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Science and Nature
A cheetah running at full speed through dry grass.

Secret Life of the Serengeti

Source: National Geographic Kids

Want to find out about the secret lives of some African animals? Set up a hidden camera and prepare to be surprised!

A boy with pliers works on a part of a robot, while a boy and a girl look at a laptop screen in the background.

Young Inventors

Source: PBS Learning Media

Find out how six kids used everyday objects to create inventions that make people’s lives easier.

A drawing of a group of dinosaurs crossing a river in an ancient jungle.

What Dinosaurs Left Behind

Source: Highlights Kids

Could the mysterious footprints discovered by two curious boys be the tracks of a prehistoric dinosaur?

Three bean sprout seedlings with their first two green leaves growing in dark wet soil.

How Do Seeds Sprout?

Source: Wonderopolis

Take a closer look at what happens underground as seeds grow!

Two pandas sitting together in a field of bamboo.

Panda Cub’s Baby Steps

Source: San Diego Zoo

Baby panda is growing up! Watch him take his first baby steps.

A coral reef with many colorful corals and fish.

My Submarine Ocean Explorer

Source: NOAA

Explore the ocean from inside a submarine. Choose a spot from around the world and join in the adventure!

Two young raccoons peeping out from a hole in a tree trunk.

A City in the Forest

Source: PBS Kids

Join Henry, Zuzu, Davin, Mira, Tessa, and Elon as they learn about the different animals and plants that make the forest their home.

A night sky showing the many stars of the Milky Way, with trees in the foreground.

Star Parties

Source: National Geographic Kids

Would you like to go to a star party? Find out what makes the night sky special.

Two dolphins swimming together underwater.

Meet the Kids

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Is a baby dolphin a pup or a calf? What is a joey? Meet some baby animals and discover what they’re called before they grow up.

A field of yellow sunflowers stretching off into the distance.

From Seed to Flower

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch as plants grow from a seed to a flower.

A monarch butterfly sitting on a fern.

Butterfly Life Cycle Game

Source: Sheppard Software

How much do you know about the life cycle of the butterfly? Play this game and find out!

A NASA rocket blasting off from a launchpad with huge clouds of fire and smoke.

How to Build a Rocket and Think Like an Engineer

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch these children discover what it means to think like engineers.

A scuba diver in a pink wetsuit swimming over a coral reef full of colorful corals of all shapes and sizes.

Marine Biologist


Explore the undersea world of a marine biologist!

A girl in pigtails stares at a world globe.

Why Do We Explore?

Source: NASA

Why do people explore? How does it help them learn new things?

Many tall, spiky saguaro cactuses standing in wild desert scrub with dry, rocky hills in the background.

The Cactus Hotel

Source: Highlights Kids

Read a poem about a special cactus that many different animals call home.

Two dolphins jumping together out of blue water.

A Tale of Two Dolphins

Source: National Wildlife Federation

What is it like to be a dolphin? Meet Splish and Splash and discover what it’s like to live under the sea.

Two colorful scarlet macaw parrots sitting on a branch in a jungle.

Create a Living Jungle

Source: Highlights Kids

If you could create a jungle, what would it look like? Who would live there? Make your own jungle in this fun activity.

A blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

Cloud Dreamer

Source: Smithsonian

Create your own cloud in this fun activity.

Two elephants greeting each other by touching trunks.

Animal Talk

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Animals show what they mean without words. Read this story to learn about how different animals communicate.

An elephant mother and her tiny calf standing close together in a grassy field.

Meet My Family

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Animal families come in all shapes and sizes—just as human families do!