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Three girls picking up plastic bottle litter from a pond.

Reaching Out

Photograph of Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks Was Arrested for Civil Disobedience December 1, 1955

Source: Library of Congress

Read about Rosa Parks, a strong leader whose actions helped spark the civil rights movement.

Two hands reaching towards each other.

Michigan Teen Carries Brother for 40 Miles to Raise Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Source: DogoNews

Read about a teen who helped raise awareness and money for Cerebral Palsy.

A guide dog puppy in a vest.

Canine MD: Guide Dog Puppies

Source: National Geographic

Training a guide dog is hard work! Watch trainers in action and learn about how their work changes lives for the better.

Boy thinking about what to write in a notebook.

The Kid in Charge

Source: Time for Kids

Kids elected to be Kid Governor learn about government by participating in it. Learn about how this cool program is helping kids make a difference

smiling deaf girl learning sign language

Award-Winning “SignAloud” Glove Translates American Sign Language To Speech

Source: DOGO News

Meet two college students who created an amazing invention that converts sign language into speech.

Gray squirrel holding an acorn

Squirrel Rehabilitation

Source: PBS Learning Media

What is it like to be an animal rehabilitator? Find out as you watch a mother and daughter caring for injured and orphaned squirrels.