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Helping Hands

Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

by Margery Cuyler

What is something kind you could do to help someone else? Mrs. Ruler’s class thinks of 100 ways to be kind to others. REALISTIC FICTION

My Community

by J. Jean Robertson

Who are the people in your community? How do they help others? Find out what makes a community a special place to live. INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Imagine It

Draw! 3.26/5 (72 Votes)

by Raúl Colón

Are you ready for adventure? Go on an imaginary journey that begins when a little boy begins to draw. FANTASY


by Patrick McDonnell

Little Jane Goodall loved to dream and make discoveries about the world around her. See where Jane’s curiosity and dreams take her! BIOGRAPHY

Nature’s Wonders

Hatch, Little Egg

by Édouard Manceau

It’s time! A little egg is about to hatch and everyone in town is excited to watch. Get ready for a BIG surprise! FANTASY

Eat Like a Bear

by April Pulley Sayre

Animals do different things in different seasons, just like people. Learn what a bear does in all four seasons of the year. INFORMATIONAL TEXT

The World to Explore

Tillie and the Wall

by Leo Lionni

A little mouse wonders what amazing things could be on the other side of a giant wall. Can she convince her friends to help her find out? FANTASY

how to

by Julie Morstad

How do you see the wind? How do you make a sandwich? This book explores ways to do everyday things in very special ways! NARRATIVE NONFICTION

As We Grow

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

by Tomie dePaola

Little Gopher is small, but he has a special gift. Find out how his gift helps him find his place among his people. FOLKTALE

From Bean to Bean Plant

by Anita Ganeri

Where do beans come from? Learn about a bean’s life cycle, from seed to plant. INFORMATIONAL TEXT

Do Your Best

Cheetah Can’t Lose

by Bob Shea

It’s big race day and Cheetah is sure he will win. After all, he is big and fast and the other racers are little. Is Cheetah right? FANTASY

Martin’s Dream

by Jane Kurtz

Martin Luther King Jr. was a strong man and a great leader. Find out how his powerful words changed the world. BIOGRAPHY