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A night sky showing the many stars of the Milky Way, with trees in the foreground.

Star Parties

Source: National Geographic Kids

Would you like to go to a star party? Find out what makes the night sky special.

Two young raccoons peeping out from a hole in a tree trunk.

A City in the Forest

Source: PBS Kids

Join Henry, Zuzu, Davin, Mira, Tessa, and Elon as they learn about the different animals and plants that make the forest their home.

A coral reef with many colorful corals and fish.

My Submarine Ocean Explorer

Source: NOAA

Explore the ocean from inside a submarine. Choose a spot from around the world and join in the adventure!

A bee sits on a large flower.

What makes a bee buzz?

Source: Highlights Kids

What’s all the buzz about? Discover why bees make a buzzing sound when they fly!

A stick insect walks across a leaf.

Stick Insect

Source: National Geographic Kids

Is it a twig? Is it a leaf? Nope, it’s an insect! Learn how stick insects hide themselves.

A boy holds a jar of fireflies, looking surprised.

Nature’s Bright Lights

Source: Time for Kids

Did you know that some plants and creatures can make their own light? Read to learn what makes nature glow!