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A group of lion dancers marching in a street, dressed in colorful Kei Lun dance costumes.

Kei Lun Lion Dancers Find New Meaning in Ancient Steps

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can a dance tell a story? Watch this video and find out!

A conductor conducting an orchestra of musicians.

Bringing Music to Life

Source: Highlights Kids

Conductors make music come to life for an audience. Find out how they work with the orchestra to make it happen!

Lots of people walking along a sidewalk in New York City.

A City Rap

Source: Highlights Kids

“Sing” along with the rap and learn about the sounds and sights in a city.

A smiling girl looking at herself in a small hand mirror.

Who Am I?


Have fun making a book about somebody very special – you!

A NASA rocket blasting off from a launchpad with huge clouds of fire and smoke.

How to Build a Rocket and Think Like an Engineer

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch these children discover what it means to think like engineers.

Two colorful scarlet macaw parrots sitting on a branch in a jungle.

Create a Living Jungle

Source: Highlights Kids

If you could create a jungle, what would it look like? Who would live there? Make your own jungle in this fun activity.

A boy singing into a microphone.

Writers Speak to Kids: Mo Willems

Source: NBC Learn

Find out how Mo Willems gets ideas for his books and creates his wonderfully silly illustrations.

A smiling girl works at a computer in a classroom.

Curious About Me Scrapbook

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Make your very own book all about you and what you like best!

An octopus with eight long arms swimming at the bottom of the sea.

How to Shake Hands with an Octopus

Source: Highlights Kids

Hear a poem about shaking hands with an octopus!

Colorful wooden triangles and rectangle, with a cube and a cylinder.

Shapes Geometry


Match all the shapes in the puzzle!

A boy writing with a pen.

Write a Poem

Source: Highlights Kids

What would you like to write a poem about? Have fun using your senses to think of words.

A busy city street full of cars and trucks.

Curious George: Curious About Transportation

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Learn about transportation with Curious George!