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Around the Neighborhood

I’m My Own Dog

by David Ezra Stein

This dog doesn’t belong to anyone and that’s the way he likes it. Will he change his mind when he makes a new friend? FANTASY

People in My Neighborhood

by Shelly Lyons

A neighborhood has teachers and doctors. There are police officers, too. Who are your neighbors? How do they help you? INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Sharing Time

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

by Mo Willems

Gerald has a very big decision to make about his ice cream cone. Should he share it with his good friend Piggie? FANTASY

Share and Take Turns

by Cheri J. Meiners

There are many different ways to share. Read about how it feels to share with others and why sharing is important. INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Nature Near and Far

Sneezy the Snowman

by Maureen Wright

What happens when a snowman feels too cold? Find out when Sneezy the Snowman’s friends try to warm him up on a cold winter’s day. FANTASY

Four Seasons Make a Year

by Anne Rockwell

Find out what happens to the plants and animals in all four seasons of the year. INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Exploring Together

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

by Mac Barnett

Sam and Dave are on a mission to dig and dig until they find something spectacular. What will the two friends discover? FANTASY

What Makes a Shadow?

by Clyde Robert Bulla

Where do shadows come from? Have you ever tried to catch your shadow? Who has a shadow? Read about having fun with shadows. Discover how to make a shadow picture! INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Watch Us Grow

Call Me Tree

by Maya Christina Gonzalez

Trees and people grow and reach for the sky in different ways. Read along and use your imagination. How are you like a tree? FANTASY

Arctic Fox Pups

by Ruth Owen

Watch arctic pups growing up and learning skills that will help them live on their own someday. INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Three Cheers for Us!

Katie Woo Saves the Earth

by Fran Manushkin

Earth Day is coming, and Katie Woo and her friends want to do something to help make the Earth happy. Find out what they accomplish by working together. REALISTIC FICTION

George Washington and the General’s Dog

by Frank Murphy

Did you know that America’s first president loved animals? Read about how George Washington’s kindness to animals made a difference to one lucky dog owner. BIOGRAPHY