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dramatic sunset over a lake
Nature at Work

Revel in the beauty, mystery, and power of nature.

Boy writes observations about classification of leaves on index cards

Science and Poetry: Predation or Symbiosis?

Source: World Literature Today

Though poets often draw on imagery from nature, science and poetry often appear to be set in opposition to each other. Can the world of facts mesh with the world of emotions? In this essay, poet and scientist Pireeni Sundaralingam analyzes the complex relationship between the two.

Rainforest in Cockscomb Basin in Belize

Brazilian Explorers Search “Medicine Factory” to Save Lives and Rainforest

Source: The Guardian

We often think of cures for cancer as chemicals developed in laboratories, but nature may be the source of new remedies. Tom Phillips explains how researchers aim to tap into the medical possibilities of the Amazon rainforest—and at the same time protect this threatened environment from human development.

Fans silhouetted against lights on stage at an event

New Study Analyzes Heavy Metal Dancing

Source: National Geographic

What is the relationship between mosh pits and nature? The answers to that question might surprise you! Two graduate students (who just so happen to be heavy-metal fans) are studying mosh pits to learn about particulate patterns and animal flocking behavior.

Slash-and-burn deforestation in Liberia

A GDP for nature: How measuring the health of the natural world might prevent the next pandemic

Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The balance between humans and nature is a precarious one, and for some time nature has been telling us we are doing something wrong. Read about how both human and environmental health is intertwined.

Bent trees make a magical gate in a mysterious forest with fog

The emergence of nature phobias: Why more people are afraid of the outdoors

Source: FOX News

As more and more people live in urban areas and have limited exposure to the outdoors, more people are becoming afraid of nature. Read this article to find out about the dangers of nature phobias on people and the planet.

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