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Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer to Help Free Her Entangled Gosling

Source: DOGO News

This clever goose knew who to call when she needed help.

A group of lion dancers marching in a street, dressed in colorful Kei Lun dance costumes.

Kei Lun Lion Dancers Find New Meaning in Ancient Steps

Source: PBS Learning Media

How can a dance tell a story? Watch this video and find out!

Teacher Creates Personalized Handshakes for All His Students

Source: The Kids Should See This

This teacher greets each of his students with a special handshake just for them!

A conductor conducting an orchestra of musicians.

Carnival of the Animals!

Source: Go Classical for Kids

Grab some paper and crayons and explore how music can create pictures in your mind.

A little girl comforts her sister, who is crying.

Yes…That’s Bullying


Do you know what bullying is? Watch a video to find out how classmates learn how to recognize a bully.

A group of kids read a book together in a classroom.

Time to Share

Source: Time for Kids

How can you show others you care? Share!

A colorful playground, with slides and climbing frames.

The Playground Is for Everyone


Watch two friends learn an important lesson about sharing.

Five smiling kids sitting together on a swing in a playground.

Silly Jokes

Source: Highlights Kids

Do you like to make your friends laugh? Here are some jokes that are sure to make everybody giggle!