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A bicyclist admiring a sweeping view of the Grand Canyon.

Under Western Skies

A map that shows the trail Lewis and Clark followed through the Louisiana Territory and into Oregon.

Lewis & Clark’s Expedition

Source: National Geographic Kids

Join Lewis and Clark as they travel westward on their Voyage of Discovery.

A cowboy walking in front of a pack of horses and leading them by their reins.

Who Invented the Cowboy Hat?

Source: Wonderopolis

Howdy, partners! Click on this here link and discover how the classic cowboy hat came to be.

a herd of buffalo standing in the grass

Where Do the Buffalo Roam?

Source: Wonderopolis

The buffalo is a symbol of the American Old West. Find out about this animal’s important place in American history.

cabin in the woods

How Do You Build a Log Cabin?

Source: Wonderopolis

Early pioneers needed to build homes for their families as they settled across America. Read about how these pioneers built log cabins!

a bighorn sheep standing on a hill in the rocky mountains

The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak

Source: #metkids

Discover how a large panorama painting helped people learn what the American West looked like in the 1800s.

Desert landscape with old wagon and rocks

Single Women Homesteaders 

Source: PBS Learning Media

Learn about the brave, adventurous women who traveled west to make their homes in a new land.