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Science and Nature
A dog runs down a dirt path and jumps to catch a ball.

What’s Up, Dog?

Source: Time for Kids

Scientists have studied how dogs’ brains work. Check out what they have discovered!

Purple flowers growing outside.

How Do Flowers Get Their Scent?

Source: Highlights Kids

Here’s something to think about the next time you stop to smell the flowers.

An empty bird nest sits in a tree.

Wonder Bird

Source: Here There Everywhere – News for Kids

This small bird is getting a lot of attention. Why? Scientists have discovered it can fly for ten months!

A house with solar panels on the roof.

Schools Go Solar

Source: Time for Kids

More and more schools are using solar power. Learn how solar power is helpful!

A road lined with trees during fall, when the leaves are changing colors.

5 Reasons Why Fall Is Fantastic

Source: National Geographic Kids

Check out the changes in nature that happen during autumn!

Four kids look at the grass through a magnifying glass.

Go on a Teeny-Tiny Safari

Source: Highlights Kids

You can be a scientist! Discover how to observe living things over time and record the changes you see.

A group of children working together to recycle.

Litter Critters – Learn to Sort and Recycle

Source: ABCYa!

Race against the clock to sort trash into the correct bins!

A boy holds a jar of fireflies, looking surprised.

Nature’s Bright Lights

Source: Time for Kids

Did you know that some plants and creatures can make their own light? Read to learn what makes nature glow!

A stick insect walks across a leaf.

Stick Insect

Source: National Geographic Kids

Is it a twig? Is it a leaf? Nope, it’s an insect! Learn how stick insects hide themselves.

A bee sits on a large flower.

What makes a bee buzz?

Source: Highlights Kids

What’s all the buzz about? Discover why bees make a buzzing sound when they fly!

Lily pads on a pond, with fish swimming in the water and frogs sitting on the lily pads.

Water Works

Source: Time for Kids

Learn about the many reasons water is important in our lives.

A tree grows in the African savanna.

Leopard Cub

Source: National Geographic Kids

What is furry, spotted, and adorable? Watch and find out!

A Day in the Life

Source: Time for Kids

What’s it like to be in space? Find out what astronauts do every day!

A boy looks at a map of the world through his binoculars.

Which Explorer Are You?

Source: National Geographic Kids

Discover what kind of explorer you are!

View of the inside of a cave.

New Zealand: Glowworms

Source: National Geographic Kids

Travel to New Zealand and explore an amazing underground cave.

A lake reflects the tall cliffs at Yosemite National Park.

Hello, Yosemite!

Source: Time for Kids

Find out what makes Yosemite National Park such a special place.

A girl plays in a pile of leaves outside.

A Time of Changes

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how plants, animals, weather patterns, and people all change in the fall!

A view of the beach and the ocean.

Whee! Leaping Mobula Rays

Source: National Geographic Kids

We don’t know why thousands of mobula rays swim together, but it sure looks like fun!

Spring meadow with big tree with fresh green leaves

Curious George: Curious About Trees

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

George is curious about trees. Learn about how trees grow.

green frog

A Frog’s Life

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how a frog changes as it grows.