the Revolutionary War

Source: DK Find Out

When was the last battle of the American Revolution? What happened next?

Two hands reaching towards each other.

Kids of Kakuma

Source: Time for Kids

These kids face many challenges, but they know what they want for their future.

Close-up of a football in the grass.

Derrick Coleman Hopes to Inspire Kids to Overcome Obstacles

Source: ABC News

A NFL player works to inspire others to achieve their goals no matter what happens to them!

a magical-looking book on table

Poetry in Motion

Source: Time for Kids

Find out about a book that encourages kids to tap into their creativity by using their senses.

The bones of an animal or dinosaur partially uncovered in the sand.

Scientist Profile: Paleontologist

Source: PBS Learning Media

Gary Takeuchi loved to dig in the dirt when he was little. Now that he is an adult, the things he digs up are a lot more interesting!