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A close-up of an archaeologist's hands using tools to uncover an ancient skeleton buried in dirt.

Journey to Discovery

The bones of an animal or dinosaur partially uncovered in the sand.

Scientist Profile: Paleontologist

Source: PBS Learning Media

Gary Takeuchi loved to dig in the dirt when he was little. Now that he is an adult, the things he digs up are a lot more interesting!

Astronauts working on the International Space Station as it orbits Earth.

History of Space Travel

Source: National Geographic Kids

Read about the history of space travel, and find out what the future might have in store!

beautiful view of the Grand Canyon National Park

How Deep Is the Grand Canyon?

Source: Wonderopolis

The Grand Canyon is filled with clues about the past. Find out what we can learn when we take a closer look at nature.

a T Rex skeleton on display in a museum

Dinosaur Basics

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch to learn about the history of dinosaurs and see how museum workers put together a model of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever discovered!

cheerful girl wearing glasses

Revolutionary Vision Correcting Eye Drops Could Replace Eyeglasses

Source: DOGO News

Scientists may have discovered a new way to correct eyesight!

Underground Panorama of Carlsbad Caverns

How Cool Are Caves?

Source: Wonderopolis

Have you ever thought about the world beneath your feet? Discover how caves are formed and what they are like!