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A monarch butterfly sitting on a fern.

Butterfly Life Cycle Game

Source: Sheppard Software

How much do you know about the life cycle of the butterfly? Play this game and find out!

A field of yellow sunflowers stretching off into the distance.

From Seed to Flower

Source: PBS Learning Media

Watch as plants grow from a seed to a flower.

green frog

A Frog’s Life

Source: Time for Kids

See how a frog grows and changes during its life. Ribbit!

A tree grows in the African savanna.

Leopard Cub

Source: National Geographic Kids

What is furry, spotted, and adorable? Watch and find out!

Lily pads on a pond, with fish swimming in the water and frogs sitting on the lily pads.

Water Works

Source: Time for Kids

Learn about the many reasons water is important in our lives.

A girl holds a rabbit while walking outside.

Baby Animals Memory

Source: National Geographic Kids

Play a matching game about baby animals.