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People to Know
An old-fashioned drawing of Ida B. Wells.

Justice for All

Source: Highlights Kids

Ida B. Wells has been called the mother of the civil rights movement. Read about how she worked for equal rights for African Americans.

A painting of George Washington.

Presidents’ Day: All About the Holidays

Source: PBS Learning Media

On Presidents’ Day we celebrate the leaders who helped shape our country. Find out about the history of this patriotic holiday.

A brown pit bull terrier in a park on sunny day.

Pit Bull’s Lick Saves Deaf Teen from Fire

Source: National Geographic Kids

Find out how this dog rescued his owner from a fire and became a hero.

A piece of a papyrus scroll showing Egyptian hieroglyphs and an ancient Egyptian queen wearing a tall blue head-dress.

Cleopatra Finds Her Voice

Source: Highlights Kids

Cleopatra wanted to show respect for her people. Find out how learning a new language helped her to be a good leader.

A conductor conducting an orchestra of musicians.

Bringing Music to Life

Source: Highlights Kids

Conductors make music come to life for an audience. Find out how they work with the orchestra to make it happen!

A smiling boy and girl jumping over a skipping rope.

Kids in Action

Source: PBS Kids

Meet a champion jump rope team and find out how they share their love of the sport with others!

A boy singing into a microphone.

Writers Speak to Kids: Mo Willems

Source: NBC Learn

Find out how Mo Willems gets ideas for his books and creates his wonderfully silly illustrations.

A boy and his father walk a dog along a path in a park.

The Neighborhood

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

George is curious about the neighborhood! See what kinds of things happen in a neighborhood.

A colorful map of a city neighborhood, sowing buildings roads, parks and a zoo.

Build a Neighborhood

Source: PBS Kids

A neighborhood is a place where people live, work, and play. Create your own neighborhood in this fun activity!

A busy city street full of cars and trucks.

Curious George: Curious About Transportation

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Learn about transportation with Curious George!

A baker in a tall white hat takes a tray of cakes out of a big oven.

On the Job

Source: PBS Kids

Let’s learn about jobs people do! Click on the best match to help these people do their work.

Five smiling kids sitting together on a swing in a playground.


Source: Highlights Kids

Listen to this poem to hear how strong and special friendships can be.

A smiling woman using a power drill to fix a car in an auto repair shop.

Curious George: Curious About Jobs

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

George is curious about jobs! See what kinds of work people do at their jobs.