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A group of lion dancers marching in a street, dressed in colorful Kei Lun dance costumes.

Kei Lun Lion Dancers Find New Meaning in Ancient Steps

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can a dance tell a story? Watch this video and find out!

A piece of a papyrus scroll showing Egyptian hieroglyphs and an ancient Egyptian queen wearing a tall blue head-dress.

Cleopatra Finds Her Voice

Source: Highlights Kids

Cleopatra wanted to show respect for her people. Find out how learning a new language helped her to be a good leader.

A little girl comforts her sister, who is crying.

Yes…That’s Bullying


Do you know what bullying is? Watch a video to find out how classmates learn how to recognize a bully.

Two elephants greeting each other by touching trunks.

Animal Talk

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Animals show what they mean without words. Read this story to learn about how different animals communicate.

A colorful playground, with slides and climbing frames.

The Playground Is for Everyone


Watch two friends learn an important lesson about sharing.