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A person adds fertilizer to a plant to help it grow.

Go Plant a Tree

Source: PBS Learning Media

Kids can be community heroes! Watch students plant trees to help the environment.

A Day in the Life

Source: Time for Kids

What’s it like to be in space? Find out what astronauts do every day!

A boy looks at a map of the world through his binoculars.

Which Explorer Are You?

Source: National Geographic Kids

Discover what kind of explorer you are!

A boy with pliers works on a part of a robot, while a boy and a girl look at a laptop screen in the background.

New Inventions

Source: Time for Kids

Inventors come up with ways to make our life better by creating new things.

A girl and her father looking at a digital tablet.

Helpers at School

Source: Time for Kids

There are many different jobs at a school. Let’s take a look at some of them!

A boy with pliers works on a part of a robot, while a boy and a girl look at a laptop screen in the background.

Young Inventors

Source: PBS Learning Media

Find out how six kids used everyday objects to create inventions that make people’s lives easier.

baby geese following their mother

Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer to Help Free Her Entangled Gosling

Source: DOGO News

This clever goose knew who to call when she needed help.

a happy Dalmation dog resting in the grass

Does Every Fire Truck Have a Dalmatian?

Source: Wonderopolis

Have you ever wondered why firefighters and Dalmatians go together?

Teacher helping children conduct an experiment in the classroom

How to Be an Inventor

Source: PBS Kids

Would you like to become an inventor? Find out how!

A scuba diver in a pink wetsuit swimming over a coral reef full of colorful corals of all shapes and sizes.

Marine Biologist


Explore the undersea world of a marine biologist!

A boy singing into a microphone.

Writers Speak to Kids: Mo Willems

Source: NBC Learn

Find out how Mo Willems gets ideas for his books and creates his wonderfully silly illustrations.

Colorful wooden triangles and rectangle, with a cube and a cylinder.

Shapes Geometry


Match all the shapes in the puzzle!

A baker in a tall white hat takes a tray of cakes out of a big oven.

On the Job

Source: PBS Kids

Let’s learn about jobs people do! Click on the best match to help these people do their work.

A smiling woman using a power drill to fix a car in an auto repair shop.

Curious George: Curious About Jobs

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

George is curious about jobs! See what kinds of work people do at their jobs.