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A smiling boy holding paint and looking at the camera as students paint a mural together behind him.

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A group of school kids all putting their fingers together on a world globe.

Gregory Gavin: Visual Arts

Source: PBS Learning Media

Find out how this artist’s Riveropolis project is bringing people together.

A yellow rubber duck.

Giant rubber duck invades Los Angeles!

Source: Smithsonian

Find out how a giant inflatable duck is helping to spread joy around the world.

A dancer in silhouette holding a top hat.

José Limón

Source: Dance Heritage Coalition

Dancers can make difficult movements seem effortless. Read more about the dancer José Limón and see a video of him performing.

thoughtful little girl wearing eyeglasses, holding her head to the side and thinking

Study of a Young Woman

Source: #metkids

Creating art is one way to share ideas and feelings. How does this painting speak to you?

Adorable dog Jack Russell terrier

How Dogs Communicate

Source: DK Find Out

Find out how dogs use sounds and their bodies to communicate with each other.

Navigational equipment. Composition with barometer, compass, navigational map.

Latitude and Longitude

Source: ABCya

Ahoy Matey! Use the coordinates to discover where the pirate’s treasure is hidden. Arr!