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An elephant mother and her tiny calf standing close together in a grassy field.

Do Elephants Ever Forget?

Source: Wonderopolis

Is it true that an elephant never forgets? Discover what scientists know about the brains of these amazing animals.

A boy with pliers works on a part of a robot, while a boy and a girl look at a laptop screen in the background.

Young Inventors

Source: PBS Learning Media

Find out how six kids used everyday objects to create inventions that make people’s lives easier.

A cheetah running at full speed through dry grass.

Secret Life of the Serengeti

Source: National Geographic Kids

Want to find out about the secret lives of some African animals? Set up a hidden camera and prepare to be surprised!

An empty bird nest sits in a tree.

Wonder Bird

Source: Here There Everywhere – News for Kids

This small bird is getting a lot of attention. Why? Scientists have discovered it can fly for ten months!

Purple flowers growing outside.

How Do Flowers Get Their Scent?

Source: Highlights Kids

Here’s something to think about the next time you stop to smell the flowers.

A dog runs down a dirt path and jumps to catch a ball.

What’s Up, Dog?

Source: Time for Kids

Scientists have studied how dogs’ brains work. Check out what they have discovered!