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A dog runs down a dirt path and jumps to catch a ball.

What’s Up, Dog?

Source: Time for Kids

Scientists have studied how dogs’ brains work. Check out what they have discovered!

An empty bird nest sits in a tree.

Wonder Bird

Source: Here There Everywhere – News for Kids

This small bird is getting a lot of attention. Why? Scientists have discovered it can fly for ten months!

Four kids look at the grass through a magnifying glass.

Go on a Teeny-Tiny Safari

Source: Highlights Kids

You can be a scientist! Discover how to observe living things over time and record the changes you see.

A boy holds a jar of fireflies, looking surprised.

Nature’s Bright Lights

Source: Time for Kids

Did you know that some plants and creatures can make their own light? Read to learn what makes nature glow!

A stick insect walks across a leaf.

Stick Insect

Source: National Geographic Kids

Is it a twig? Is it a leaf? Nope, it’s an insect! Learn how stick insects hide themselves.

A bee sits on a large flower.

What makes a bee buzz?

Source: Highlights Kids

What’s all the buzz about? Discover why bees make a buzzing sound when they fly!

A pony stands next to a fence post.

Amazing Animals: Healing Hooves

Source: National Geographic Kids

Petie is kind, gentle, and visits hospitals…oh, and he’s a pony! Learn how Petie makes kids smile.

A girl holds a rabbit while walking outside.

Baby Animals Memory

Source: National Geographic Kids

Play a matching game about baby animals.

A tree grows in the African savanna.

Leopard Cub

Source: National Geographic Kids

What is furry, spotted, and adorable? Watch and find out!

A girl plays in a pile of leaves outside.

A Time of Changes

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how plants, animals, weather patterns, and people all change in the fall!

A view of the beach and the ocean.

Whee! Leaping Mobula Rays

Source: National Geographic Kids

We don’t know why thousands of mobula rays swim together, but it sure looks like fun!

green frog

A Frog’s Life

Source: Time for Kids

Discover how a frog changes as it grows.

A monarch butterfly sitting on a fern.

Amazing Animals: The Monarch Butterfly

Source: National Geographic Kids

Travel the world with monarch butterflies.

red worms in dirt

Science Questions

Source: Highlights Kids

Discover where worms go when the ground is very dry.

girl talking to ducks on a green meadow. Child looking at ducks and ducklings eating grass on sunny day in a city park.

Shadow Smile!

Source: PBS Learning Media

Shadows are cool! Find out why people and animals like shadows.

A cheetah running at full speed through dry grass.

Secret Life of the Serengeti

Source: National Geographic Kids

Want to find out about the secret lives of some African animals? Set up a hidden camera and prepare to be surprised!

An elephant mother and her tiny calf standing close together in a grassy field.

Do Elephants Ever Forget?

Source: Wonderopolis

Is it true that an elephant never forgets? Discover what scientists know about the brains of these amazing animals.

A lion cub standing on a rock.

Lion Cubs!

Source: San Diego Zoo

Find out what kinds of trouble these giant cats can get into when they are playful little cubs.

Two pandas sitting together in a field of bamboo.

Panda Cub’s Baby Steps

Source: San Diego Zoo

Baby panda is growing up! Watch him take his first baby steps.

baby geese following their mother

Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer to Help Free Her Entangled Gosling

Source: DOGO News

This clever goose knew who to call when she needed help.