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Metric tape measure

Why Isn’t the U.S. on the Metric System?

Nearly every nation on earth—except for the United States—primarily uses the metric system for all weights and measures. With its clear base-10 relationships among measurements, the metric system is easy to use. So why does the United States still mainly use the far more complicated customary measures? How Stuff Works explores the American resistance to change.

Wildfire Near Housing Development

Climate Change Is A Public Health Emergency, Doctor Says. Here’s How To Respond

You may not think of climate change as an issue of public health. However, the doctors featured in this article view it as part of their responsibility to help to address the threats to human life and health posed by climate change, such as the devastation caused by increasingly severe wildfires.


Mass Extinctions

Five mass extinctions—the die-off of a majority of species—have occurred in earth’s history. What causes these periodic extinctions? A sudden change in climate or atmosphere that living things can’t adapt quickly enough to survive. Find out what we know about these changes and what species were able to flourish in their wake.