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Tall ship

Crossing the Ocean Blue

The great explorer Christopher Columbus left Spain in 1492 on a voyage of exploration. The 3 ships he set off with were believed to be “technology that was far ahead of its time”. Think of this connection and about why this article appears on The American Society of Mechanical Engineers website.

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Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams

Sixteen year-old Bansini Doshi, spends her time between studies donating books cloths, and other basic items to the underprivileged section of the society through her NGO (non-profit organization), called Dia Foundation. She proves that with determination and great empathy for humanity age doesn’t matter when it comes to helping another human being.

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Our privacy is for sale, we have to accept that. But what’s the price tag?

Computer programs gather information about people based on every web site, news article, or item that they view or buy online. Using algorithms, computers can form a picture of each person’s personality better than a friend or family member. Read what you should know about protecting yourself and your privacy.

large rocks on a mountain

Dashrath Manjhi Road

Dashrath Manjhi, also known as “Mountain Man” spent 22 years carving a road through a mountain with hammer and chisel in Bihar, India. Read about what drove him to do this painstaking work and the long lasting impact it had on the people of his village.