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Human Figure Silhouetted at Sunrise
A New Birth of Freedom

America explores new understanding of equality.

democracy, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, James Madison, Phillis Wheatley, slaves, Native Americans, Revolutionary War

Curved railroad in sunset

Descendants of Chinese Laborers Reclaim Railroad’s History

Source: NPR

The first transcontinental railroad transformed America and came to symbolize a new spirit of unity and cooperation. Yet for decades after its completion, the Chinese workers who made the railroad’s construction possible were overlooked. Recently, steps have been taken to remedy this historical injustice.

Bison Herd and Teton Mountain Range

Where the Buffalo No Longer Roamed

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Though the Transcontinental Railroad made transportation of goods and people across the country much more convenient, there were a number of negative results, including the decimation of the buffalo population and war with Native American tribes.

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