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An elephant mother and her tiny calf standing close together in a grassy field.

Meet My Family

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Animal families come in all shapes and sizes—just as human families do!

spinning basketball dropping into a basketball net

Three Free Throws

Source: Highlights Kids

It’s time for the big game! Can you find the hidden objects on the basketball court?

Portrait of happy, joyful laughing boy

Silly at School

Source: Highlights Kids

Are you ready to get silly? These jokes are sure to give you the giggles!

Woman artist painting outside and holding a palette of colorful paints in her hand.

Maybe Something Beautiful

Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

How can a splash of color change a community?

A smiling teacher and a group of students writing in their notebooks

All Kinds of Schools

Source: Time for Kids

Find out how schools across the country are the same and different.