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Two colorful scarlet macaw parrots sitting on a branch in a jungle.

Welcome to the Rain Forest!

Source: Time for Kids

Take a look at a rain forest habitat and meet some animals who live there.

Two stripy zebras running together across a grassy field.

Shutterbugs Wiggle and Stomp

Source: Smithsonian

Follow Ada, the zookeeper, and be on the lookout for animals that are swimming, running, wiggling, and stomping.

A spiky stone fish hides at the bottom of the sea by looking like coral-covered stones.

Underwater Hiding Places

Source: PBS Kids

Join Ella, Miriam, Eissa, and Nathan as they learn about the hiding places animals find underwater.

A night sky showing the many stars of the Milky Way, with trees in the foreground.

How does a star twinkle?

Source: Highlights Kids

Discover what makes stars so twinkly.

Many tall, spiky saguaro cactuses standing in wild desert scrub with dry, rocky hills in the background.

Deserts Memory

Source: National Geographic Kids

Play a matching game about things you can find in a desert.

girl talking to ducks on a green meadow. Child looking at ducks and ducklings eating grass on sunny day in a city park.

Shadow Smile!

Source: PBS Learning Media

Shadows are cool! Find out why people and animals like shadows.