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A lion fish being watched by a female scuba diver.

Wild Encounters

Turtle hatchlings crawling down the beach towards the ocean.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Source: National Geographic Kids

What is heavier than a piano, slower than a car, and hungry for jellyfish? A leatherback sea turtle! Click here to read more facts about these amazing animals.

A burrowing owl standing on a hollow log.

Burrowing Owl

Source: San Diego Zoo

Learn about how scientists are working to help protect this little owl’s habitat.

Spanish Moss hanging from trees.

Spanish Moss

Source: National Geographic Kids

Spanish moss. It’s not a moss and it’s not Spanish. What exactly is it? Discover some surprising facts about this beautiful and fascinating plant.

birds flying in sunrise

Special Retinal Proteins May Be The Reason Birds Never Lose Their Way

Source: DOGO News

Have you ever wondered how birds can find their way to the same place every year? Scientists may have found out!

At sunset, an orca is breaching so that its head and front flippers are at the ocean's surface.

14-Year-Old Orca Learns to Say “Hello” and a Lot More!

Source: DOGO News

Find out what a 14-year-old orca can say and how she learned it!

green plants on the rain forest floor

Hope for the Wild 

Source: Time for Kids

Learn about Yaguas National Park in Peru, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.