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A brown pit bull terrier in a park on sunny day.

Pit Bull’s Lick Saves Deaf Teen from Fire

Source: National Geographic Kids

Find out how this dog rescued his owner from a fire and became a hero.

A painting of George Washington.

Presidents’ Day: All About the Holidays

Source: PBS Learning Media

On Presidents’ Day we celebrate the leaders who helped shape our country. Find out about the history of this patriotic holiday.

baby geese following their mother

Smart Mother Goose Asks Police Officer to Help Free Her Entangled Gosling

Source: DOGO News

This clever goose knew who to call when she needed help.

A person adds fertilizer to a plant to help it grow.

Go Plant a Tree

Source: PBS Learning Media

Kids can be community heroes! Watch students plant trees to help the environment.

An ambulance rushes to help someone.

Do You Know Who to Call in an Emergency?

Source: Wonderopolis

Find out who you should call if there is an emergency.

A group of children working together to recycle.

Litter Critters – Learn to Sort and Recycle

Source: ABCYa!

Race against the clock to sort trash into the correct bins!