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A girl in pigtails stares at a world globe.

Why Do We Explore?

Source: NASA

Why do people explore? How does it help them learn new things?

A scuba diver in a pink wetsuit swimming over a coral reef full of colorful corals of all shapes and sizes.

Marine Biologist


Explore the undersea world of a marine biologist!

A NASA rocket blasting off from a launchpad with huge clouds of fire and smoke.

How to Build a Rocket and Think Like an Engineer

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch these children discover what it means to think like engineers.

View of the inside of a cave.

New Zealand: Glowworms

Source: National Geographic Kids

Travel to New Zealand and explore an amazing underground cave.

A boy looks at a map of the world through his binoculars.

Which Explorer Are You?

Source: National Geographic Kids

Discover what kind of explorer you are!

A Day in the Life

Source: Time for Kids

What’s it like to be in space? Find out what astronauts do every day!