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spinning basketball dropping into a basketball net

Three Free Throws

Source: Highlights Kids

It’s time for the big game! Can you find the hidden objects on the basketball court?

Kids Who Care

Source: Time for Kids

Read about 5 kids who work hard to help others in their community.

A little girl comforts her sister, who is crying.

Yes…That’s Bullying


Do you know what bullying is? Watch a video to find out how classmates learn how to recognize a bully.

Does Every Fire Truck Have a Dalmation?

Source: Wonderopolis

Have you ever wondered why firefighters and Dalmatians go together?

Music Loving Kittens Make Malaysian Street Artist’s Day

Source: DOGO News

This musician is used to entertaining the people in his community. One night, his audience is full of surprises!

A group of kids read a book together in a classroom.

Time to Share

Source: Time for Kids

How can you show others you care? Share!

A colorful map of a city neighborhood, sowing buildings roads, parks and a zoo.

Build a Neighborhood

Source: PBS Kids

A neighborhood is a place where people live, work, and play. Create your own neighborhood in this fun activity!

A colorful playground, with slides and climbing frames.

The Playground Is for Everyone


Watch two friends learn an important lesson about sharing.

A baker in a tall white hat takes a tray of cakes out of a big oven.

On the Job

Source: PBS Kids

Let’s learn about jobs people do! Click on the best match to help these people do their work.

A smiling woman using a power drill to fix a car in an auto repair shop.

Curious George: Curious About Jobs

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

George is curious about jobs! See what kinds of work people do at their jobs.