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Absolute Power

Ambition can be dangerous.

Buckingham Palace

Shakespeare-Fan King Charles Celebrates 400 Years Since the First Folio

Source: Reuters

Shakespeare, an iconic figure in English history, is celebrated and beloved by another significant English figure, King Charles. Read about how and why King Charles celebrates the 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s First Folio.

Usher opens red theater curtain, revealing stage lighting

Theater Experience in Shakespeare’s Lifetime

Source: ThoughtCo.

Today we study Shakespeare in school and often see his plays in formal settings, but is that how they were meant to be experienced? Learn more about what going to see a play was really like when Shakespeare’s theater company put them on stage for the first time.

9 Virtual Tours of Shakespearean Spots

Source: Google: Arts and Culture

William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the greatest writer in the English language and now, thanks to modern technology, you can explore some of the most iconic places from the playwright’s life, and the locations said to have inspired him, from the comfort of your own home.

Theater curtains with spotlight

A Conversation with Sir Patrick Stewart

Source: PBS

In 2010, a modern version of The Tragedy of Macbeth appeared on PBS’s Great Performances. The star of that groundbreaking production, Sir Patrick Stewart, discusses the choices he and director Rupert Goold made to bring Shakespeare’s work to life on the small screen.

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