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Health and Safety
An ambulance rushes to help someone.

Do You Know Who to Call in an Emergency?

Source: Wonderopolis

Find out who you should call if there is an emergency.

A pony stands next to a fence post.

Amazing Animals: Healing Hooves

Source: National Geographic Kids

Petie is kind, gentle, and visits hospitals…oh, and he’s a pony! Learn how Petie makes kids smile.

Smiling father and daughter eating eggs for breakfast

Rise and Shine

Source: Time for Kids

Having a good breakfast can help you do your best each day!

A boy crosses his arms and pouts his face, looking grouchy.

Frustrated and Grouchy

Source: Highlights Kids

Do you ever feel frustrated when trying new things? Here are some ideas that can help!

Siblings ice-skating on outdoor rink

Calen Goes Ice Skating

Source: PBS Learning Media

What’s the secret to learning something new? Keep trying!

Happy family planting flowers together.

Little Helper

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can kids be a big help to grown-ups? Watch and find out!

spinning basketball dropping into a basketball net

Three Free Throws

Source: Highlights Kids

It’s time for the big game! Can you find the hidden objects on the basketball court?

baby geese following their mother

Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer to Help Free Her Entangled Gosling

Source: DOGO News

This clever goose knew who to call when she needed help.

A brown pit bull terrier in a park on sunny day.

Pit Bull’s Lick Saves Deaf Teen from Fire

Source: National Geographic Kids

Find out how this dog rescued his owner from a fire and became a hero.

A little girl comforts her sister, who is crying.

Yes…That’s Bullying


Do you know what bullying is? Watch a video to find out how classmates learn how to recognize a bully.

a happy Dalmation dog resting in the grass

Does Every Fire Truck Have a Dalmatian?

Source: Wonderopolis

Have you ever wondered why firefighters and Dalmatians go together?

A smiling girl looking at herself in a small hand mirror.

Who Am I?


Have fun making a book about somebody very special – you!

A smiling boy and girl jumping over a skipping rope.

Kids in Action

Source: PBS Kids

Meet a champion jump rope team and find out how they share their love of the sport with others!

A colorful playground, with slides and climbing frames.

The Playground Is for Everyone


Watch two friends learn an important lesson about sharing.

A boy looking at how tall he is using marks on a wall.

Measure Yourself

Source: Lawrence Hall of Science

Are you as big as an armadillo? Smaller than a tiger? Measure yourself and find out.

Lots of different peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other summer vegetables.

Play with Food

Source: PBS Learning Media

You can have fun choosing healthy foods! Watch and see.

A group of people walking by a small lake with tall mountains covered in snow behind them.

Mountain Face-Off

Source: PBS Kids

Join five kids on a mission to find out how a mountain in Massachusetts is different from one in Colorado!