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A boy plays the trumpet with a lot of energy.

Making Music

Source: Time for Kids

Tape on a trumpet? Discover how musicians educated their community by performing with broken instruments.

Stacks of books piled close together.

Meet Gail Gibbons

Source: Time for Kids

Gail Gibbons is an author and illustrator who helps kids explore the world through her books!

A girl reads from a script while acting in a play.

School Play

Source: Highlights Kids

Can you spot the hidden items at the school play?

smiling girl at front of class talking with teacher

All About Me

Source: ABCYa!

Share what makes you special in this fun activity!

Woman artist painting outside and holding a palette of colorful paints in her hand.

Maybe Something Beautiful

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

How can a splash of color change a community?

Portrait of happy, joyful laughing boy

Silly at School

Source: Highlights Kids

Are you ready to get silly? These jokes are sure to give you the giggles!

A group of energetic elementary school kids leaving school.

All About Me

Source: ABCya

Tell about what makes you special!

three multi-colored small houses on the lawn

Make a House


Use your imagination to create a house all your own.

a boy playing the trumpet

Make a Horn

Source: #metkids

Make your own horn! All you need is a garden hose, a funnel, some tape, and some imagination.

A boy with pliers works on a part of a robot, while a boy and a girl look at a laptop screen in the background.

New Inventions

Source: Time for Kids

Inventors come up with ways to make our life better by creating new things.

A group of lion dancers marching in a street, dressed in colorful Kei Lun dance costumes.

Kei Lun Lion Dancers Find New Meaning in Ancient Steps

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can a dance tell a story? Watch this video and find out!

A group of children with their hands together

Teacher Creates Personalized Handshakes for All His Students

Source: The Kids Should See This

This teacher greets each of his students with a special handshake just for them!

A conductor conducting an orchestra of musicians.

Carnival of the Animals!

Source: Go Classical for Kids

Grab some paper and crayons and explore how music can create pictures in your mind.

cute gray tabby kitten

Music Loving Kittens Make Malaysian Street Artist’s Day

Source: DOGO News

This musician is used to entertaining the people in his community. One night, his audience is full of surprises!

A smiling girl looking at herself in a small hand mirror.

Who Am I?


Have fun making a book about somebody very special – you!

A NASA rocket blasting off from a launchpad with huge clouds of fire and smoke.

How to Build a Rocket and Think Like an Engineer

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch these children discover what it means to think like engineers.

A boy singing into a microphone.

Writers Speak to Kids: Mo Willems

Source: NBC Learn

Find out how Mo Willems gets ideas for his books and creates his wonderfully silly illustrations.

boy and girl sit on the grass and looking for insects

Five Senses

Source: ABCya

How do our senses help us learn about the world around us?

Colorful wooden triangles and rectangle, with a cube and a cylinder.

Shapes Geometry


Match all the shapes in the puzzle!

view of a field of wheat on a sunny day

Wheat Harvest

Source: Highlights Kids

There are some very silly things going on at this farm. Can you spot them?