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A group of people walking by a small lake with tall mountains covered in snow behind them.

Mountain Face-Off

Source: PBS Kids

Join five kids on a mission to find out how a mountain in Massachusetts is different from one in Colorado!

boy and girl sit on the grass and looking for insects

Five Senses

Source: ABCya

How do our senses help us learn about the world around us?

Thermometer showing the temperature outdoors

Measuring Up!

Source: Time for Kids

What kinds of tools can help you explore the world and make discoveries?

red worms in dirt

Science Questions

Source: Highlights Kids

Discover where worms go when the ground is very dry.

A monarch butterfly sitting on a fern.

Amazing Animals: The Monarch Butterfly

Source: National Geographic Kids

Travel the world with monarch butterflies.

boy and his mother hiking on a mountain trail

Mountain Climbing

Source: Highlights Kids

Can you spot the hidden objects on this mountain?