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A group of people collaborate to fit together the pieces of a puzzle.

Ruby Bridges

Source: Time for Kids

At six years old, Ruby Bridges became the first African-American student to attend an all-white elementary school in the Southern United States. Today, she still teaches people how to work together, be fair, and create peace.

A lightbulb shines in a dark room.

Thomas Edison: Inventor and Entrepreneur

Source: PBS Learning Media

Thomas Edison’s inventions changed people’s lives. Discover the many creations Edison made!

Dinosaur fossil

Dino Death Pit

Source: National Geographic Kids

Scientists in China are digging up fossils of new kinds of dinosaurs that got stuck in the mud millions of years ago.

Amelia Earhart in a plane

Amelia Earhart

Source: Library of Congress

What does it mean to break down barriers? Find out by learning about the life of Amelia Earhart.

Desert landscape with old wagon and rocks

Single Women Homesteaders 

Source: PBS Learning Media

Learn about the brave, adventurous women who traveled west to make their homes in a new land.

Fountain Pen

Mercy Otis Warren

Source: DK Find Out

Discover how Mercy Otis Warren broke barriers during the American Revolution…using a pen!

Washington Wrote a Letter to the Continental Congress 

Source: Library of Congress

How can an old letter help bring history to life?

American Colonial Flag

The End of the Revolutionary War

Source: DK Find Out

When was the last battle of the American Revolution? What happened next?

astronaut standing on the moon

Moon Landings 

Source: DK Find Out

President John F. Kennedy believed in rising to the challenge. He said, “We choose to go to the moon… and other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” 

a T Rex skeleton on display in a museum

Dinosaur Basics

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch to learn about the history of dinosaurs and see how museum workers put together a model of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered!

a bighorn sheep standing on a hill in the rocky mountains

The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak

Source: #metkids

Discover how a large panorama painting helped people learn what the American West looked like in the 1800s.

a herd of buffalo standing in the grass

Where Do the Buffalo Roam?

Source: Wonderopolis

The buffalo is a symbol of the American Old West. Find out about this animal’s important place in American history.

A cowboy walking in front of a pack of horses and leading them by their reins.

Who Invented the Cowboy Hat?

Source: Wonderopolis

Howdy, partners! Click on this here link and discover how the classic cowboy hat came to be.

A map that shows the trail Lewis and Clark followed through the Louisiana Territory and into Oregon.

Lewis & Clark’s Expedition

Source: National Geographic Kids

Join Lewis and Clark as they travel westward on their Voyage of Discovery.

An ancient American Indian mask.

Art That Tells a Story

Source: PBS Learning Media

Look at these Native American artworks and think about the stories they tell.

American colonists throwing boxes of tea off a British ship and into the sea.

Who Came to the Boston Tea Party?

Source: Wonderopolis

The Boston Tea Party was a tea party like no other. Discover what happened on that historic night.

The Declaration of Independence.

Experience the Revolution

Source: National Park Service

Read about the key events and places from the beginning to the end of the American Revolution.

Paul Revere on his horse, making his historic midnight ride to warn the countryside that the British are coming.

The Road to Revolution

Source: National Park Service

A revolution begins, and a nation is born. Follow the road to the Revolution!

An old-fashioned black rotary phone from the 1950s.

Technology Over Time

Source: PBS Learning Media

Travel through time and learn about how technology has advanced and changed our lives.

View of a man looking at an iceberg in a bright blue sea in Antarctica.

Where Is the Coldest Place on Earth?

Source: Wonderopolis

Just how cold does it get at the South Pole? Find out how to survive on the world’s least-populated continent.