Grade 7

a group of volunteers plants a tree
Guided by a Cause

Explore the power of one – and many – to make a difference in this world.

Indian teenage girl on phone

Teenager fulfills her philanthropic dreams

Source: Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Sixteen year-old Bansini Doshi, spends her time between studies donating books cloths, and other basic items to the underprivileged section of the society through her NGO (non-profit organization), called Dia Foundation. She proves that with determination and great empathy for humanity age doesn’t matter when it comes to helping another human being.

sandbags on coastline

3 brilliant inventions from a 12-year-old scientist

Source: TED

12-year-old Peyton Robertson was certainly guided by a cause when his own hometown in Florida was hit by flooding, a recurring problem for many areas. In 2014 he invented a better sandbag that was easy transportable and very effective. This is one of his inventions created from a passion to create in order to solve problems around him.

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