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A smiling boy and girl jumping over a skipping rope.

Kids in Action

Source: PBS Kids

Meet a champion jump rope team and find out how they share their love of the sport with others!

Teacher helping children conduct an experiment in the classroom

How to Be an Inventor

Source: PBS Kids

Would you like to become an inventor? Find out how!

A smiling girl looking at herself in a small hand mirror.

Who Am I?


Have fun making a book about somebody very special – you!

A boy holds his hands up, looking confused and annoyed.

Slink Quits

Source: PBS Learning Media

Learn an important lesson about not giving up!

A boy crosses his arms and pouts his face, looking grouchy.

Frustrated and Grouchy

Source: Highlights Kids

Do you ever feel frustrated when trying new things? Here are some ideas that can help!

Smiling father and daughter eating eggs for breakfast

Rise and Shine

Source: Time for Kids

Having a good breakfast can help you do your best each day!